Pra Nang Paya ‘Gru’ type Benja Pakee family amulet by Legendary Luang Phu Suang (Tewada Len Din)  – This Pra Nang Paya riches amulet is made from Nuea Dam Prasat Khom Pan Pi (thousand year old Sacred Khmer temple earth and powders).

Pra Nang Paya 2519 BE LP Suang

In addition, the sacred powder includes Ya Wasana Jinda Manee, as do all the amulets from LP Suang which are made from Nuea Dam Prasat Khom Pan Pi. An extremely sought after amulet from the elusive Master  of Ban Lalom, this was the first ever edition of amulets he ever made. The Legend of Luang Phu Suang Says that he lived for 500 Years, and that stories of villagers of various Generations all remember Luang Phu Suang being old and living in the middle of the rice paddy at Sri Saket. Made in 2519 BE and empowered by Luang Phu Suang for three days and nights. The amulets were then stored between 2540 and 2550 at Wat Sutat – blessed in many large Puttapisek empowerment ceremonies there repeatedly by many Great Monks who visited at Wat Sutat.

Nang Paya Benjapakee amulet LP Suang 2519 BE

This is a delicate and small-medium size amulet suitable for Men Ladies or Children to wear and Bucha as a central amulet on a chain for a Lady, but can also be attached to a chain with a larger central amulet as one of the lateral embellishments on let us say, a three or five amulet chain if a Man. Comes with stainless steel fancy casing included in price.

Luang Phu Suang – Taewada Len Din – 500 year old Monk

Luang Phu Suang tewada Len Din Ha Roi Pi

Pha Yant Hanuman Maha Bprap by Ajarn Maha Surasak

Rare Pha Yant from elusive Master Pra Ajarn Surasak of Wat Pradoo in Ampawa district. Famous for his Maha Rangap and Maha Pokasap magic.

Pha Yant Hanuman Maha Bprap by Ajarn Maha Surasak

Pra Ajarn Maha Surasak is slowly having his secret exposed, and people are beginning to hear of his skill with powerful amulets, as well as his amazing trajectory of learning Wicha that are so rare to find and master , which he has received from some true Gaeji Guru Monks of previous generations. His Wicha Sai Hmai Jet See (seven colored silk thread charm) is now becoming famous because of great success with the few people who were lucky to have this kind of amulet from him, and is part of what has caused much interest from those who seek more deeply for a good Ajarn and a truly powerful amulet. His Pokasap Takrud have become a rarity and the incredibly beautiful sacred magical artifacts from this Master are always made in small numbers and under rather secretive empowerment ceremonies. It is never possible to obtain large numbers of his amulets, and once again we are only able to offer one of these Pha Yant to you. Made in 2552 BE. This Yant Cloth is of great interest to collectors of rare articles, for it is already hard to find after only a short time since its creation. It is definitely one of the more attractively and well made Yantra cloths around, and demands a worthy frame, rather than pasting on the wall.

Size; 18 inches High, 13 inches Wide.

Material; Pha Gammayee Daeng (red Velvet)

Pra Maha Surasak blessing amulets

Links Masterpiece Amulets – Tagrud Pokasap – Pra Maha Surasak – Wat Pradoo

Pha Yant Maha Bprab (Yant Hanuman) – Pra Maha Surasak – Wat Pradoo (Red Velvet Yantra cloth)
Tagrud Pokasap (amulet for calling immense riches) Pra Maha Surasak – Wat Pradoo (Samut Somgkram)

This most incredible image of a tiny Pra Upakut Buddha sitting in meditation inside a Conch shell is one of the most beautiful examples of Thai Buddhist amulet art to be found in any example of Pra Upakut imagery anywhere. This amulet is of course extremely popular in the aesthetic sense as well as the sacred.

Pra Upakut Kroo Ba Jao Duang Deesacred yant on conch shell with Pra Upakut Buddha

Pra Upakut means ‘Protector’ – he was a disciple of Pra Maha Kassapa Buddha. He prefers solitude and does not like to meet others, and thus sits in the middle of the ocean in his crystal throne in Nirodha Samabadhi.

To Bucha Pra Upakut you need a clear transparent bowl with clean water (or prayer water). Fill the bowl with water and place the Pra Upakut in the middle. Do not ever let the water dry up. Light incense and offer it with the Kata Pra Maha Upakut; (always chant ‘Namo Tassa Pakawadto Arahadto’ 3 times to the triple gem before any other Kata)

Mahaa Upakudto Ja Mahaa Thaero Naa Naa Baramee Sambanno Mahaa Laapo Mahaa Dtecho Mahaa Chayya Sitti Bprasittimae (3 times)

View pictures from the Puttapisek empowerment ceremony ;

Gumarn Tong Gao Prai Dtaanee – The Wicha Gumarn Tong of Luang Por Sanaeh Jantr – Isan Guru Monk
Gumarn Tong Gao Prai Dtaanee Nuea Dtabpoo Chae Nam Man Gao Prai Dtaanee – Luang Por Sanaeh Jantr – Wat Jantrangsri, of Wat Ban Hnong Jote, Khon Gaen.

Ninefold Dtaanee tree magic spell with Gumarn Tong honed from coffin nails soaked in Gao Dtaanee Prai Oil, or Powder amulet Gumarn Tong Gao Prai Dtaanee Nuea Din 7 Pah Cha Chup Nam Man Gao Prai Dtaanee. Powerful Love Charms from Luang Por Sanaeh Jantr. 199 Oil Flasks and 999 powder amulets made in this limited edition of powerful Love Charms for Great riches and Lots of Lovers.

Gumarn Gao Prai Dtaanee amulet is made from ancient Muan Sarn formula using 2 Dtaanee bananas facing in the Northerly direction. He was invited by a Lay Ajarn who lived at the foot of Khao Gaew in Petchaburn, to help to cut a Dtaanee tree which was especially ‘Hian’ (wild and amok with the spirit of the entity who inhabited it). No One with any Wicha in the area had been able to go near the tree, but Luang Por Sanaeh Jantr was able to approach and perform the ceremony to successfully cut the tree down. The bananas were ripened and the flower was dried, and they were mashed up along with nine kinds of attraction herbal ingredients of great magical power, and made into these amulets;
Wan Sanaeh Jantr Daeng, Wan Sanaeh Jantr Khaw, Wan Sanaeh Jantr Horm, Wan Gwak Ngern Gwak Tong, Wan Tung Ngern Tung Tong, Wan Saethee Rap Ngern, Wan Maha Saethee, Wan Gorb Sap, Wan Serm Choke Serm Laap.

Nine kinds of sacred Auspicious Woods were also mixed into the Muan Sarn for this amulet;
Mai Koon Dtaay Prai, Mai Khanun Dtaay Prai, Mai Yord Dtaay Prai, and various other secret powders and herbs, such as earth from 7 cemeteries, 7 marketplaces, 7 ports, Gai Gug powder….

Kata to Chant to Gumarn Tong Gao Prai Dtaanee amulet

(Na Mo Dtassa Pakawadto Arahadto Sammaa Samputtassa 3 times first, as is the case for all amulets)

Jijeruni Jidt-dtamg Bpiyang Ma Ma Aehi Ma Ma Aehi Maa Maa

(ask for luck and wealth, good business and easy success).


Thai Elephant Charm Wat Bang Pra 2540 BE

Chang Mongkol empowered by Luang Por Phern of Wat Bang Pra. Issued in 2540 BE, this charm encompasses all areas of Puttakom Magic endowing the wearer with Amnaj, Maha Sanaeh, Choke Lap, Kong Grapan, Klaew Klaad, and Gan Aathan all rolled into one. This is due to the various Meritorious and Sacred meanings which can be applied to the image of an Elephant, be it Erawan the 33 headed elephant on which the Indra Deity rides, or be it Chang Pueag the white elephant which represents a Buddha or great Master, as well as being a sacred symbol of Siamese Culture. The Buddha once was born as an Elephant who gave away his tusks to a hunter out of compassion..

The elephant is a Brave and almost indestructible adversary in battle, and thus commands great power in the wilderness, which is what lends power to the wielder of this amulet in his or her professional or social environments.

The elephant is a kind and intelligent being, who lives at least as long as a human and longer, and has a very long memory – this endows the wielder of the amulet with cleverness, and discrimination with compassion also generating the same in others resulting in favorable circumstances (Metta Mahaniyom and Choke Lap).

The elephant, although large, is high and has a good overview of the long grass, and can foresee many dangers that other animals cannot. This endows the wielder of this amulet with Klaew Klaad, evasion of dangers, which are foreseen by the elephant effigy which will find a way to warn you. It would not be surprising if the amulet even vibrated against your skin when danger approaches! This thing sometimes happens as a warning of forthcoming ill wishers, dangers etc.

Luang Por Phern is a Wolrd Famous Gaeji Guru Master whose passing has left the temple with many of his student monks still tattooing sak yant Buddhist tattoos every day in his honor, and continuing the lineage of his great magical Wicha, which has caused Wat Bang Pra to become the Mecca of Sak Yant with millions of Looksit around the World.

These lockets were made in a very small amount not more than 79 made. Three different postures were made all with gold covered face (Chak Tong). The first is this walking one (Gaw Na), for success and advancement

The second locket made was four armed sitting on throne (dtimuckhanabadt) for riches, and the third posture was laying on a dais (Boroma Sukh) for Happiness. This amulet is a small to medium size and is thus suitable for both Male and Female devotees of Pikanesh and/or LP Pramote. The rear face is embedded with precious stone and magical elements, including a pellet of the extremely elusive ‘Ya Wasana Jinda Manee’ as well as some Lek Lai.

Luang Por Pramotes amulets are a matter of preference for those who know his magic charms, and have enjoyed the true noticeable effects of his amulets, which are made with authentic and rare ingredients which are not to be found in the commonplace amulet. His amulets are made according to the Tru Wicha and ancient formulas, and using the best artists and materials to make high quality amulets for discerning people. Thailand-Amulets.Net recommends and supports LP Pramote and his temple and believes in the magical qualities and amazing beauty of his amulets, as both a source of magical power as well as being high end Religious Art that is hard to find comparison. The other pictures are of Choo Chok Ha Kin (deity for riches and business success), and ‘Hun Payont’ in rd and black – love and business attraction magical charms – red for girls and black for boys. These amulets have an extra special and rare powerful Metta Oil used, which is incredibly difficult to obtain.

Luang Por Pramotes amulets are exclusive amulets for discerning believers in magic, but who believe that the essential ingredients and formulas should be faithful to the original methods in order to be of true magical power. There is most certainly an element of Truth in the fact that not all amulets these days are made using the finest authentic ingredients, for the contacts and sources are indeed still kept within certain circles of people. Luang Por Pramotes Metta Oil has become a most well kept secret, due to the low number of amulets made by this elusive master whose amulets are of the most beautiful of modern amulets, and whose ingredients are of the finest and rarest content. Masterpiece Amulets is indeed the correct term for these wonderful examples of sacred Thai Buddhist and Magical Art.

Kata Pra Pikanes; Om Sri Kanesa Ya Na Ma Ha

Ajarn Pra Maha Surasaks amazingly beautiful golden Tagrud amulets have turned out to have brought immensely successful results with almost all those people who obtained on of these giant size (6 inches long) special tagrud amulets, bringing great luck in recieving windfalls, business sales and auspicious occurences, that they have become immensely sought after. The Wicha of this particular Tagrud making method is a very rare and well kept secret, and is made in a different way to almost all other Tagrud, with various strict rules that mantain the purity and power of the amulet. One famouse story about this wicha is that Luang Por Surasak says he is willing to endow anyone with the knowledge of how to make these Tagrud, with the sole condition that he who learns the wicha must ordain as a monk and never disrobe! This is because only a Monk who keeps his promise to never disrobe will be able to perform the Wicha. This is part of what makes the Tagrud so powerful.

This is certainly not an economy price Tagrud, and is also not a Tagrud you will see floating aorund amulet stalls or markets at all, for it has been snapped up by a few people who knew of its making and maker, and the Tagrud never really got the chance to reach the general public or enter the general amulet marketplace.

After a long time contacting our sources and intense searching and investigating, we managed to fiind only two of these Tagrud available, and are happy to be able to present them for rental here on Thailand Amulets website. If you are seeking a Tagrud for riches, but do not have a large budget, then this is perhaps not the perfect choice for you, for there are many other Tagruds which also attract riches at lower prices. But for those of you who seek a Tagrud of great power, rarity and beauty and are not too limited by your budget, then this is most certainly one of the best, most powerful and beautiful Tagrud amulets you could find, be it old or new.

Kata Tagrud Pokasap – Pra Maha Surasak Wat Pradoo

Itaani Ehi Tanang Siri Pokaa Mahaa Sayo Ittiritti Chayya Chayyang Laapa Laapang Sittigammang Prasittime

This is an amulet of excellence and considered a Masterpiece of Thai Sacred Buddhist Magical arts, and Traditional Thai amulet making History.