Rian Ruay Samrej (Tam Nam Montr) – Prayer Water making amulet – Nuea Tong Daeng – Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto – Wat Nong Wa

Buddhas Crown Yantra

The front face of this Magic Medallion for making prayer water features a Yantra which Ajarn Ji saw in meditation. It is a Universal Magical empowerment instrument which can be applied to whatever purposes the Devotee chooses (within the five precepts).

Buddhas Crown Yantra

The amulet was made with Maha Yant Mongkut Pra Puttajao on the front and Maha Yant Boroma Kroo Paed Tidt using a Wicha for empowerment given to Pra Ajarn Ji from Luang Phu Tong Sukh of Wat Tanode Luang. Ajarn Ji says this is the first time he has managed to master the creation and empowerment of these two most complex and difficult Yantra to Manifest.

He says the Yant will protect from enemies even when all alone and outnumbered, and that any blows or cuts with sharp instruments will not pierce the skin (remember that for such Wicha to really work you must keep the 5 precepts always).

The Kata Gratu Jet Baeg is also hidden within the other Yant, and protects whilst travelling in any of the eight directions.

Buddhas Crown Yantra

When illness comes, or meet with demons, possessed beings or ghost, and other inauspicious presences, you should take the medallion and place it in a Khan Nam Montr (prayer water bowl) or a clean water bowl. Light 16 incense sticks. Then pray as focused and as strong willed as you can for your goals (be it so expel the spirits, or any other aim you may have. Chant the Puttakun Tammakun Sangkakun Kata (3 times), and think of the Triple Gem, Mother, Father, friends, relatives, Kroo Ba Ajarn, Guardian Angel and those we may have harmed in all our lives, and all the sentient beings in all the three worlds and three times, and wish them some of your merits.

Then chant the Itipiso Mantra, and then the following Kata (9 times).

Idtipiso Wisae Sae I – I Sae Sae Putta Naa Mae I – I Mae Naa Putta Dtanso I – I So Dtang – Putta Bi Dti I

The water will then be ‘Nam Montr’ (prayer water). You can use the water to give to people who are with fever or sick to drink, and to bathe with. You can use the water to fend of evil and demons, and even as metta Mahaniyom power to spray on your wares in your place of business to increase sales.

As you sprinkle the water on your wares to sell,you should chant the following;

Put Ta Sang Mi Sang Si Mo Naa Tamma Sang Mi Mo Naa Sang Si Sangka sang Mi Sang Mi Si Mo Na Sang

This is useful amulet for Tudong Masters travelling in the deep forest, which sometimes has areas which are haunted and have dangeorus spirit beings running amok. In fact this is one of the resaons this amulet was made, for it is not a simple or common amulet for average layperson, rather more a worktool for the practicing Magician or Dhamma Practitioner.

If during the day in the shop there are moments when you are not speaking with people, then you should always chant thie following Kata silently in your heart;

Pra Puttang Ruam Jidt Pra Tammang Ruam Jai Pra Sangkang Hlong Hlai Ruam Jai Pra Putto Namo Puttaaya

Buddhas Crown Yantra

Size; 5 Centimeters Diameter – Comes with original boxed case from the temple. Can be encased in waterproof casing if wished.

Buddhas Crown Yantra

Rian Ruay Samrej (Tam Nam Montr) – Prayer Water making amulet – Nuea Tong Daeng – Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto – Wat Nong Wa

Rian Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan) Sri Maha Prohm (Brahma) Pim Yai – Nuea Tong Daeng Jarn Mer (with hand inscription by LP Ji) – Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto -Wat Nong Wa Made in 2549 BE

Pra Pid Ta Thai amulet by LP Ji

Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan) – dragons adorn the flanks of the Buddha, who covers his orifices, depicting the Lord Buddha entering Nirodha (Pra Putta jao Khao Nirote).

Each of these extremely beautifully designed Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta Pang Pagan) Sri Maha Prohm (Brahma Deity) medallions from Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto was empowered by LP Ji in meditation every evening in his Kuti, giving them nightly empowerments every single day from its creation to the day of the final Putta-Pisek blessing ceremony. The front face features Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pid Ta in Southern Nakorn Sri Tammarat style), with the crown of his head composed of an image of the Lord Buddha in Samadhi, seated upon the Lotus Throne. The Kata ‘Putto’ is inscibed in Sacred Khom Agkhara, and lotus blooms adorn the image of the Buddha entering Nirodha (Pra Pid Ta).

The hand made inscriptions made by Pra Ajarn Ji can just be seen visibly with the naked eye as a faint thin inscription on the surface of the amulet.

Pra Pakawambodee Thai amulet by LP Ji

The rear face features the Brahma Deity, with the ‘sip song kasat’ 12 symbols of the Buddhist Horoscope. Brahma is seated on his throne which towers over Pra Rahu Deity, for balancing the auspicious aspects of the astrological fortune.

The amulet is made from a very high grade of ‘Nuea Tong Daeng Pised’ (a kind of copper alloy, mixed with sacred metals from various sources).

Amulets by Pra Ajarn Ji are becoming extremely sought after and are mostly sold out each edition because the Looksit of Luang Phor Yit know his Lineage and that he is of those lesser heard of Monks who will later be found out to be both a Great practitioner and amulet maker. His amulets are always made in small quantities and usually given an individual empowerment by Pra Ajarn Ji.

Pra Ajarn Ji is the inheritor of the Wicha of Luang Por Yit (sometimes spelled ‘Yid’), of Wat Nong Jok. He is especially skilled and famous for his ability to empowerr Palad Khik amulets. The famous Luang Por Yit once said that Pra Ajarn Ji was able to empower amulets, and cast spells exactly how LP Yit himself did, and that his amulets were just as good as his own. Width; 4.4 Centimeters, height; 5.4 Centimeters

Kata Pra Pakawambodee

Kata Chants to Bucha Pra Prohm (Brahma)