Welcome to the E-Zine Monthly Summary of Thai Buddhist Amulets
This is the first of our new series of Informative Articles which feature miscellaneous magazine of Thai Buddhist Amulets and Charms, in View and Summary, or Analysis. Amulets will be written about using various criteria, which will change from article to article, be it the criteria of judging real from fake, or how to test age an amulet, the historical or religious factors, or artistic influences, and the makers themselves.

This Month we shall be taking a look at some classic amulets which are lesser known due to their rarity on the public markets.

Pra Sum Gor Luang Por Hnoeng – (Wat Klong Madan), Rian Luang Por Ngern (Wat Don Yai Horm) and Pra Parunang (Ayuttaya), which is a most beautiful and original piece of fine miniature Buddhist Arts, that it would be a shame to go one’s whole life without ever beholding its beauty. Please click on each thumbnail to view and study each amulet. Only Authentic amulets posted in this gallery so you can use them to study and accustom the eye, and this will assist in helping you notice lesser quality reproductions (fakes) when shopping around the markets.

Pra Nang Paya Chinarat Benjapakee Traditional Buddhist amulet

A Classic Benjapakee Pra Gru amulet from a Classic Temple of Pitsanuloke, which is part of the Nang Paya and Benjapakee Legendary Historic Heritage. Pure Buddhanussati (remembrance of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha), with all five major Blessings and Powers ruling over them.

Especially for acquiring wealth, status and safety from harmful accidents or attacks, the Pra Nang Paya is popular with both Male and Female Devotees.

It was removed from its Gru hiding place as one of five kinds of Pim, and given blessings in 2548 BE. The actual age of the amulets when they were removed from their burial chamber is not known to us. This Pim is not just Pra Nang Paya, is is Pra Putta Chinarat Sum Ruean Gaew, which is also the original design used for the first Khun Phaen amulet of Wat Ban Krang. This amulet thus has magical properties of the Nang Paya, the Putta Chinarat Buddha, and Pra Khun Phaen amulets, all in one. The image is of the Chinarat Buddha with the Beautifully designed arch (Sum Ruean Gaew). You can see the thumb prints from the pressing of the amulets by hand on the rear face, an essential aspect of true Pra Gru amulet making tradition.

Dimensions; 2.5 Centimeters High  x 2.0 Centimeters wide

This is a small size amulet and thus perfect for a Woman or Child to wear.

Magical properties; Kong Grapan, Klaew Klaad, Choke Lap, Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Sanaeh, Serm Duang. (just about everything)

Comes with stainless steel case included

Pra Nang Paya Chinarat – Pim Bai Mayom (Yai) – Nuea Din Phao – 'Run Midtrapap' (friendship edition) 2548 BE – Wat Rachaburana (Pitsanuloke)