wicha maha sanaeh

Thai Amulets to make someone Love You

Many people seek a Thai Amulet to make someone love you, and the choice is bewildering, as well as the fact that many people are still inexperienced in the Genre of Buddha Magic, and do not know which Thai Amulets are the best amulets to make a person love you. Both Ladies and Men (and especially ladies of the night), favor this kind of Maha Sanaeh amulet for use as an amulet to make somebody fall in love with you. Transexuals are also very fond of using this kind of amulet for seduction purposes, and those who practice Kama Sutra Sex Magick.

In Koo Som Pratana Maha Sanaeh, wish fulfilling Lanna Animist Love and Mercy Charm in powerful muan sarn powders.
To make this easier, one could say that almost all forms of Thai amulets to make a person love you come under the category of ‘maha sanaeh’ magic. In this category we find a multitude of love charms such as the In Koo, In Plord Rak, In Saep Ma, Mae Bper, Jing Jok Gao Hang Nine Tails Fox, Nam Man Prai Oils, Necromantic Love Charms such as Takrut, and Look Om, See Pheung Waxy Potions, Pra Ngang, Por Bper, and so many other kinds of amulets that can assist in increasing the power of attraction to open up the chances of meeting people, that may come to love you.

Yant Hneeb Ma Saep Nang Dtamrap Kroo Ba Wang - Folded Yantra Lanna heart-Grabber spell

However, as with all Buddhist and Magical Amulets, there are rules and a price to pay, namely, that you should never reject a person who falls under your love-spell, nor should you think that the spell will work if you do not apply your own charm, as well as using the power of attraction from the amulet. One cannot expect an amulet to work if you are nasty, Boring or Uninteresting to the person you wish to make love you.

Nine Tails Fox - Nang Ning Jork 9 Hang

9 Tails Fox Demoness Enchantress Locket filled with Sacred Powders, 2 Takrut, 11 Gems, 2 Pearls, 1 Taep Jamlaeng amulet inserted ‘Bantian Mian Jia’ 2555 BE 2nd Edition – Luang Phu In Wat – Nong Meg