This month we expect some extremely Sacred and High class Buddhist amulets about to be released, which will be added as soon as these editions leave the temple. Amongst the various ranges of amulets expected are a range of two different editions of extremely fine Buddhist Miniature art in the form of Monk Coins in the image of Luang Phu Kambu, two different editions called ‘Jaroen Baramee 89’ and ‘Jaroen Porn Sadung Glab’. The craftsmanship of these coins is incredibly detailed and finely honed works of fine art. Available in various sacred metals, with the top of the range being in solid gold, pink italian gold, and a three piece coin made from solid silver with a separate solid gold image of Luang Phu Kambu inserted – also included will be some high end versions covered in ‘Ya Rachawadee’ sacred enamels and lacquers, which are extremely attractive. a Gammagarn special limited edition of these coins are also made with the colors of each birthday, for those who seek amulets designed for persons born on that day. These amulets are already receiving much interest and acclaim in Thailand and look like a very promising prospect for becoming a future classic essential rarity.
Also coming this month is a series of Meed Mor spirit doctor Knives from Por Tan Prom Khantigo of Wat Ban Suan, Famous Temple of the Khao Or Southern Magical Tradition which has spawned most of Thailands greatest and most powerful Monks and Magicians, including Luang Por Tim of Wat Chang Hai, LP Nong of Wat Sai Khaw, Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree, Ajarn Kong (Wat ban Suan), Ajarn Khun Pantaraks Rachadej, Ajarn Daeng Opaso.. and a long list of other world famous names.

This edition of meed Mor daggers are powerful magical ritual instruments made with Khao Or magic, from a Khao Or Master. Khao Or magic is considered to be the most powerful tradition of the present day. This edition is called ‘Greet Rit Waet Nor Mo Khao Or’ (Nor Mo Khao Or Sorcerors Dagger), and was made in 9, 7, 5 and 2 inches long models.

For those who like Lockets, we are expecting some extremely rare (only 89 made) Jumbo Lockets from Luang Phu Hongs, with 5 solid gold takruts and a solid gold/ Luang Por Paetch Buddha image inserted in the powders of the rear face.

The same Jumbo and regular size will be available with 2 or 5 gold takrut and a silver Luang Por paetch Buddha statuette inserted into the rear face.

All of these additions are High end amulets which will be in our higher price range, for the serious collector. After these editions arrive we shall concentrate on improving and expanding both the economy range of amulets for those with small budgets, as well as beginning to increase the amount of ancient amulets

Lek Lai and related Prataat (relics) in both raw and amulet form are now also being added to the store, including Lek Lai, 7 colors Lek Lai, Khee Lek Lai, Rang Lek Lai, white Lek Lai, Lek Lai Nam Neung… and more.

We also plan to add a selection of stainless steel and other kinds of neck chains for your amulets.

Lastly we will be adding some wonderful amulets from Wat rakang Kositaram from the Koo Bun Koo Baramee edition.. previews of this edition coming soon..