Solid Silver LP Sotorn Buddha Amulet with Solid Gold Custom Casing (waterproof)

Pra Luang Por Sothorn 3555 BE 5 +9 x 9 Blessings Merit Making and Royal Birthday Edition Thai Buddhist ‘Heirloom’ Amulet. With Custom Luxury Solid Gold Casing (Waterproof Bubble).

This edition is notable for the two sided Luang Por Sotorn Coin with differing Interpretations of different Eras. Each side has a slightly different Periodic Interpretation of the Luang Por Sotorn Buddha. Luang Por Sotorn is a Very Sacred Buddha Image of National Repute, of the ‘Koo Ban Koo Mueang’ Variety (Part and Parcel of Thai Buddhist Culture). Thai people flock to pay reverence to this Buddha from all around the Country, for it is believed that to worship this Buddha brings great Prosperity and Powerful Protection from Danger.

Solid Silver LP Sotorn Buddha Amulet with Solid Gold Custom Casing (waterproof)

The Amulet is encased in waterproof bubble and custom made Solid Gold Casing

This edition is marked by the Numerological and Astrological Alignments of 5 x 9 Blessings, a most Powerful and Auspicous Conjugation of Astrological and Numerological Causes, that is a Powerful Cause of Prosperity, Happiness, and Success.

Silver versions have special code series stamp embossed

The Funds from this Edition of Highly Sacred Luang Por Sotorn Buddha Images goes to the Project to Cure Breast Cancer, by purchasing a Mobile Mammography Unit. If these people would have to pay for this medical check, they would have to pay around 50$ US per check. This is of course impossible for Thai Country Folk to pay.

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The Unit will travel into the Provinces and help to make regular checks to forewarn early enough and prevent Malignant breast Cancer from setting in with Poor People who can not afford the Regular testing. The Unit will cater for up to 250 thousand people. The Meritorious Project is to Pay respects and Honor the 50th Birthday of the Royal Prince Regent on the 28th of July 2555 BE.

Pra Luang Por Sotorn Buddha

Size; 3 Centimeters High x 1.5 Centimeters Wide (4 x 2.4 Cm with Frame)

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets
The casting and empowerment of the Luang Por Sotorn Amulets was made according to the Traditional Method that has been practiced throughout all Generations of Pra Luang Por Sotorn Amulets and Buddha Images.

Luang Por Sotorn Benja Nava Mongkol 2555 BE edition amulet - solid silver + solid gold frameThe Solid Gold Casing was Custom Made by Thailand’s Most Famous Gold and Jewellery Firm, the Yaowarat Gold Company. We have decided to begin providing some of the most Classic and Sacred Amulets in Gold Casing for Esteemed Customers. This is thus one of the first (but not the last) amulets that we present with Luxury Solid Gold Casing. We hope that this option is to Your Liking. We also provide this amulet without Gold Casing for those who can not afford this option. Please note, this is not Gold Micron or Gold Plated Case, it is Solid Gold Custom Casing.

The Chanuan Muan Sarn used for the Casting of the amulets was made from a selection of Sacred  Alchemical metal Ingots from a Host of Guru Masters from around the Country. Over Eight Thousand types of Sacred Items and Alchemical metals were gathered from all directions of the compass.

This was then supplemented with a large donation of Ancient Metallic Artifacts, dating from as far back as the Khmer Empire, reaching through the Dvaravadee. Chiang Saen, U-Tong, Sukhothai, Ayuttaya, and Radtanakosin Dynasty Eras. All of these Sacred Muan Sarn Ingredients were cast into Metal Ingots in different formulas (for the various Sacred Metals used in this series), and inscribed once more with Yantra and Empowered before the final Casting.

Before the Ingots were cast into amulets, they were passed on to Luang Por Koon Purisutto of Wat Ban Rai, to give his Blessings and Empowerment. He donated 5 Gold Yantra Foils with his Special Inscription, and other Muan Sarn including his Hairs, Civara Robes, and Sacred Powders.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

There was also some Extremely rare and Sacred ‘Pong Jidtralada’ powders added which was left over from the making of the Pra Chinsiih Royal Comission Buddha Image cast in 2548 BE. This Muan Sarn Pong Jidtralada is a Royal Sacred Substance that makes this edition of amulets doubly Valuable, and Rare.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Above; The Sacred Metals are poured using the Traditional Casting Methods.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

This edition featured a number of different models, including Sacred Powder Pra Somdej Luang Por Sotorn, Rian Sema Coins in Plain Sacred Metals, or Solid Gold, Solid Silver with Colored Ya Rachawadee Enamels. Also This range of LP Sotorn Coins, some Loi Ongk LP Sotorn Statuettes, and Bucha statues in 5 Inch wide Base, made from ‘Nava Loha’ (Nine Sacred Metals) as special item of the Range.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

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Luang Por Sotorn Benja Nava Mongkol Edition 2555 BE

Welcome to the E-Zine Monthly Summary of Thai Buddhist Amulets
This is the first of our new series of Informative Articles which feature miscellaneous magazine of Thai Buddhist Amulets and Charms, in View and Summary, or Analysis. Amulets will be written about using various criteria, which will change from article to article, be it the criteria of judging real from fake, or how to test age an amulet, the historical or religious factors, or artistic influences, and the makers themselves.

This Month we shall be taking a look at some classic amulets which are lesser known due to their rarity on the public markets.

Pra Sum Gor Luang Por Hnoeng – (Wat Klong Madan), Rian Luang Por Ngern (Wat Don Yai Horm) and Pra Parunang (Ayuttaya), which is a most beautiful and original piece of fine miniature Buddhist Arts, that it would be a shame to go one’s whole life without ever beholding its beauty. Please click on each thumbnail to view and study each amulet. Only Authentic amulets posted in this gallery so you can use them to study and accustom the eye, and this will assist in helping you notice lesser quality reproductions (fakes) when shopping around the markets.