Luang Por Uttama Monk Coin Amulet

Rian Sema Kreung Ongk Guru Monk coin amulet from Luang Por Uttama, from the Pat Yos edition, released in Buddha Abhiseka Ceremony in the year 2525 BE.

The amulet is cast from Nuea Tong Daeng Rom Dam, which is a Sacred copper alchemical alloy, with a black oily surface sheen. The coin is cast in traditional ‘Rian Sema’ medallion shape with decorative edges.

Rian Sema Luang Por Uttama 2525 BE

The front face of the amulet features a head and shoulders cameo (‘Kreung Ongk’), of the great Luang Por Uttama, of Wat Wang Wiwekaram, in Kanjanaburi.


Luang Por Uttama (Pra Maha Uttama Rampo Bhikkhu) was one of the Mon hilltribe people’s top Master Monks and is highly revered by both Mon, Burmese and Thai people on both sides of the Thai Burmese border. Wat Wangwiwekaram is popularly known by local people of the Kanjanaburi district as ‘Wat Luang Por Uttama’.

The temple of Wat Wangwiwekaram was built by Luang Por Uttama himself in 2504, with the help of some devotees who were Gahriang (Karen), and Mon tribe people. The temple was completed in 6 months, and was at first only a ‘samnak songk’ (sangha office) because it was not yet officially recognized by the Buddhist Organism.

Once it had been officially categorized by the Buddhist Organism as a ‘Wat’ (temple) in 2505 BE, Luang Por gave the name of the temple by using the name of the old municipality (wiwangka) calling the temple ‘Wat Wangwiwekaram’.

Honors Recieved by Luang Por Uttama

In 2513 BE, Luang Por began building the Uposadha (shrine room/chapel), baking and laying the bricks himself.

After this, in 2518, he built a chedi that was a replica of the Bodhgaya stupa in India, which he finished in 2519 BE.

Luang Por Uttama featured in Thailand's Top National Buddhist Amulet Magazine

In 2504 he began as the head abbot of Wat Wangwiwekaram

In 2505, he was also appointed Abbot of Wat Sri Suwannaram

in 2509 he was appointed the status of Pra Gamma Wajajarn (vice Upachaya)

In 2511 he was promoted to Upachaya status (only an Upachaya can ordain others as monks).

In 2512, he was given the name of ‘Pra Kroo Udom Sit Ajarn – Jao Kana Tambon Chan To (vice head monk of the Municipality), by Royal Decree.

Luang Por Uttama Wat Wang Wiwekaram

In 2516, he was appointed ‘Jao Kana Tambon Chan Eak’ (Head monk of the Municipality), by Royal Decree.

In 2524, he was appointed Pra Racha Kana by Royal Decree and recieved the honors from Pra Udom Sangworn Thaera (Pra Sangkharacha, the head monk of all Thailand and head monk of the Royal Palace).

In 2534 he was promoted to the even higher status of Pra Racha Udom Mongkol.

Luang Por Uttama was a highly revered monk of both the Mon Hilltribe and the Thai People, and was known for his extreme diligence in the practices of a renunciant mendicant monk, and for his great purity, and simplicity of living.

His devotees revere his amulets with the highest degree of faith. His amulets are varied ranging from sacred powder,, to monk coins, from Takrut and animist talismans, to his most famous blessed rosaries, and all are very rare to come across in any situation.

Rian Sema Luang Por Uttama 2525 BE


His mastery of the Wicha Tam Prakam Saksit Sacred Rosary Blessing and Empowerment is legendary, and it is perhaps his rosaries that are amongst the most well known of his amulets, and which serve not only to protect and increase good fortune, but are a practical tool for the devotee to use for Prayer, Chanting Sutras, and for Meditation Practice with Kata Chanting.

Luang Por Uttama Thai Buddhist Master Monk

Luang Por Uttama was the Kroo Ba Ajarn of Luang Por Naen of Wat Salud, who is in his own right famous for the empowerment and blessing of sacred Buddhist Rosaries, who can be seen receiving Wicha and co-empowering a batch of Rosaries with Luang Por Uttama in the below picture.

Luang Por Naen of Wat Salud recieving Wicha Tam Prakam from Luang Por Uttama

Above; Luang Por Naen of Wat Salud recieving Wicha Tam Prakam from Luang Por Uttama, in the year 2526 BE

Rian Sema Luang Por Uttama 2525

Ultra rare coin from deceased master, Luang Phu Ka Long of Wat Khao Laem, dating back to 2547 BE. All editions after 2549 BE were also immensely collected, but those editions before this date are almost impossible to find.

We are thus happy to have found this example to present for collectors and devotees of Luang Phu, the mysterious monk with the crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth, whose blessings would involve him always touching the crystal to induce power.

Luang Phu Ka Long is now a legend all over the world, and his amulets are the most collected of all masters of the last decade. A top class collector standard guru monk coin for the serious collector.

The rear face features Pra Narai (Vishnu) incarnate as the god Rama stood upon the Rachasri himapant lions.

The front face features the image of Luang Phu Ka Long, and the year of issue, with sacred Khom Agkhara inscriptions embossed.

Made from nava loha (9 sacred metals), the amulet is an extreme rarity, and highly valued by devotee and collector alike.


Maker: Luang Phu Ka Long Khiaw Gaew

Magical Effects: Metta mahaniyom, maha lap, kong grapan, klaew klaad, serm duang

Material: Nine sacred metals as alchemical alloy

Recommended Uses: Improve karma, protection, evade dangers, increase prosperity and mercy

Number of Amulets Made: 999

Edition: Wai Kroo 2547 BE


Welcome back to Thailand Amulets blog – After a week or two of silence on the Thailand-Amulets.Net Blog Section we are happy to announce our return, after moving the store to a more efficient Hosting Company and faster server. It has taken us two weeks to finalize the transfer and we are now safely in the hands of our new hosting company, which offers a much more efficient server. A revamp of the navigation design and the site banner has also been made.

So now we can safely begin to post new articles and info pages again, and will soon be adding the latest additions upcoming to the store. As a small taster, here are some previews of the latest editions of amulets which are about to be added to the store in the coming 2 weeks.
Amongst the Most Attractive and Interesting of the Upcoming Releases of Thai Buddhist Amulets about to arrive in the store, are the Benja Baramee Edition of amulets from Wat Rakang/Wat Gaes Chaiyo – ‘Rian See Liam Grorp Roop Chalu Lay Yok Ongk’ Sacred Metal amulets from Wat Rakang, and Wat Gaes Chaiyo Temple. The series is a large range of Pra Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri Images, in rectangular or bell shaped frames, Pra Somdej Wat Rakang and Pra Somdej Wat Gaes Chaiyo amulets. All the coins were made in a vast number of different combinations of sacred and/or precious metals, with most elegant and finely honed decorative frames. In addition, some large 9 inch base Statues of Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri were released and some Pha Yant (Yantra Cloths), with a special Benjapakee set of amulets in box set being an eye-catching addition to the series.

Pra Somdej Run Benjamongkol Wat Rakang Kositaram

Blessed in Two Major Puttapisek Ceremonies of National and Historic Importance, the first Blessing being performed at Wat Rakang Kositaram in Bangkok, and the second Empowerment being performed at Wat Gaes Chaiyo temple in Ang Tong.

Above Pic; First Putta Pisek Empowerment Ceremony of the Run Benja Baramee edition of Sacred Buddhist Amulets, at Wat Rakang Kositaram.

Above Pic; Second Blessing Ceremony of the Run Benja Baramee 2555 BE Edition Amulets at  at Wat Gaes Chaiyo

Most interesting for me of this series, are the nine inch gold leaf covered bronze statues of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri, of which only 50 or more were made and are certain to become classic rarities, whose value will quintuple in a very short time indeed in my opinion, but whatever the value will always be a difficult thing to let go of, because it is a most excellent Bucha statue for the altar for personal practice. Money can be found anywhere, but an item like this can not.

The next interesting series of Sacred Buddhist Amulets and Bucha Statues is the Exquisitely Beautiful edition of  Thai-Chinese Taw Waes Suwan Statues, Coins and Amulets from Wat Plab Pela, which has been awaited with great Anticipation. Considered to be the most important release of Taw Waes Suwan amulets in Decades, and destined to become a classic Thai Buddhist Amulet of Connoisseur Status. a total of 96 Guru Masters attended the massive Putta Pisek and Tewa Pisek Empowerment Ceremony in a Large ceremony of National  and Historic Importance.

Taw Waes Suwan Wat Plab Pela 2555 BE

The edition includes 19 Inch and 4.5 Inch high Bucha statues in various luxurious finishes and sacred metals. Special Taw Waes Suwan Coils with Dragons were also included in the series.

Taw Waes Suwan statues are fashioned into a special 3 legged posture holding a dragon. The third leg is standing on a treasure chest holding it safe from thievery, and the dragon prevents floods and Tsunamis and natural disasters from occurring and causing havoc to the economy of the household, and indeed, your Nation.

Taw Waes Suwan

Specially designed and empowered using a complex set of Wicha which have been gathered and applied in order to protect Human Beings and the Nation, from Natural and Economic Disaster, to acquire more Wealth and to Keep what Wealth that has been Gathered already from slipping away and disappearing. This editions is chosen specially by Me (Thailand-Amulets.Net’s owner Ajarn Spencer), for i have studied and selected this edition as a very recommendable choice for the customers of the store.

Two versions of coin amulets were made, with a special two sided two posture version being the collectors Gammagarn model.

Some miniature Loi Ongk Statuettes ware also released in various sacred metals. A very Important and sacred Ceremony was performed with accurate Astrological Alignments and a host of Thailand’s great Master Monks to Empower and give Blessings.

Blessing Ceremony

The Style of Future Additions

As a result of having read various feedback mails and consulted some of you about what you feel as the store has grown, the main message i have got from all of you , is that, because you all love amulets and seek the best most powerful and sacred ones from the best masters, but not always do you yourselves know which those are. I have noticed that you expect me to not stock amulets or masters that i myself do not find to be powerful, and that i present only the best or the worthy ones to you based on what i feel are truly powerful amulets from capable masters

I have thus decided to do this, but that because some masters work well for people that i myself may not find so attractive, i think i shall still continue to offer and increase the widest choice of amulets possible, but that i shall have a special section of the store with my personal recommendations for the best amulets, and that i shall post honest blog articles about any particular editions or particular amulets i feel should be appreciated but which may not catch the eye unless you know

For example, one amulet whose title does not reveal the true power and greatness of the amulet, is the Takrut Maha Jakkapat from Wat Tham Wua Daeng, because it is in fact a product from the hand of the Great Living Master ‘Luang Por Simplii’ who performed a constant nine day vigil of empowerment on the Takrut. They are heavy old school leaden Takrut Tone, wrapped in strong cord with gold leaf and lacquer and are empowered by a Monk who has eluded International and National fame but who is for a small circle of people in the know an ‘Undeclared Arya Sangha’

For those of you who don’t know, an Arya Sangha is one who has entered and past stream entry and bvecome one of the eight types of Enlightened Beings. It is this kind of Practitioner who Masters the Abhinya Powers, and it is the amulets of such masters which have the true Miracle Power as read about in Legends of Old.

Takrut Maha Jakkapat Luang Por Simplii

This is therefore the amulet which i would recommend in this post as the ‘so good you’d never know it if i didn’t tell you’ amulet of choice. It is probably sold out soon but i hope to restock if i can find a number of them because i seriously believe in this Takrut and wish to provide it for customers.

Takrut Maha Jakkapat Ying Mai Awk (Gun Stopper) – Ud Rae Lek Lai, Lek Nam Pi – Pokasap Riches and Kong Grapan Protection Amulet 4 Inches long – Wat Tham Wua Daeng + LP Simplii 9 day blessing

Luang Por Juea 108 Takrut Sivali Lockets

Coming up in the next Month, is the most amazing selection of Lockets, Pra Pid Ta Amulets, and Wua Tanu Bucha statues (and loi ongk amulets) coming from Luang Por Juea of Wat Klang Bang Kaew of Nakorn Patom. This edition is released for the Suan Badibat Tam Po Sethee with the funds going to the construction of a large Pra Pikanesworn (Ganesha) statue sitting on a gold and silver Bee at the temple. The statue will bring wealthy blessings to devotees who pray to it at the temple, and will help to reduce poverty. The wealthy blessings of those who support the building of the Deity with these amulets are also to be expected.

All of the above editions are of the best sacred ingredients and blessed by powerful Masters, according to our close study and pre-investigation of  each edition before making the decision to choose and select them for our customers. The Lockets by luang Por Juea are made using the finest magical sacred muan sarn and are exceptional in their outstanding originality, and immensely concentrated power. The Lockets have either 108 Takrut with a Pra Sivali Loi Ongk statuette or 56 Takrut with Pra Sivali. The Pra Pid Ta Amulets have 28 or 16 Takrut. The Takrut themselves contain various Wicha which i shall document in the descriptions of each amulet when i add them to the store. The Lockets and Pid Ta are both available in two different Pim, with a special three amulet locket and Pid Ta Gammagarn collector set making an extra three models to the complete series. The Gammagarn Locket has 112 Takrut (Takrut Pra Radtanatrai 108 + Takrut Pra Putta Jao Sip Hok Pra Ongk 16 = 124), the Ong Kroo Lockets have 108 Takrut Pra Radtanatrai, and the Pim B models have 56 Takrut Pra Puttakun.

Apart from these, we are expecting to receive some exquisite Bucha statues in bronze with pure gold leaf, of Luang Por Supar sitting on a Money Spider. Wes shall also be stocking the ‘Rian Jao Sua’ amulets from this edition, which are Classic amulets of Maha Lap and Kong Grapan variety, and this edition looks set to become a classic from an Aged Master of the Generation of the Greats, with an immensely long and respectable trajectory of Practice and Merit accumulation behind him. An extremely collectible edition in my opinion, of the finest Artisanry.

A lot more  amazing amulets are of course on their way, including a host of occult Charms and Super Powerful ‘Chin Aathan’ carvings from Pra Ajarn Dtecharangsri. I hope you enjoy browsing and reading about the new amulets which are being released and coming to the store, and that they will be of interest and carry all the greatest blessings. Keep Your eyes peeled this week now to see the new additions!

Rian Roop Muean Pra Ajarn Nam – Nuea Nava Loha (9 Sacred Metals) – ‘Run Bucha Por Tan Nam 2’ edition 2555 Be – Wat Don Sala – 1200 coins made

Second edition of the sell-out successful ‘Rian Yorn Yuk’ edition of Nostalgic monk coins of the Great Guru Master ‘Por Tan Nam’, ex Abbot of Wat Don Sala and one of the Greatest masters of the Southern Samnak Dtak Sila Khao Or school of Sorcery. Por Tan Nam is revered not only by Thai People, but is highly revered in Singapore, Malaysia and many other Countries.

Size; 3.4 x 2.5 Cm

This edition of Monk Coins and other amulets from Wat Don Sala, was smelted using the Ancient Formulas in Olden Days Fashion, to reproduce Classic Sacred Buddhist Amulets that are built to survive centuries of use. Highly sacred images of the Great Por Tan Nam are a wonderful addition to this Year’s contributions of Sacred Amulets and Bucha Statues for Devotees to have in their homes and wear on their person. Por Tan Nam is one of the most Famous Monks for Kong Grapan protection emitted from his Monk Coin amulets. Many Gamblers also Revere his amulets for Choke Lap Power.

The whole edition was empowered in 2 Major Puttapisek Blessing Ceremonies, the first being held on 31st March 2555 BE (2012), at Wat Don Sala in Pattalung, with 29 Master Guru Monks of the Samnak Dtak Sila Khao Or school of Sorcery present to lend their Psychic Empowerments, Prayers and Incantations. Pra Ajarn Utay of Wat Don Sala lit the Victory Candle for the commencement of the Putta Pisek, and Luang Por Iad of Wak Koke Yaem performed the extinguishing of the Candle at the end of the Ceremony.

The second Ceremony was performed in the Sacred Cave at Wat Tham Khao Or on the 10th April 2555 BE, once more with a large array of Great Khao Or Masters to perform the Empowerments. The Brahman Priest who performed the Initiation Ceremony and the Calling of the Devas; the Ceremony was performed by the Great Ajarn Prajuab of the Khao or Lay Sorcerors.

Made from ‘Nuea Nava Loha’ a mix of Nine Sacred Metals made from Sacred Artifacts and Yantra Foils, with a certain amount of silver and gold in it. The full edition of this Series included; 5 x 6 and 3 x 5 Inch Bucha statues of Por Tan Nam, Rian Roop Khai and Rian Sema Monk Coins of Por Tan Nam (In Gold, Silver, Tong Ban Chiang, Nava Loha, Albaca and Tong Daeng metals), some Pra Pid Ta in Sacred lead (2 different Pim), a Pra Kring Loi Ongk, some Loi Ongk statuettes of Por Tan Nam.

Images of a Great Khao Or Guru Master, Made by the current Abbot, Adept Khao or Master and Direct Disciple of Por Tan Nam of Wat Don Sala, and Empowered in double Putta Pisek by 29 of the Greatest Khao Or Masters alive Today. If you are a Devotee of Por Tan Nam, or the Khao Or Lineage, and seek a worthy Guru Monk Coin for Protection and Luck, then this is a very recommendable amulet to Consider. All amulets of this edition we can confidently predict to have a very long Future which will place them in a highly respected position. Very few of each amulet were made, which will result in them becoming Rarities more quickly than large editions.

Comes with Original Temple Box – Can be encased if desired

Extra Info; We tip this edition of amulets and Bucha statues as a good investment, correct Item for Buddhist worship, and a definite best bet for authentic sacred power 🙂

Rian Roop Muean Pra Ajarn Nam – Nuea Nava Loha (9 Sacred Metals) – 'Run Bucha Por Tan Nam 2' edition 2555 Be – Wat Don Sala – 1200 coins made

Rian Singh Paetch – Nuea Nava Loha Pim Pised (Nine Sacred Metals – special edition) 2552 BE – Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto – Wat Nong Wa (Petchburi) – only 349 coins made

Singha Tiger Thai Coin Maha Amnaj Amulet

This beautiful amulet from Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto was empowered by LP Ji in meditation every evening in his Kuti, giving them nightly empowerments every single day from its creation to the day of the final Puttapisek blessing ceremony. The front face features Rachasri Lion, a Himapant animal who appears often in the Ramakian Myths. Ratchasri or, in this case, in the form of Singh Paetch (diamond Lion), is empowered by Pra Ajarn Ji with Maha Amnaj (Power and Dominion),for strength, commanding force, and success. The fierce Lion is thick skinned and hard to cut or pierce endowing the wearer with Kong Grapan (Invincibility). This is the ‘Pim Pised’ version (Masterpiece Coin), which was made in Nine Sacred Artifact Alloys with a more Reddish Varying Surface Color instead of the Yellowish ‘Nuea Samrit’, of the standard range model. There was also a ‘Nam Rerk’ first smelting version made in solid silver, with rough uncut edges, which was made in very small quantities with hand spell inscription on rear face.

Singha Tiger Thai Coin Maha Amnaj Amulet

Size; 3.9 Cm x 2.9 Cm

Useful for those in administrative or commanding positions, or those who have to be involved in ‘Jeraja’ (influential discussions), such as in corporate, military or political strategic environments. Also an apt choice for Gamblers or thise involved with competitive professions, or amateur activities such as sports, for the Rachasri King Lion will endow the wearer not only with fearful imposing presence, but also with the strength to win fights or competitions.

Singha Tiger Thai Coin Maha Amnaj Amulet

Can be encased if Desired

The rear face is emblazoned with a Na Metta for attraction and charm, protection and luck. Two ‘Na Pra Putta Jao’ Yantra are additionally emblazoned, for both Protection and Metta. Hand inscriptions of Khom Spells made by the hand of Ajarn Ji are visible on the surface of the metal. This was performed only on the coins made from Nava Loha

Singha Tiger Thai Coin Maha Amnaj Amulet

The amulet is made from ‘Nuea Nava Loha’ (a Sacred Metal Alloy, made from smelting Sacred Bronze artifacts and Yantra Foils of different metallic compositions, with an addition of silver and gold to increase the sheen of the metals).

Amulets by Pra Ajarn Ji are becoming extremely sought after and are mostly sold out each edition because the Looksit of Luang Phor Yit know his Lineage and that he is of those lesser heard of Monks who will later be found out to be both a Great practitioner and amulet maker. His amulets are always made in small quantities and usually given an individual empowerment by Pra Ajarn Ji.

Pra Ajarn Ji is the inheritor of the Wicha of Luang Por Yit (sometimes spelled ‘Yid’), of Wat Nong Jork. He is especially skilled and famous for his ability to empower Palad Khik amulets. The famous Luang Por Yit once said that Pra Ajarn Ji was able to empower amulets, and cast spells exactly how LP Yid himself did, and that his amulets were just as good as his own.

This is the Pim Pised top of the range coin of the series

Kata Hua Jai Rachasri/Singha

Dta Ma Thang Bpagaa Saendto Rachasri Ho Sadtaa Aaha

Pra Kata Paya Rachasri

Putta Saedto Mahaa Nathang Wannago Singha Naatagang Putta Sirasaa Dtaechaena Maara Saena Bparaa Chayyang Chayya Chayya Pawandtumae

Kata paya Rachasri (alternative Verison)

Rachasingho Mahaa Taathang Na Tandto Seehanaatagang Seeha Sira Dtaechaena Sadto badt-Dto Baraa Cheuyyang Jadtutisang Seelawandtang Ragkhidtappang Seeha Seehaa Raacha Raachaa Taewa Manussaanang Bpiyang Sataa Sappa Sadtroo Winaasandti Sappacheuyya Bprasittimae

Rian Singh Paetch – Nuea Nava Loha Pim Pised (Nine Sacred Metals – special edition) 2552 BE – Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto – Wat Nong Wa (Petchburi) – only 349 coins made

Welcome to the E-Zine Monthly Summary of Thai Buddhist Amulets
This is the first of our new series of Informative Articles which feature miscellaneous magazine of Thai Buddhist Amulets and Charms, in View and Summary, or Analysis. Amulets will be written about using various criteria, which will change from article to article, be it the criteria of judging real from fake, or how to test age an amulet, the historical or religious factors, or artistic influences, and the makers themselves.

This Month we shall be taking a look at some classic amulets which are lesser known due to their rarity on the public markets.

Pra Sum Gor Luang Por Hnoeng – (Wat Klong Madan), Rian Luang Por Ngern (Wat Don Yai Horm) and Pra Parunang (Ayuttaya), which is a most beautiful and original piece of fine miniature Buddhist Arts, that it would be a shame to go one’s whole life without ever beholding its beauty. Please click on each thumbnail to view and study each amulet. Only Authentic amulets posted in this gallery so you can use them to study and accustom the eye, and this will assist in helping you notice lesser quality reproductions (fakes) when shopping around the markets.

This month we expect some extremely Sacred and High class Buddhist amulets about to be released, which will be added as soon as these editions leave the temple. Amongst the various ranges of amulets expected are a range of two different editions of extremely fine Buddhist Miniature art in the form of Monk Coins in the image of Luang Phu Kambu, two different editions called ‘Jaroen Baramee 89’ and ‘Jaroen Porn Sadung Glab’. The craftsmanship of these coins is incredibly detailed and finely honed works of fine art. Available in various sacred metals, with the top of the range being in solid gold, pink italian gold, and a three piece coin made from solid silver with a separate solid gold image of Luang Phu Kambu inserted – also included will be some high end versions covered in ‘Ya Rachawadee’ sacred enamels and lacquers, which are extremely attractive. a Gammagarn special limited edition of these coins are also made with the colors of each birthday, for those who seek amulets designed for persons born on that day. These amulets are already receiving much interest and acclaim in Thailand and look like a very promising prospect for becoming a future classic essential rarity.
Also coming this month is a series of Meed Mor spirit doctor Knives from Por Tan Prom Khantigo of Wat Ban Suan, Famous Temple of the Khao Or Southern Magical Tradition which has spawned most of Thailands greatest and most powerful Monks and Magicians, including Luang Por Tim of Wat Chang Hai, LP Nong of Wat Sai Khaw, Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree, Ajarn Kong (Wat ban Suan), Ajarn Khun Pantaraks Rachadej, Ajarn Daeng Opaso.. and a long list of other world famous names.

This edition of meed Mor daggers are powerful magical ritual instruments made with Khao Or magic, from a Khao Or Master. Khao Or magic is considered to be the most powerful tradition of the present day. This edition is called ‘Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or’ (Nor Mo Khao Or Sorcerors Dagger), and was made in 9, 7, 5 and 2 inches long models.

For those who like Lockets, we are expecting some extremely rare (only 89 made) Jumbo Lockets from Luang Phu Hongs, with 5 solid gold takruts and a solid gold/ Luang Por Paetch Buddha image inserted in the powders of the rear face.

The same Jumbo and regular size will be available with 2 or 5 gold takrut and a silver Luang Por paetch Buddha statuette inserted into the rear face.

All of these additions are High end amulets which will be in our higher price range, for the serious collector. After these editions arrive we shall concentrate on improving and expanding both the economy range of amulets for those with small budgets, as well as beginning to increase the amount of ancient amulets

Lek Lai and related Prataat (relics) in both raw and amulet form are now also being added to the store, including Lek Lai, 7 colors Lek Lai, Khee Lek Lai, Rang Lek Lai, white Lek Lai, Lek Lai Nam Neung… and more.

We also plan to add a selection of stainless steel and other kinds of neck chains for your amulets.

Lastly we will be adding some wonderful amulets from Wat rakang Kositaram from the Koo Bun Koo Baramee edition.. previews of this edition coming soon..


Rian Boroma Kroo Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapaj (Chivaka Medicine Rishi) – Pim Hlang Dto Moo (with altar behind him).

Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat Healer Ruesi Image with a Thai ‘Dto Moo’ tiered altar behind him on the front face, and the Sacred Yant Putsoorn Yantra on the rear face, which gives the blessings of the Five Buddhas, protects and Enriches Life. The tiered altar has Lord Buddha sitting on the highest tiered dais.

Wat Awut has become famous for its power to heal when devotees go there to make merit and pray for good health, and protection from illnesses, and also known for bringing Choke Lap (Luck and wealth) to those who worship there. part of the reason for the powerful blessings which arise and affect those who pay devotion at Wat Awut, are the Images of Kun Mae Chee Bun Ruean (a female Nun and Master amulet maker), and the Statue of Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat, which are installed in the Sala Mae Chee Bun Ruean Dtong Bun Dterm.

Putta Pisek Empowerment

The empowerment of these rare Healer Ruesi amulets was a small but very genuinely made empowerment with all masters involved putting their whole heart into the creation and empowerment of this image of the Buddha’s Physician, Ruesi Hmor Chiwok Gomarapat.

Apart from its Miraculous ability to sometimes heal terminal illnesses, the amulet is also pure Buddhanussati (emembrance of Lord Buddha and the Dhamma and Sangha) and an object of inspiration and Faith for Buddhists to wear and keep Auspicious practice in Mind, and to avoid harmful Thoughts.

It is a reminder to practice Compassion to relieve others of Suffering. Ruesi Chiwok was the Personal Physician of the Lord Buddha Himself, and is thus the Guru of all Thai Buddhists who work in the Medical or Healing Professions.

Below; Luang Por Chamnan (Wat Bang Kuti Tong), adds his empowerment to the amulets. LP Chamnan is one of the present eras top Master amulet makers.

Buddha Abhiseka

Rian Hmor Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat – Pim Hlang To Moo – Wat Awut

Rian Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan) Sri Maha Prohm (Brahma) Pim Yai – Nuea Tong Daeng Jarn Mer (with hand inscription by LP Ji) – Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto -Wat Nong Wa Made in 2549 BE

Pra Pid Ta Thai amulet by LP Ji

Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan) – dragons adorn the flanks of the Buddha, who covers his orifices, depicting the Lord Buddha entering Nirodha (Pra Putta jao Khao Nirote).

Each of these extremely beautifully designed Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan) Sri Maha Prohm (Brahma Deity) medallions from Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto was empowered by LP Ji in meditation every evening in his Kuti, giving them nightly empowerments every single day from its creation to the day of the final Putta-Pisek blessing ceremony. The front face features Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta in Southern Nakorn Sri Tammarat style), with the crown of his head composed of an image of the Lord Buddha in Samadhi, seated upon the Lotus Throne. The Kata ‘Putto’ is inscibed in Sacred Khom Agkhara, and lotus blooms adorn the image of the Buddha entering Nirodha (Pra Pid Ta).

The hand made inscriptions made by Pra Ajarn Ji can just be seen visibly with the naked eye as a faint thin inscription on the surface of the amulet.

Pra Pakawambodee Thai amulet by LP Ji

The rear face features the Brahma Deity, with the ‘sip song kasat’ 12 symbols of the Buddhist Horoscope. Brahma is seated on his throne which towers over Pra Rahu Deity, for balancing the auspicious aspects of the astrological fortune.

The amulet is made from a very high grade of ‘Nuea Tong Daeng Pised’ (a kind of copper alloy, mixed with sacred metals from various sources).

Amulets by Pra Ajarn Ji are becoming extremely sought after and are mostly sold out each edition because the Looksit of Luang Phor Yit know his Lineage and that he is of those lesser heard of Monks who will later be found out to be both a Great practitioner and amulet maker. His amulets are always made in small quantities and usually given an individual empowerment by Pra Ajarn Ji.

Pra Ajarn Ji is the inheritor of the Wicha of Luang Por Yit (sometimes spelled ‘Yid’), of Wat Nong Jok. He is especially skilled and famous for his ability to empowerr Palad Khik amulets. The famous Luang Por Yit once said that Pra Ajarn Ji was able to empower amulets, and cast spells exactly how LP Yit himself did, and that his amulets were just as good as his own. Width; 4.4 Centimeters, height; 5.4 Centimeters

Kata Pra Pakawambodee

Kata Chants to Bucha Pra Prohm (Brahma)




Narai (Vishnu) medallion for Metta Mahaniyom, protection and winning, blessed by Luang Phu Noi of Wat Bor Luang.

Pra Narai Thai amulet by Luang Phu Noi

The front face features Pra Narai holding a Cosmic Weapon in each of his eight arms, and defending the world from all evils and dangers. The Root Mantra “Om” os embossed in three Ancient Khom syllables using the Buddhist sacred kata “Ma A U” (A+U+Ma= Aum = Om). A second “U” letter in Khom is embossed as a code of authenticity and for recognition of batch code. Ongk Pra (Buddha image) is embossed on the top of this rhomboid shape mixed-magic medallion in Nuea Tong Lueang Galai Tong. A potent mix of Metta with Amnaj.

Vishnu Pra Narai and Nok Kum Sariga Thai amulet

The rear face features a Yant with Nok Kum Bird for Metta and attraction of admirers, customers and lovers.
4.46 3.07 150 Grams – comes without case
999 amulets made in this limited first edition


Made from Nuea Tong Daeng Khad Ngao

This most exquisite amulet is known as the “Perth Mint Western Australia” edition is from the 2537 BE ‘metta Maha Mongkol’ edition of amulets. It is known popularly as the ‘Rian Perth’ (Perth Coin), simply because it was made at a Perth factory of Western Australia.

The front face features a Cameo of Luang Por Phern, and the rear face has Yant Kroo Paed Tidt, encircling a Tiger – the symbol of Luang Por Phern. It is an amulet which is most suitable for both Men and Women as well as Children, due to its medium size, and light weight. Amulet comes in a sealed waterproof casing included in the price.

The amulets were made in Australia then sent to Luang Por, who then blessed them on the 25th of December 2536 at 19:19 pm which was a Saturday and these times and dates all coincided for very powerful Metta Mahaniyom power. Luck, Happiness, Safety, Charm, Popularity and Riches come to those who truly make Bucha to Luang Por Phern through his amulets.


monk coin first ever in history

The world of amulets has various forms of worshiping, some being purely Buddhist, others being a Mix of Buddhism, Brahmanism and Animism, as well as purely occult and shamanistic.

  • Some being purely interested in ‘Puttanussadti’ (exclusively images of the Buddha)
  • Some are interested in ‘Krueang Rang’ (Buddhist, Brahman, Animist and Occult charms)
  • Others are interested in ‘Guru Bhavana’ – the practice of worshiping a Guru Master and following his teachings and his example in his practice. This is a very useful practice both for reducing ones own ego, and because, for many people, they do not know clearly how the Buddha and other Arahants practiced in those days, but by connecting with a living Guru Monk, or one in Living History whose practice is faithfully recorded and documented even with the modern media we have today, then it is easier to see the practice, and to take example from the Master Guru.

Followers of Guru Monks and Masters often use Monk Coins and Lockets as a way of transporting their personal objects of worship with them for safety, luck and other blessings.

Did you know which Thailands first ever Monk Coin was?

monk coin first ever in history

Above; The first ever Monk Coin in Thai History, made in 2458 in Japan – the image is of Pra Putta Wiryagorn (Luang Por Jidt)of Wat Sadtanart Bpariyat. The amulet was made by Luang Por Int (Pra Kroo Winai Tam) for distribution at the funeral of Luang Por Jidt, for devotees of him to have something to remember him by on 26th Apri 2459.

Rian Luang Por Jidt Monk Coin
Thailand amulets recommends Guru Monk Coins and Lockets for Buddhists, as an all round powerful amulet for Hnun Duang (increase good horoscope) Choke Laap (Luck and Fortune) Maha Sanaeh Matta Mahaniyom (Charm, Attraction and preferential treatment from others). If a Guru locket is revered properly, it can transform your life with great blessings from the Merits of the Guru Monk whose locket is revered. Many lockets will have sacred relics and other holy substances added, to increase the Merit contained within the amulet, and radiate more Metta. Thailand-Amulets will be stocking up on a wide array of Lockets and Monks coins in the next months, and offering some very sacred objects of Guru Worship for devotees to manifest their Faith and Dhamma practice with, and increase their luck and fortunes, health wealth and happiness through the merits emanated through devotion to the Guru and correct behaviour according to his rules of conduct.


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