Pra Pid Ta Mai Payung Daeng Ud Pong Fang Gesa – Hand carved Pid Ta amulet with sacred powders inserted and hair from Master Guru Monk, Luang Por Gliang Dtechatammo, of Wat None Gaed temple in Sri Saket 2544 special ‘LP Gliang Jaroen Porn 105 years old” edition, hand carved in three types of sacred ‘Mai Payung’ wood – 1. Mai Payung Dam (black wood) 2 mai Payung Daeng (red wood) and 3 Mai Man Pla (white wood). This example is made from Nuea Mai Payung Daeng (red sacred Payung magical wood).

All of these amulets have received hand carved inscription of sacred prayer and spells along with a numbered code on each amulet made with Luang Phu Gliang’s sacred ancient ‘Hlek Jarn Pid Ta’ (a very ancient magical inscription device which has Pra Pid Ta invoked within it)

The amulets wer all individually hand carved and thus have their own individuality and personal empowerments from LP Gliang, and were made to celebrate his 105th year.

Only 599 of these amulets were made in all. Although all of the amulets we offered as pre-order were reserved already, we were lucky enough to obtain a few more, and are please to be able to offer them here in the store. Extremely limited stock. Once gone, no more will be available.

They are an extremely special edition, with very sacred Pong Puttakun sacred powder and Pong Mai Tep mani Kote Saksit (sacred gem Deva powder). Yant Gao Dee and Sip Dee are inscribed on the back side. In our opinion, these amulets are one of the most important amulets to be released this year. Destined to become Classic Essential Rarities

Pra Pid Ta Mai Payung Daeng Ud Pong Fang Gesa – Hand carved Pid Ta amulet with sacred powders inserted and hair from Luang Por Gliang only 599 amulets made! – Wat None Gaed 2544 BE


amulets by lp gliang

The Jaroen Porn 105 Pi edition range of amulets have been created to raise funds for the rebuilding of the Wat None Gaed school which LP Gliang built 40 years ago, and which is now in dire need of reconstruction.

Other amulets in the series include a range of ‘Rian Roop Khai’  and ‘Rian Met Daeng’ coin amulets in various saxcred metals and luxurious enamels, some powerful Hanuman Loi Onk statuettes, for which Luang Phu is famous for his Wicha of Hanuman amulets, and some sacred Meed Mor magic ritual knives.

Rian Roop Khai

Solid Silver with Ya Rachawadee enamel on both sides

Solid Silver with Ya Rachawadee enamel on the front side

Nava Loha Hnaa Gaag Tong Kam (Nine sacred metals with pure gold face covering)

Nava Loha Hnaa Gaag Ngern (Nine sacred metals with pure Silver face covering)

Nuea Nava Loha (Nine sacred Metals)

Nuea Albaca Hnaa Gaag Tong Lueang (Albaca with Brass face)

Nuea Tong Lueang Hnaa Gaag Tong Daeng

Rian Met Dtaeng

Hanuman Loi Onk

Nuea Nava Loha Pid Phiw

Nuea Samrit Daeng

Nuea Tong Pasom

Meed Mor (three different versions/metals)

Nuea Nava Loha, Samrit Daeng, Tong Pasom

Roop Hmuean Bucha 9 inch 8 sided statue with 12 horoscope signs