monk coin first ever in history

The world of amulets has various forms of worshiping, some being purely Buddhist, others being a Mix of Buddhism, Brahmanism and Animism, as well as purely occult and shamanistic.

  • Some being purely interested in ‘Puttanussadti’ (exclusively images of the Buddha)
  • Some are interested in ‘Krueang Rang’ (Buddhist, Brahman, Animist and Occult charms)
  • Others are interested in ‘Guru Bhavana’ – the practice of worshiping a Guru Master and following his teachings and his example in his practice. This is a very useful practice both for reducing ones own ego, and because, for many people, they do not know clearly how the Buddha and other Arahants practiced in those days, but by connecting with a living Guru Monk, or one in Living History whose practice is faithfully recorded and documented even with the modern media we have today, then it is easier to see the practice, and to take example from the Master Guru.

Followers of Guru Monks and Masters often use Monk Coins and Lockets as a way of transporting their personal objects of worship with them for safety, luck and other blessings.

Did you know which Thailands first ever Monk Coin was?

monk coin first ever in history

Above; The first ever Monk Coin in Thai History, made in 2458 in Japan – the image is of Pra Putta Wiryagorn (Luang Por Jidt)of Wat Sadtanart Bpariyat. The amulet was made by Luang Por Int (Pra Kroo Winai Tam) for distribution at the funeral of Luang Por Jidt, for devotees of him to have something to remember him by on 26th Apri 2459.

Rian Luang Por Jidt Monk Coin
Thailand amulets recommends Guru Monk Coins and Lockets for Buddhists, as an all round powerful amulet for Hnun Duang (increase good horoscope) Choke Laap (Luck and Fortune) Maha Sanaeh Matta Mahaniyom (Charm, Attraction and preferential treatment from others). If a Guru locket is revered properly, it can transform your life with great blessings from the Merits of the Guru Monk whose locket is revered. Many lockets will have sacred relics and other holy substances added, to increase the Merit contained within the amulet, and radiate more Metta. Thailand-Amulets will be stocking up on a wide array of Lockets and Monks coins in the next months, and offering some very sacred objects of Guru Worship for devotees to manifest their Faith and Dhamma practice with, and increase their luck and fortunes, health wealth and happiness through the merits emanated through devotion to the Guru and correct behaviour according to his rules of conduct.


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