Pha Yant Hanuman Maha Bprap by Ajarn Maha Surasak

Rare Pha Yant from elusive Master Pra Ajarn Surasak of Wat Pradoo in Ampawa district. Famous for his Maha Rangap and Maha Pokasap magic.

Pha Yant Hanuman Maha Bprap by Ajarn Maha Surasak

Pra Ajarn Maha Surasak is slowly having his secret exposed, and people are beginning to hear of his skill with powerful amulets, as well as his amazing trajectory of learning Wicha that are so rare to find and master , which he has received from some true Gaeji Guru Monks of previous generations. His Wicha Sai Hmai Jet See (seven colored silk thread charm) is now becoming famous because of great success with the few people who were lucky to have this kind of amulet from him, and is part of what has caused much interest from those who seek more deeply for a good Ajarn and a truly powerful amulet. His Pokasap Takrud have become a rarity and the incredibly beautiful sacred magical artifacts from this Master are always made in small numbers and under rather secretive empowerment ceremonies. It is never possible to obtain large numbers of his amulets, and once again we are only able to offer one of these Pha Yant to you. Made in 2552 BE. This Yant Cloth is of great interest to collectors of rare articles, for it is already hard to find after only a short time since its creation. It is definitely one of the more attractively and well made Yantra cloths around, and demands a worthy frame, rather than pasting on the wall.

Size; 18 inches High, 13 inches Wide.

Material; Pha Gammayee Daeng (red Velvet)

Pra Maha Surasak blessing amulets

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