Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh Pim Jumbo (Ongk Kroo) – ‘Run Boroma Sukh’ Edition with Sivali Arahant Relics 2 Takrut and Gemstones – Luang Por Pramote – Wat Khao Changum 2553 BE – Only 59 Made

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh (Ganesha enjoying Luxurious pleasures) Locket with Luxurious Sacred Powders, Pra Sivali Arahant Relics, Two Silver Takrut, and Precious Gem inserts. Only 59 of these Lockets were made in Extreme Limited Edition. This is the ‘Ongk Koo’ Jumbo Size Masterpiece Version with Pra Sivali Arahant Relics inserted and other Sacred Muan Sarn such as Jade, 2 Solid Silver Foil Takruts, a piece of Luang Por’s Civara Robe, Green Jade, and other Semi Precious stones.

This edition of Fine Quality Muan Sarn Master Piece Amulets from Luang Por Pramote were made to raise funds to build a large Pra Pikanes (Ganesha) statue called ‘Pikanes Pang Boroma Sukh’ at the temple of Wat Khao Changum in Ratchaburi. ‘Pang Boroma Such’ means ‘Regal Pleasures and Comforts’, and is the posture of Ganesha enjoying all the luxuries and pleasures of Life.

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

Pra Pikanes was invited to attend and bestow his blessings and Mental Presence on the amulets, in a long and powerful Maha Taewa Pisek ceremony in 2553 BE at Wat Khao Changum. The

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

These Special Limited edition Ganesha lockets are composed of 108 Rare Magical Sacred ingredients which Luang Por Pramote has been saving up for over 20 years, and empowering throughout this time. One of the Special Sacred Ingredients which stand out above others is the addition of ‘Prataat Sivali’ – Pra Sivali Arahant Relics.

The edition included some Excquisitely designed Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh statues in various Materials, Ganesh amulets and of course these Special Lockets, Pha Yant, a range of three different Khun Phaen amulets, and some Takrut. The small, subtle looking but powerful Khun Phaen amulets of this edition received great success not only with Men but also with Women, its small size being perfect for Ladies to wear, and its auspicious Aura of Metta Mahaniyom is a powerful tool for successful profession, to charm, convince, and receive the preference of your peers and superiors.

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

Size; 3.3 Cm High x 2.3 Cm Wide

The rear face of this ‘Ongk Kroo’ Masterpiece Amulet is stuffed full of Sacred Relics and Magical Substances, to empower the amulet with immense Metta Mahaniyom. The whole amulet surface literally shines with the high quantity of rich Metta Oils within the Sacred Muan Sarn.

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

This Particular Invocation of Pra Pikanes was considered so Important and Authentic that even the Thai Hindu Community showed immense interest in Bucha for this series of amulets and Pikanes statues – which can be noted by the pictures of the installation and consecration of one of these images at the India Emporium with true Brahman Ceremony below.

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

Luang Por Pramote is considered to be a very Pure and well postured monk with Great Metta Mahaniyom. His amulets are made only when necessity calls, and only ever in small numbers. His amulets are amongst the most Beautiful and Sought after Amulets of the Present Era.

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

Piti Lor Nam Rerk (first pouring Ceremony)

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

Maha Taewa Pisek – Empowerment and Blessing Ceremony

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh
Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh
Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh
Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh
Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh
Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh

Locket Pra Pikanes Boroma Sukh Pim Jumbo (Ongk Kroo) – ‘Run Boroma Sukh’ Edition with Sivali Arahant Relics 2 Takrut and Gemstones – Luang Por Pramote – Wat Khao Changum 2553 BE – Only 59 Made

Ganesh Amulet with Sariga large size(Taep Sariga Koo Chiwit Hlang Pra Pikanes Roey Ploi Pim Yai)-Wai koo Edition’2555-LP.Por Chor- Wat Hnong Saeng.

Taep Pismorn (Sariga Bird) Hlang Pra Pikanesworn Nuea Pong Puttakun – Sariga Bird Deva with Ganesha on rear Face, for Increased Business, Improved Social and Love life and Oratory skills

Made from Pong Puttakun (Magic Powders made from Chalk Yantra Inscription), the amulet has fragments of sacred magical substances sprinkled into the Muan Sarn of the rear face of the amulet. The finely hand painted designs on each amulet are beautifully and lovingly applied with individual attention. The front face features the Taep Sariga Deva (Celestial Magpie), which is hand painted with Colorful Embelishments. Each and every Amulet has slightly different individual color markings, making each Amulet a Unique piece of Miniature Buddhist Sacred Arts.

Ganesh Amulet with Sariga large size

The Nok Sariga (or, ‘Salika’) is a Golden Tongued Heavenly Bird related to the Magpie, which is attributed with immense Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh qualities, and is along with the Hongsa, one of the Best Devas to seek assistance in ‘Jerajaa’ magic. Jerajaa means ‘Discussion’. The Golden Tongued Sariga bird enchants and charms the listeners of he who possesses the Wicha, bringing a hypnotic and charming effect, to influence and convince, making people see things your way.

Ganesh Amulet

Kata Bucha Sariga Koo Maha Sanaeh (Twin Sariga Love Birds)

Aehi Saarigaa Wandtaanang Maedtamputtasae Sinaeharadthang Saarigaa Laapo Pawandtumae Aehi Hying Chaay

The rear face features Pra Pikanes (Ganesha) and is painted gold. This amulet is Doubly Attractive because you get two different Devas in one Amulet which are both Powerful to Improve Business, Selling Quotas, increase Customers and Profits, Remove Obstacles and Initiate Success.

Ganesha or, as we say in Thai ‘Pra Pikanes’ is the Deity for removal of obstacles and attainment of success. Pra Pikanes has many different forms, with different meanings. he may have four, six, eight, twelve or even fourteen arms, but almost never two arms, this being a Tabu. Pra Pikanes may carry any of a number of 57 different Cosmic weapons or regalia in his hands.

5.5 Cm High x 3.5 Cm Wide

Various Kata Chants for Nok Sariga

This particular Posture is four armed with whip, axe and consumibles. This Posture and combinations induces not only the removal of obstacles and success, but also wealth and plentiful treasures and posessions and well being. The amulet is made from Sacred Powders, and hand painted and covered with a fine ceramic glaze. The rear face has sanskrit Agkhara and Sacred Na Inscription. The hand waving an axe, is a symbol of the retrenchment of all desires, bearers of pain and suffering. With this axe Ganesha can both strike and repel obstacles.

Ganesh Amulet

This amulet was released in the Wai Kroo 2555 Edition of Amulets by Luang Por Chor in a Major Blessing Ceremony at Wat Nong Saeng

Ganesh Amulet

4 Armed Ganesha
Ganesha has four arms which symbolize his status as the universal ruler and establish his power over the four categories of beings – those who can live only in water, those who can live in water and on earth, those who can live only on earth and those who can fly in air. Significance of four : It was god Ganesha who instituted the four castes and the four Vedas. One hymn in Sri Bhagavat Tattva , says: ‘In heaven, this child will establish the predominance over gods, on earth over men, in the nether world over anti-gods and serpents. He causes the four ruling forces of the elements to move, for which he has four arms.

In each hand, he holds a Ritual Instrument or Weapon.

  • In one hand, he holds a shell.
  • In the second, a discus
  • In the third, a club, axe or Trident (or sometimes sweetmeats).
  • In the fourth hand, he holds a lotus

Sometimes he also holds a whip to restrain the desires with. All of the features of Pra Pikanes image are symbols for the various Qualities of the Deity;

  • Big Head of Lord Ganesha represents the “Eternal Soul” and the ability to “Think Big”
  • Small Eyes of Lord Ganesh represents “Concentrating Power”
  • Large Ears of Ganesha represents the ability to “Listen More”
  • Small Mouth of Ganapati represents “Talk Less”
  • One Tusk of Lord Ganesh teaches to “Retain Good while Throw Away the Bad”
  • Long Trunk of Ganesha represents “High Efficiency and Adaptability”
  • Large Stomach of Ganesh represents Peacefully Digest all good and bad in life
  • The Axe in Lord Ganesha’s hand represents the ability “to cut off all bonds of attachment”
  • The Rope in Ganesha’s hand represents “To pull you nearer to the highest Goal”
  • Modaka in Lord Ganapati’s hand are the “Rewards of Sadhana”
  • Lord Ganesha Right hand Blessings represents a symbol of protectiveness and blessings devotees on Spiritual path to Supreme
  • The Mouse shown near Lord Ganesha’s feet represents and teaches devotees that “Desire, unless under control can cause havoc, you ride the desire and keep it under control and don’t allow it to take you for a ride.”
  • The Prasada shown in Lord Ganesh picture depicts “The whole world is at your feet and for your asking”

Ganesh Amulet

Kata Pra Pikanes

Om Sri Kanesaya Namaha

Use when putting the amulet on and off each day, and as a short Kata when passing Holy Places with Images of Ganesha, or when during Daily Activities.

Kata Bucha Pra Pikanes (Thai Brahman Pali Adaptation)

Ongaarapintunaathang Ubp-Bpannang Prahm-Mano Ja Into
Pikanesadto Mahaa Taewo Ahang Wantaa Mi Sappadtaa
Sittigijjang Sittigammang Sittigaariyang Bprasitti Mae

Chant this 3, 5, 9 or 108 Times

Thai Kata for Chanting Daily to Pra Pikanes

Om Pikanesuan Sitti Bprasittimae Mahaa Laapo
Tudtiyambpi Om Pikanesuan Sitti Bprasittimae Mahaa Laapo
Dtadtiyambi Om Pikanesuan Sitti Bprasittimae Mahaa Laapo

Mystery of Ganesha

“Once there was neither Being nor Nonbeing. There was neither Form nor Formlessness. Then, That which was hidden within Itself, That One, stirring, emerging, coming to be. From Itself to the Formless to the Form. Immutable, changeless, everywhere, pervading all, yet not physically such is the mystery. Suddenly an ancient note piercing the darkness. A song whose birth stirred the slumbering, summoning an eternal mystery to awaken.

Emerging from deep within the hidden cave, the human heart, Ganesha’s truth flows from the icecave of the infinite. Housed within our gated dwelling, Ganesha the guest loved and longed for. That which has no form, can take a form. That which has no name, can take a name. From the formless to form, and back again and again and again. The wheel of time gathers speed, and somewhere between fact and legend, vision and myth, we ask, “Who is Ganesha?” There are those who lovingly sing his praises.

There are those who worship and adore him. There are those who represent him in art and literature. There are those who tell stories about him. There are those who chant his glory. There are those who seek his darshana, and there are those like us, who invoke and invite his blessings”.

Note from Ajarn Spencer Littlewood; “A comprehensive knowledge about the meaning and the meritorious abilities of Ganesha (or other Deities for that Matter), will lead to the wearer of the amulet bearing such qualities of character in mind, and eventually to develop such Meritotious Qualities in oneself. – Some people revere Devas simply for gaining assistance or help, and blessings, but others revere the Devas, for they admire the qualities they see within those Devas, of strength and perfection and raised high above worldly sufferings. To know that the mouse represents the mastery over ones instincts and desires, is to remember to try to not let desire take yourself for a ride.. study the qualities of your Devas, and contemplate how to develop those strengths yourself, this is a higher blessing than any wealth or worldly treasure – this kind of Devotee who imitates his positive heavenly Idols, will work towards becoming like those Devas which he idolizes and reveres, which is the true purpose of Deity Worship in the Long Run

Taep Sariga Koo Chiwit Hlang Pra Pikanes Roey Ploi Pim Yai (large size) Sariga with Ganesha Hand Painted Sacred Powder Amulet) – Luang Por Chor – Wat Hnong Saeng ‘Wai Kroo Edition’ 2555 BE

Taep Sariga Koo Chiwit Hlang Pra Pikanes Roey Ploi Pim Yai (large size) Sariga with Ganesha Hand Painted Sacred Powder Amulet) – Luang Por Chor – Wat Hnong Saeng ‘Wai Kroo Edition’ 2555 BE

Taep Sariga Koo Chiwit Hlang Roop Muean Luang Por – Roey Ploi (Pim Klang) Sariga with Guru Monk Image Hand Painted Amulet – 4 x 2.5 Cm – Luang Por Chor – Wat Hnong Saeng 'Wai Kroo Edition' 2555 BE

Another extremely Powerful amulet for attracting the opposite sex, and for improving business, from Pra Ajarn Taep Pongsawadarn Gusala Jidto. Ajarn Taep’s amulets are never made in more than a small number because the rarity of the powders he uses is so high as to prevent the possibility of mass production. His amulets are very popular with those who like to use strong magic that you can sense the presence of. Many who have used his amulets report that the effects are strong and easily noticeable.

Phu Jao Saming Prai is an Amulet which Ajarn Taep Pongsawadarn made before the beginning of the Rainy Retreat in preparation for the classic traditional and most powerful method of Traimas (3 Month) Rainy Retreat Empowerment. The amulets’ Sacred powders contain Pong Mai mongkol (auspicious tree woods and herbal plants), including; Mai Taep Taro, a spiirit tree with a Resident Deva, with a very perfumed aroma. Mai Takian Tong (Hopea Odorata) – a very sacred Spirit tree with Resident Deva and perfumed Aroma. Mai Sak Tong (Golden Teak Wood). Wan 108 (108 types of sacred herbs and pollens).

The amulets were made in two different versions, with two different kinds of magical elements/spells inserted into the rear face. One being made with a Pra Pikanes (Ganesha) Deity inserted, with sacred elements and magical crystals/minerals. This particular example is the Pikanes Version.

The other amulet being made with a bead from ring of Luang Phu Worapot (Wat Jumpol), which had been boiled and given incantations in Metta Oils. Luang Phu is a Master Guru Monk from Khon Kaen in the Isan Country, who is famous for his miracle that when he steps aboard a public transport (train or bus) the vehicle would tilt like a see-saw. Luang Phu is the Kroo Ba Ajarn in Magic, and Elemental Manipulation, of Ajarn Taep Pongsawadarn.

Ajarn Taep has made Inscription of Sacred Agkhara Spells and performed 3 months of Nightly Incantations and Meditative Empowerment to the amulets.

Tiger Faced Ruesi – Ruesi Boroma Kroo Phu Jao Saming Prai

Bucha to this Ruesi Kroo Deva amulet is Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Sanaeh towards the opposite Sex, good for seeking employment, and advance in the profession, with the aid of the power of Lord Phu Jao Saming Prai, the Tiger Faced Ruesi of Amnaj (Commanding Power). Status, protection from Black Magic, and help in your Meditation practice is always part of the qualities of all Ruesi Deity amulets, making this a Maha Sanaeh charm which doubles with the backup of the power of a deva level Ruesi Deity powering the Magic within the amulet. A Great All Rounder with Specific Maha Sanaeh extra effect. Hand made in True Ancient style, preserving Ancient Wicha and the Ancient Method of Amulet making, for Future Generations to Enjoy their benefits and blessings, and to Preserve the Dharma for the Coming Ages..

Kata Bucha Ruesi Hnaa Suea

This Ruesi Hermit Sage, is also known as Boroma Kroo Phu Jao Samingpray. In Thai, his real name and title is ‘Tan Taw Himawat’.

The Kata (mantra) for Ruesi Hnaa Suea (tiger head ruesi) is as follows;

Oem Rue Reur (Leu Leur if you like), Mahaa Rue Raa Payakkae Payakkoe

Ittirittae Ittirittoe Sirae Sirae Kuroe Kuroe Yaadoe Bpen Man Naa Ham

Guu Diar Bang Giar Doer Doer

Alternatively, or in Addition to the previous Kata;

Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume

Tudtiyambpi – Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume

Dtadtiyambpi – Ugaasa Imang Akkee Paahu Bpub-Phang Ahang Wantaa Aajariyang Sappa Sayyang Winaasandti Sitti Giriya Abpa Rabpa Chaa Imasming Pawandtume

Kata Bucha Pra Ruesi ( How to Worship the Ruesi Kroo Deities)

How to Worship + Thai Method of Kata Chanting for Pra Pikanes Deity

Ruesi Phu Jao Saming Prai (Tiger Face Ruesi) Ud Pra Pikanes (Ganesh in rear face) – fang Pra Taat (relic minerals) – Ajarn Taep Pongsawadarn

These lockets were made in a very small amount not more than 79 made. Three different postures were made all with gold covered face (Chak Tong). The first is this walking one (Gaw Na), for success and advancement

The second locket made was four armed sitting on throne (dtimuckhanabadt) for riches, and the third posture was laying on a dais (Boroma Sukh) for Happiness. This amulet is a small to medium size and is thus suitable for both Male and Female devotees of Pikanesh and/or LP Pramote. The rear face is embedded with precious stone and magical elements, including a pellet of the extremely elusive ‘Ya Wasana Jinda Manee’ as well as some Lek Lai.

Luang Por Pramotes amulets are a matter of preference for those who know his magic charms, and have enjoyed the true noticeable effects of his amulets, which are made with authentic and rare ingredients which are not to be found in the commonplace amulet. His amulets are made according to the Tru Wicha and ancient formulas, and using the best artists and materials to make high quality amulets for discerning people. Thailand-Amulets.Net recommends and supports LP Pramote and his temple and believes in the magical qualities and amazing beauty of his amulets, as both a source of magical power as well as being high end Religious Art that is hard to find comparison. The other pictures are of Choo Chok Ha Kin (deity for riches and business success), and ‘Hun Payont’ in rd and black – love and business attraction magical charms – red for girls and black for boys. These amulets have an extra special and rare powerful Metta Oil used, which is incredibly difficult to obtain.

Luang Por Pramotes amulets are exclusive amulets for discerning believers in magic, but who believe that the essential ingredients and formulas should be faithful to the original methods in order to be of true magical power. There is most certainly an element of Truth in the fact that not all amulets these days are made using the finest authentic ingredients, for the contacts and sources are indeed still kept within certain circles of people. Luang Por Pramotes Metta Oil has become a most well kept secret, due to the low number of amulets made by this elusive master whose amulets are of the most beautiful of modern amulets, and whose ingredients are of the finest and rarest content. Masterpiece Amulets is indeed the correct term for these wonderful examples of sacred Thai Buddhist and Magical Art.

Kata Pra Pikanes; Om Sri Kanesa Ya Na Ma Ha