LP Simpalee Blessing Amulets

Maker of Amulet: Luang Por Simpalee. Temple of Origin: Wat Pha Wichai Ruam Mit (Woramit). Year of Issue: Made in 2562 BE, Empowered for 2 Years, and Released along with amulets of the 2564 BE Edition. Weight: 20 Grams. Type of Amulet: Hand Inscribed Sacred Geometry Scroll Spell.
Magical Effects: Dtad Gam, Serm Yos, Serm Duang, Maha Lap, Metta, Jerajaa, Kaa Khaay. Material: Takrut Scroll Spell with Rae Perm Palang Gaay Libido Increasing Powders, Lek Lai Sethee, Wan Maha Lap, Wan Maha Sanaeh. Recommended Uses: Good Karma, Success, Wealth, Health, Physical Strength and Libido, Good Business. Size of Amulet: 4 Inches Long. Number of Amulets Made: Only 399 Made in this extreme limited edition. Edition (Purpose of Making): Sang Sum Pratu

Presenting a most highly acclaimed and in demand Thai Amulet; the Takrut Tone Dtad Gam (Cut off Bad Karma) Ud Pong Rae Serm Palang Gaay, Lek Lai Sethee, Wan Maha Lap, and Wan Sanaeh. The Takrut was released in two sizes, Dork Yai, measuring 4 inches long, and Dork Lek, measuring 2.5 Cm.

The Takrut were fashioned from a metallic hand inscribed Yantra Foil Spell, and filled with the famous Rae Serm Palang Gaay, Health & Libido Increasing Magical Powders, that have become a world famous phenomenon, with Lek Lai Sethee Wealth Attracting Katya Siddhi Element, Wan Sanaeh for Maha Sanaeh Power of Attraction, and Wan Maha Lap Herbal Powders, for Lucky Fortunes.

LP Simpalee

Empowered in 2562 BE at the temple of Wat Pha Chai Ruam Mit in Loey, you fund the building of the Sum Pratu Arched Entranmce to the temple, and also 124 years of life of the Master in that year. Blessed in Putta Pisek Ceremony within the Uposatha Shrineroom, after a preceding 3 month Traimas period of uninterrupted nightly blessings, by the Great aged monk, LP Simpalee, who in the year of making of this edition, had reached the age of 124 Years old, becoming the longest still living Master Monk of his time (Made in 2562 BE/2020 AD, and released later after a further 2 years empowerment, in 2564 BE).

Takrut Ud Rae Serm Palang Gaay LP Simpalee

This special 2562 Series was empowered for two years in solo by Luang Phu Simpalee, with additional individual empowerments from the Great Luang Por Aditep, and Ajarn Geng. They were then released along with the 2564 Edition, which included many different amulets, all in small limited series numbers.

This series is expected, as usual to deplete and sell out completely in a very short time, as has been seen withg all previous editions of amulets which contain the miraculous Rae Serm Palang Gaay Health, Strength and Libido Increasing Magic Powders, and his Lek Lai Sethee Wealth Attracting Kaya Siddhi Elemental Substance.

The Bia Gae Ruu Jai is distinct and Special for the fact that it is filled with Sacred Powders made from Holy Ingredients from the Legendary ‘500 Year Old Monk’, Luang Phu Suang. ‘Khaw Gon Badtr’ (dried rice from the bottom of Luang Phu’s Alms Bowl’.

Pra Ajarn Taep used the Rarely mastered ‘Yoga Nitra’ (pronounced ‘Yoka Nitsa’) Wicha, which invokes the Mediumship of a Spirit deva or the Mind of Luang Por Suang to Inhabit. The Ritual was complimented by the proper investigation and testing of who the Entity present within Ajarn taeps body was, to confirm if it was an Angelic Deva or Luang Phu Suang Himself.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Size; 3.5 x 2.5 Centimeters

Hand Spell Inscription from Ajarn Taep has been applied to the outer surface of the Bia.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Luang Phu Suang was confirmed to be present, and was then permitted to ntake over the body of Ajarn taep Into and perform his Blessings and Empowerments on the amulets from the Other Side in the Spirit World, using the body of Ajarn Taep to Channel with.

The special Power of this Bia Gae that is different from other Bia Gae, is that whoever wields it, will know the feelings, intentions or even thoughts of those who come to speak with them.

If they think well of you or wish to help, it should be noticeable, if they wish to harm steal or lie, it should be noticed easily, if they are friends or foes, it will be apparent.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

To use and ensure the effectivity of the Bia, it shold be carried with you always and you should speak to it within your heart and connect with it, until you feel one with it. Then you should be able to feel the vibrations, protective or passive stance it takes when others approach.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Use this Kata to chant silently develop oneness with the Bia Gae and Initiate the Telepathic Connection.

Always Chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa), before Chanting Kata for Individual Amulets.

Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa

Kata Borigam (‘Borigam’ means to Chant repeatedly)

Putto Lokawitu

Hold Luang Phu Suang and Ajarn Taep Into in your heart and mind as you Chant, and ask for their blessings.

Pra Ajarn Taep Taep Into

The Bia Gae is a Most Powerful protector against illnesses, with healing powers, black magic, demons and ghosts, prai Ghosts and Psychic Attack. Used al;so for healing (usable with Reiki – rub on affected area), Holy Prayer Water making. If making Holy water the water is then used in the same way as the Bia to give protective and prosperous blessings to people or even the Wares you sell in your shop.

Below; Pra Ajarn Taep Taep Into 

Rian Boroma Kroo Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapaj (Chivaka Medicine Rishi) – Pim Hlang Dto Moo (with altar behind him).

Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat Healer Ruesi Image with a Thai ‘Dto Moo’ tiered altar behind him on the front face, and the Sacred Yant Putsoorn Yantra on the rear face, which gives the blessings of the Five Buddhas, protects and Enriches Life. The tiered altar has Lord Buddha sitting on the highest tiered dais.

Wat Awut has become famous for its power to heal when devotees go there to make merit and pray for good health, and protection from illnesses, and also known for bringing Choke Lap (Luck and wealth) to those who worship there. part of the reason for the powerful blessings which arise and affect those who pay devotion at Wat Awut, are the Images of Kun Mae Chee Bun Ruean (a female Nun and Master amulet maker), and the Statue of Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat, which are installed in the Sala Mae Chee Bun Ruean Dtong Bun Dterm.

Putta Pisek Empowerment

The empowerment of these rare Healer Ruesi amulets was a small but very genuinely made empowerment with all masters involved putting their whole heart into the creation and empowerment of this image of the Buddha’s Physician, Ruesi Hmor Chiwok Gomarapat.

Apart from its Miraculous ability to sometimes heal terminal illnesses, the amulet is also pure Buddhanussati (emembrance of Lord Buddha and the Dhamma and Sangha) and an object of inspiration and Faith for Buddhists to wear and keep Auspicious practice in Mind, and to avoid harmful Thoughts.

It is a reminder to practice Compassion to relieve others of Suffering. Ruesi Chiwok was the Personal Physician of the Lord Buddha Himself, and is thus the Guru of all Thai Buddhists who work in the Medical or Healing Professions.

Below; Luang Por Chamnan (Wat Bang Kuti Tong), adds his empowerment to the amulets. LP Chamnan is one of the present eras top Master amulet makers.

Buddha Abhiseka

Rian Hmor Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat – Pim Hlang To Moo – Wat Awut