The Hua Jai Wicha Khayum Khloeng Nuea Pong Chompoo  amulet in pink or purple Hoeng Prai powders) 2 Sariga Birds on front face, with 2 Takrut 2 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstones, with Jing Jok Koo Mating Geckos on rear face.

Empowered with the formula of the Dtamrab Dtai Hloeng (Burmese Hilltribe Sorcery), from Ajarn Bun Rod, the only known living Looksit of aged sorceror Ajarn Phu Hnan Hyad of the Dtai Hloeng Burmese/Thai Borderland Hilltribe. Ajarn Phu Hyad was an Uncle of Ajarn Bun Rod who moved to Thailand from Burma, and who Ajarn Bun Rod began to learn Magical Wicha from the age of 10 years old.

Hua Jai Khayum Khloeng Paed Saa Dtamrab Dtai Hloeng

Hua Jai Khayum Khloeng Paed Saa Dtamrab Dtai Hloeng – The rear face of the amulet is embedded with 2 Takrut and 2 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Enchanted Gemstones, with a pair of entwined mating Geckos embossed within the heart shaped amulet. True ancient Thai Lanna Sorcery from a Master of Thai-Burmese Lanna Wicha of the Lineage of Ajarn Phu Hnan Hyad, and Ajarn Plod.

This leaves Ajarn Bun Rod and a very few Burmese Hilltribe Sorcerors remaining, making it very difficult to find a master who can perform this Wicha, which is centuries old. After having learned many Wicha, Ajarn Phu Hnan said that he had no more to teach, and that his Training was complete. Ajarn Bun Rod then learned many more Wicha from Ajarn Plod, including the Wicha Saa Haek, with its triple blessings, which is imbued within this amulet along with the Wicha Bang Prai and Wicha Dtai Hloeng.

Ajarn Bun Rod Asrom Prawaet Phu Kam

Ajarn Bun Rod Asrom Prawaet Phu Kam

The Hua Jai Khayum Khloeng is empowered to Improve the Power of Attraction and Seduction, Improve Professional Success, Increase Wealth and Promotion, Increase the Fortunes of Professional gamblers and increase sales, and improve professional advancement.


Hun Payont by LP Sawad

Hun Payont Effigy – warns of danger, acts as a Karmic shield, gives clues of luck, chance, lottery, intuitive hunches – watches over your house and possessions and wards of thieves and evil energies, ghosts, demons – helps to promote busiiness and call customers.

Luang Phu Sawad built and empowered the Hun Payont Effigy using the Wicha of the Ruesi. Many years ago, he mad a small number of only nine Hun Payont, and buried them in the four corners of the temple one in each direction. So four were gone, and the remaining 5 Hun Payont were distributed to some close Looksit. After this, many Miraculous events occured; Many Looksit recounted the same tale, that they had seen someone walking around the temple as if they were guarding it, especially on Holy days. They said that they saw a dark shade wandering around the temple walls.

Luang Phu says that the Wicha of building or invoking life into a Hun Payont effigy, is a Wicha that he learned from a lineage that has passed oon the Wicha since the Ayuttaya Period. This Wicha is what Luang Phus Ruesi Kroo has passed on to him, which has a very ancient magical formula, and uses many powerful sorcerous ingredients in the making of the effigy.

Kata Bucha Hun Payont

Idti Arahang Arahang Pakawaa Sammaa Samputto

Tu Sa Na So Na Mo Put Taa Ya Gan Man Dto Mae Dtang Pa Wi Chi Nang Pa Wan Ju Dti (chant 3 times)

The Effigies were blessed animated and empowered in 2551 BE on the full Moon of a Monday evening of the 12th Lunar month.

This amulet is now a total rarity and is not to be found without spending serious time and investigation searching. Immense Power doesnt always have to go in large containers when it comes to Magical Power – this Hun Payont is only 3 Centimeters high and 2 Centimeters wide, but when it comes to true Magical Wicha, size doesn’t matter.