Luang Phu Kambu Ayu Wattana Edition Amulets Wat Gut Chompoo

Pra Somdej Song Krut Hlang Roop Muean Ayu Wattana 90 Edition released in 2555 BE Blessed by Luang Phu Kambu. The amulet features a Buddha riding Garuda with Luang Phu on rear face. A Classic and Highly Sought After amulet from the great deceased master monk Luang Phu Kambu Kudtajidto, of Wat Gut Chompoo.

The front face of the amulet bears the classic image of the Pra Somdej Buddha on a three tiered dais, with Paya Krut (Garuda) emblazoned on the dais/Throne of the Buddha, painted gold. A piece of sacred Pratat relic is inserted as Muan Sarn into the chest of the Buddha-Rupa image. The topknot of the Buddha is plump but flared and tapers out before touching the top of the arch. The dais is a ‘Thaan Hmorn’ (cushion shape) throne.


A piece of Sacred Pratat Muan Sarn is inserted within the Sacred Clay of the chest of the Buddha. Luang Phu Kambu was an Arya Sangha whose magic power goes unquestioned, as well as his correct and diligent practice of the Vinaya making his purity an essential aspect of the miracle power of his amulets.

The rear face of the amulet bears the image of Luang Phu Kambu seated in meditative poise and Series Code Stamp embossed to the right of Luang Phu. The name of the edition is embossed on the top with the words ‘Ayu Wattana’.


Below the image of Luang Phu, are the words ‘Luang Phu Kambu Kudtajidto, Wat Gut Chompoo Ubon Rachathani’. A brass Takrut is inserted into the clay of the rear face below the image of Luang Phu Kambu, with his Incantations of protection, mercy and prosperity,

Those who know and revere Luang Phu Kambu, will also have this as another reason, for wearing, believing in, and praying to this amulet. Luang Phu Kambu, has now passed away, and his amulets have entered the extreme collector classification.

We advise collectors and speculators as well as devotees ofLuang Phu, to keep your LP Kambu amulets safely guarded, for they can now only increase in value and become one day sure rarities of high esteem and immense value, and price.

They are now more than ever, beyond doubt as classic amulets, from a great Monk of Purity, and the future of his amulets is assured to be auspicious, long, and higly regarded in the collector scene.

Kata Ārātanā Pra Krueang

Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa Namō Dtassa Pakawadtō Arahadtō Sammā Samputtassa

Puttang Ārātanānang Tammang Ārātanānang Sangkang Ārātanānang

Make a Wish/Prayer, and continue with;

Puttang Bprasittimē Tammang Bprasittimē Sangkang Bprasittimē

Pra Pong Muan Sarn Jitralada ‘Run Kanjana Pisek’ (Pimp Gammagarn Pised Golden Anniversary Edition) – Wat Bovornives Voraviharn – Major Sao Ha Blessing on 23/3/ 2539 BE

Somdej Jitralada 2539 BE

Pra Somdej Pong Muan Sarn Jitralada was empowered in 2539 BE by 108 Great Master Guru Monks from around Thailand. The Amulet actually recieved double empowerment Ceremony, with the first ocasion being on the 13th of February, with Somdej Pra Puttajarn Wat Saket presiding and lighting the Victory Candle, and 108 other Masters to perform the Incantations. This Edition Celebrated the Golden Anniversary of King Bhumipol Adulyadej’s (Rama 9 ) Reign.

Somdej Jitralada 2539 BE

The second occasion was on Sao Ha day (fith Lunar Saturday) on 24rd March and was performed once again inside the Uposadha of Wat Bovornives Voraviharn.

Somdej Jitralada 2539 BE

The amulet is very rare to find, and is a very preferred and revered amulet in Thailand, not only because of the Major Puttapisek Ceremony, but also because of the nature of the Muan Sarn Powders and the Pim itself (model of amulet), and its Royal Connections.

Somdej Jitralada 2539 BE

The amulet was created to raise funds for the building of an Uposadha shrine room at Wat Ampuworaram in Patum Tani, as part of the celebrations of 50 years of King Bhumipol Adulyaded’s Reign.

Somdej Jitralada 2539 BE

The Royal 50th Anniversary of Reign Emblem is embossed on the rear face of this Classic Rare Buddhist Collectors Amulet, Comissioned and Empowered by the Sangkaracha and 108 of Thailands Greatest Master Monks. The Amulet comes with Original Temple Box, and Authenticity Card with Limited Edition Code Number 14559.

Somdej Jitralada 2539 BE

The Sacred Muan Sarn Powders contained powders from the First Kingly Edition of Somdej Jitralada, from the later Edition of Pra Pong Jitralada Krongarn Luang CP, old and famous editions of Pra Pong Pairee Pinas, Pong Pra Sasada, Khaw Sarn Hin, and hairs of the Sangkaracha Monk, Powders from Pra Smdej Wat Rakang, and Wat Gaes Chaiyo amulets, Wat Pak Nam Sacred Somdej Powders of Luang Por Sodh, powders from various Great Masters including Luang Por Pae, Luang Por Kasem Khemago, Luang Por Koon, Luang Por Utama, Luang Por Pern, hairs of Luanf Phu Lar of Phu Jor Gor, and many sacred powders from famous masters and amulets around the country.

Somdej Jitralada 2539 BE

Each amulet had a limited edition code number. This version was the special Gammagarn Pised, with a rich content of Jitralada powder mix. The Pong Jitralada was a Muan Sarn composed by His Majesty the King for the making of the Original Somdej Jitralada, also of His Majesty’s Design, which contained his Hair, as one of the ingredients of the Muan Sarn. The Amulets themselves were Sponsored by Kroo Palad Song Chai.

Pra Pong Muan Sarn Jitralada 'Run Kanjana Pisek' (Pimp Gammagarn Pised Golden Anniversary Edition) – Wat Bovornives Voraviharn – Major Sao Ha Blessing on 23/3/ 2539 BE

Somdej Chana Marn Bandan Sap, Pim Po Gao Bai (nine leafed Bodhi tree), Hlang Pra Mae Posop (Goddess of Fertility on the rear face. ‘Run Mahasethee Mee Sukh’ (Happy Millionaire edition).

Celebrating 76th Birthday of Luang Por Tong Dam Intawaso. This is a Gamagarn Edition Box set of three amulets – very apt for a gift to corporate peers, or for your showcase, as well as of course, for wearing to recieve auspicious blessing. For Thai people, a Box Set like this would probably go on the ‘Hing Pra’ or Hmoo Dto Bucha (altar) and be prayed to for blessings instead of wearing, due to the collectability of this set, and the probability of it becoming also a valuable rarity.

Thai somdej amulet

The front face has Lord Buddha in the posture of conquering Mara (the moment of his enlightenment), with Pra Mae Toranee (Earth Goddess) squeezing her hair and releasing the tumult of waters to flood the Maras away.
The Buddha sits on a throne beneath the nine leafed Bodhi tree. The rear face has Mae Posop, the corn Deity embossed.

Made by Luang Por Tong Dam Intawaso, of Wat Tham Tapian Tong, Lopburi. This particular Deity amulet is designed for Choke Lap (Bandan Sap means to bestow great wealth and possessions, and to endow much happiness, abundance, and success in all ventures.

The total number of these amulets made, was only 276 sets of three amulets. It needs little explanation as to how rare these most wonderfully made amulets are. Each amulet has its numbered code embedded in the bottom of the amulet.

The Gamagarn top range amulet (above), features three Tagruds (gold silver and copper), with semi precious Ploi stones and minerals inserted in both front and rear faces. The Muan Sarn sacred powders in this amulet are visibly potent and just a smell of the amulet reveals the presence of a very powerful mixture indeed. Made from Nuea Chan Mak with Pong Mai Maha Sethee with Pong Tabai Gao Hnaa Maha Sethee powder sprinkled on the face

The next down in the series is the Somdej Chana Marn Bandan Sap Fang Tagrud Gern Koo (two silver tagrud).

Somdej Chana Marn Bandan Sap Fang Tagrud Gern Koo

Made from Nuea Chan Mak with Pong Mai Maha Sethee with Pong Tabai Gao Hnaa Maha Sethee powder sprinkled on the face – this is from a Gamagarn collection of three amulets, and not the same as the normal silver Tagrud amulets released.

somdej amulet lp tong dam

Somdej Chana Marn Bandan Sap Nuea Khaw Khao Gon Badt

mae Posop harvest fertitlity Deity

This white edition is in Nuea Khaw Khao Gon Badt (white alms bowl rice sacred powder)

The Main ingredients of each individual amulet are then mixed with a special addition of further sacred powders, which differ for each different edition.

5.6 Centimeters high, and 3.7 Centimeters wide, it is a rather large amulet. I can only add that these amulets are not only beautifully designed and finished, but also possess an extremely rich content of sacred powders in them, which is one of the criteria we use to select amulets which We deem worthwhile presenting to you. We recommend these amulets as top quality Sacred items from a Master Gaeji Ajarn of the Lopburi tradition, famous for its Khmer magic spells. A powerful magical amulet that is also an extremely fine piece of miniature Buddhist sculpture in its own right. Thailand-Amulets. Net gives this amulet complete appreciation for its sacredness, beauty, quality of ‘build’, and powerful ingredients, as well as the fact that it is an essentially Buddhist amulet.This is one of our recommended special amulets.

The set comes in original box from the temple.

Piti Puttapisek – Buddhabhiseka Empowerment Blessing Ceremony The empowerment of these amulets, was held on the 16th August 2552, with LP Tong Dam presiding and Luang Por Poon (Wat Bang Phaen, Ayuttaya) Luang Por Maen (Wat Na Tang Nork, Ayuttaya) Luang Por Uean (Wat Wang Daeng Dtai, Ayuttaya), and Luang Por Sanaeh Jantr, (Wat Wang Jantr Sri, Khon Gaen). In addition, four monks from Wat rakang Kositarams official Puttapisek Ceremony practitioners joined in the empowerment.

LP Tong Dam amulets

Luang Por Tong Dam also blessed and empowered more amulets, such as Pid Ta with three Tagruds from Nuea Chan Mak (brown) and Pid Ta Maha Mongkol 3 Tagrud made froom Pong Gesorn. Also there were some limited edition nine headed Navagote Maha Sethee Buddha Gring amulets called ‘Pra Tanabodee Gao Hnaa’ and a statue of Novagote Buddha made. Thailand hopes to be adding this range of amulets to the store soon.

Above right; Pra Pid Ta Maha Mongkol – Nuea Chan Mak. 4.1 cm x 3.2 Jumbo editon – also available in Plod Nee and Pim Lek small edition.Above left; Boroma Kroo Ruesi Gao Hnaa (nine faced Ruesi) – Nuea Chanuan Rom Dam. 4.2 cm high 1.9 cm wide – 3991 examples made. Has Civara robe and sacred powder, and one Tagrud inserted into the base.
Pid Ta Maha Mongkol – 55$US (Jumbo), 45$ (Plod Nee), 36$ (Pim Lek).
Ruesi Boroma Kroo Gao Hnaa; 46$US

thailand amulets

Nuea Nava Loha (Gon Ngern – silver gring in the base) 978 examples made
4cm high, 2cm wide

base of amulet

Also available in Nuea Chanuan Gao Chup Tong Gon Tong Daeng (old metal smelted from earlier Buddha images covered in gold), and Nuea Chanuan Gao Gon Tong Daeng (old metal smelted from earlier Buddha images with copper Kring in base).


Pra Somdej Pim Lek (Niyom) 2519 BE - Nuea Dam Prasat Khom - Luang Phu Suang - Tewada Len Din (500 year old monk)

Beautiful Pra Somdej Amulet from Legendary Guru Monk Luang Phu Suang (Tewada Len Din)  – This Rare Pra Somdej is made from Nuea Dam Prasat Khom. An extremely sought after amulet from the elusive Master  of Ban Rarom – first ever edition of amulets  he ever made. The Legend of Luang Phu Suang Says that he lived for 500 Years, and that stories of villagers of various Generations all remember Luang Phu Suang being old and living in the middle of the rice paddy at Sri Saket. Made in 2519 BE – blessed in a large Puttapisek (Buddha Abhiseka) empowerment ceremony at Wat Sutat. 3.6 Centimeters high, 2.5 Centimeters wide. Comes with stainless steel fancy casing included in price.

Pra Khun Phaen Sum Laem Luang Phu Suang

Luang Phu Suang – Taewada Len Din – 500 year old Monk

Luang Phu Suang tewada Len Din Ha Roi Pi