Neolithic Shamans - AI Art in style of Greg Rutkowski

A Look at the Human Belief and use of Amulets and Talismanic Charms throughout Global history Amulets and talismanic charms have been an integral part of human culture for millennia, spanning across various civilizations, cultures, and time periods. These objects, often imbued with symbolic or protective significance, provide us with insights into the spiritual, social, […]

Pra Somdej Wat Nok Sambuddha Jayanti

A now extremely rare, forever loved, and popular Pra Somdej Paint See Pid Tong Pim Prok Po Yai, painted and gold-leaf-covered Buddha amulet, from Wat Nok, in Bangkok Noi. The amulets of Wat Nok, especially their painted and gold leaf coated Pra Somdej, are highly popular with both Local Thai Buddhists, and Foreigners alike, with […]

Locket Khun Chang Ajarn Cha Eung

Extreme Limited Edition Ongk Kroo Locket with Khun Chang, 2 Takrut, Gemstones, Holy Wood, Maha Sanaeh and Maha Lap herbs, and Sacred Puttakun Powders – only 68 Amulets Made Khun Chang was a prosperous elephant herder of the Royal Courts who is portrayed in the legendary Thai literary epic of Kumarn Tong fame, Khun Chang […]

A most unusual Sacred Yant beladen amulet, based on the horses plough trowel, using oxen in olden days when ploughing the fields; the Rian Yant Pan Tai Sacred Plow Amulet of Luang Por Tong Glerng, of Wat Chedi Hoi (Temple of the Fossilized Seashell Stupa), in Patum Thani. The Rian Yant Pan Tai amulet, is […]

Pra Kring Pra Chayawat Jadtutat Phanom Luang Por Koon Purisutto Wat Ban Rai.

Pra Kring – Pra Chaiyawat Jadtutat Phanom, in Nuea Loha Rom Dam (Pra Kring), and Nuea Samrit (Pra Chayawat), twin amulet box-set, blessed by the Great Luang Por Koon, in 2555 BE, on the fifth day of the fifth Lunar month of 2555 BE. This was a special date, as it was a triple sacred […]

Meng Si Hu Ha Ta 5 ears 4 eyes Deva

Maeng Si Hu Ha Ta 4 ears 5 eyes Indra God Magic Candle for Ritual Bucha & Spellcasting 6 Inches Kroo Ba Na Chinawangso Final Edition The Thaep Si Hoo Ha Ta Magic Ritual Candle, is for Invoking the Manifestation of the God Indra, in the form of the 4 eared 5 eyed Maeng Si […]

Pra Pid Ta Jaroen Lap

The Pra Pid Ta Jaroen Lap YSS Chae Nam Mont Prayer Water Soaked Thai Buddhist amulets were blessed by Royal Commission with his Holiness Somdej Prayan Sangworn (Sangkaracha) presiding over the Buddha Abhiseka Ceremony to perform empowerment and blessings, and chant the Dhamma Chakra to open the eyes of the Buddha, as is ubiquitous in […]

Types of Thai Amulets & Occult Charms There is a Plethora of Thai Amulets to be found within the immensely grand pantheon of types of Thai amulets found in historical records. Thai Amulets exist in many forms in Thailand, and are made by many different traditions and ethnic groups. The types of Thai amulets and […]

ban neng khmer

Presenting an extremely rare chance to admire a historically and extremely sorcerous piece of ancient Khmer Necromancy, in the form of this Banneng Human Skull-Bone carving of a Khmer Hoeng Prai Ghost, exhumed from the grave many many years ago in ancient times, by a Khmer Necromancer, and invoked with the spirit of the Hoeng […]

a classic Collectors Piece and a special acquisition for Buddhists who revere the Great Sak Yant Master Monk of Nakorn Pathom, Luang Por Phern, as well as for all Looksit of Wat Bang Pra and wearers of Sak Yant Tattoos. A powerful amulet for Maha Amnaj, Maha Ud, Kong Grapan Chadtri, Klaew Klaad, Maha Lap, […]

wicha maha sanaeh

Thai Amulets to make someone Love You Many people seek a Thai Amulet to make someone love you, and the choice is bewildering, as well as the fact that many people are still inexperienced in the Genre of Buddha Magic, and do not know which Thai Amulets are the best amulets to make a person […]

First Edition Roop Lor Loi Ongk Statuette, of the classic Luang Por Sotorn Nuea Nava Loha Nine Sacred Metals cast Brazen Buddha Amulet, from Wat Saman Ratanaram, with limited series number code engraved on the base. This 1st edition LP Sotorn series, is an extremely auspicious and instantly popular edition, aimed at the construction of […]

Rian Choo Chok Joong Nang Nuea Dtakua Jarn Mer Sacred Leaden Alchemical Alloy Amulet featuring Jujaka the Fortuitous Beggar, leading a Maiden by the hand, with hand inscribed Sacred Yant and Khom Agkhara spells inscriptions engraved into the rear face. Released by the fifth Master of the Magical Linage Wicha of Wat Klang Bang Gaew, […]

Paya Hongs Tong Nuea Nga Gae Luang Por Lae Wat Khao Song

Paya Hongs Golden Hongsa Himapant Swan in Hand Carved Ivory with Hand Inscriptions of Khom Agkhara spells, from the Great Petchburi Master Monk Luang Por Lae, of Wat Khao Song. A most beautiful hand carved amulet that is Extremely rare to see from this Master, the Paya Hongs Tong Golden Celestial Swan, in hand carved […]

Paya Jorakhae amulet Pra Kroo Samun Tam Wat Khao Galoke

Dtamra Jorakhae Aathan Wat Khao Galoke When speaking of the sacred crocodile Animist Charm, the Wicha Jorakhae sorcerous crocodile spell of Pra Kroo Samun Tam, can be said to be synonimous with the name of the temple of Wat Khao Galoke. Pra Kroo Samun Tam is the first ever abbot of Wat Khao Galoke, and […]

A very special limited edition of small size but highly concentrated muan sarn powder Ruesi amulets made in Wai Kroo Ceremony to the Lersi (Ruesi) Hermit God Paetchalugan, Lord of Engineering and Artisanry, and God of the Master Sorceror, from Luang Por Payungk Tammatinno, of Wat Pha Sak in Sra Buri. Luang Por Payungk Made […]

Kala Ta Diaw Lanna Amulets Kroo Ba Dtu Ing

Presenting a Special series of limited edition Jumbo Size Masterpiece Hand Made amulets in Kala Ta Diaw 1 eyed coconut shell, from Lanna Monk Kroo Ba Dtu Ing, of Wat Intrataep in Chiang Mai. The amulets of this extreme limited hand made series, were made from a small number of one eyed coconuts, which are extremely […]

The Bua Bang Bai Seductive Deva Amulet has come to be associated with Ajarn Suntorn, for his revival of common knowledge of this very rare, and till recently almost forgotten Maha Sanaeh Wicha for Seduction. Ajarn Suntorn’s Bua Bang Bai amulets are prized as the most powerful Bua Bang Bai of the present Era (of […]

The Hua Jai Wicha Khayum Khloeng Nuea Pong Chompoo  amulet in pink or purple Hoeng Prai powders) 2 Sariga Birds on front face, with 2 Takrut 2 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstones, with Jing Jok Koo Mating Geckos on rear face. Empowered with the formula of the Dtamrab Dtai Hloeng (Burmese Hilltribe Sorcery), from Ajarn […]

Shiva Eye Amulet Ajarn Plien

The Sacred Duang Ta Pra Isworn Shiva Eye for Maha Lap amulet with See Pheung Nam Man Prai insert in rear face, is one a a number of different Lucky Bringer amulets made from powerful Muan Sarn Sacred Powders by the Great Lay Master Ajarn Plien of the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or Southern Academy […]

Tiger Takrut Sao Ha Edition 2553 BE LP Nong

Presenting a rare limited edition amulet that is now an extreme rarity, from back in the year 2553 BE, from an extremely powerful Master; the Takrut Hnang Suea Kroeng Tiger Takrut Amulet of LP Derm Lineage Master and Adept of the Surin Khmer Occult Arts, Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto, for Protection and Power – useful […]

A look at some of the various animist occult charms in the world of Thai Amulets and Thai Occult, to see the grand variation of Wicha contained within the grimoires of Thai Sorcery. There are many forms of animist charms, ranging from personified effigies to inanimate objects  without the shape of a living being, imbued […]

Pra Pid Ta Maha Lap LP Bunmee

Presenting a classic, affordable price range, but powerful and high class amulet, the Pra Pid Ta Maha Lap Riak Ngern Tong, wealth attracting sacred powder Buddha with covered eyes amulet (Nirodha Buddha), made from an extremely rich and potent Muan Sarn Sacred Herbal and Puttakun Powder mix, with a large quantity of Sacred Minerals. The […]