This most incredible image of a tiny Pra Upakut Buddha sitting in meditation inside a Conch shell is one of the most beautiful examples of Thai Buddhist amulet art to be found in any example of Pra Upakut imagery anywhere. This amulet is of course extremely popular in the aesthetic sense as well as the sacred.

Pra Upakut Kroo Ba Jao Duang Deesacred yant on conch shell with Pra Upakut Buddha

Pra Upakut means ‘Protector’ – he was a disciple of Pra Maha Kassapa Buddha. He prefers solitude and does not like to meet others, and thus sits in the middle of the ocean in his crystal throne in Nirodha Samabadhi.

To Bucha Pra Upakut you need a clear transparent bowl with clean water (or prayer water). Fill the bowl with water and place the Pra Upakut in the middle. Do not ever let the water dry up. Light incense and offer it with the Kata Pra Maha Upakut; (always chant ‘Namo Tassa Pakawadto Arahadto’ 3 times to the triple gem before any other Kata)

Mahaa Upakudto Ja Mahaa Thaero Naa Naa Baramee Sambanno Mahaa Laapo Mahaa Dtecho Mahaa Chayya Sitti Bprasittimae (3 times)

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