Only 1500 of these Takrut charms were made by Ajarn Prasut, which he gave empowerment and chanting to over a two year long period of time. Takrut Sam Pob is a Magical Protector and Metta bringer for all three worlds (Sam Pob means ‘Three Worlds’).

Takrut Sam Pob - Ajarn Prasut - Wat Nai Tao

The Takrut has been treated with the Traditional ‘Long Rak’ method (painting a black sticky lacquer to make the Takrut endure centuries of use).

Takrut for protection, metta and riches

Slim and lightweight, this Takrut can be worn by either Sex. It has three rings attached to it for easy attachment to a waist cord, to be worn as a belt amulet.

Pra Ajarn Pasut - Wat Nai Tao

Ajarn Prasut is currently considered to be one of the most Powerful Masters of Metta Mahaniyom and Kaa Khaay magic (Attraction, Popularity, Good Business and Riches). His amulets are nearly always almost sold out before the release date, due to the small numbers made and the relatively large number of dedicated devotees he has, (despite the fact that this temple is in a very small village in the country outside of Trang City). Many tales of success have been heard of people who used his amulets, and got rich doing so. The stories help to increase our belief in the probability of effectiveness¬† of the amulet. But remember, we at Thailand-Amulets believe that an amulets effectiveness is also influenced by how the wearer works with it, reveres it, and how his or her own heart is. The merits of the wearer will usually reflect the amount of noticeable effects which come from the amulet. This means that, just because one person won the lottery with an amulet, it doesn’t mean you will, it might not be your Karma, and also it might not be the particular miracle which the amulet has decided to work for you, and a different blessing may operate in the case of different people.

Ajarn Pra Maha Surasaks amazingly beautiful golden Tagrud amulets have turned out to have brought immensely successful results with almost all those people who obtained on of these giant size (6 inches long) special tagrud amulets, bringing great luck in recieving windfalls, business sales and auspicious occurences, that they have become immensely sought after. The Wicha of this particular Tagrud making method is a very rare and well kept secret, and is made in a different way to almost all other Tagrud, with various strict rules that mantain the purity and power of the amulet. One famouse story about this wicha is that Luang Por Surasak says he is willing to endow anyone with the knowledge of how to make these Tagrud, with the sole condition that he who learns the wicha must ordain as a monk and never disrobe! This is because only a Monk who keeps his promise to never disrobe will be able to perform the Wicha. This is part of what makes the Tagrud so powerful.

This is certainly not an economy price Tagrud, and is also not a Tagrud you will see floating aorund amulet stalls or markets at all, for it has been snapped up by a few people who knew of its making and maker, and the Tagrud never really got the chance to reach the general public or enter the general amulet marketplace.

After a long time contacting our sources and intense searching and investigating, we managed to fiind only two of these Tagrud available, and are happy to be able to present them for rental here on Thailand Amulets website. If you are seeking a Tagrud for riches, but do not have a large budget, then this is perhaps not the perfect choice for you, for there are many other Tagruds which also attract riches at lower prices. But for those of you who seek a Tagrud of great power, rarity and beauty and are not too limited by your budget, then this is most certainly one of the best, most powerful and beautiful Tagrud amulets you could find, be it old or new.

Kata Tagrud Pokasap – Pra Maha Surasak Wat Pradoo

Itaani Ehi Tanang Siri Pokaa Mahaa Sayo Ittiritti Chayya Chayyang Laapa Laapang Sittigammang Prasittime

This is an amulet of excellence and considered a Masterpiece of Thai Sacred Buddhist Magical arts, and Traditional Thai amulet making History.

Leaden Tagrud Tone with Kata Idtipiso Hong Dton (Grao Paetch Diamond armor Kata from Wat bang Nom Kho Luang Por Parn Wicha), and a Na Mettawith Hnun Taat See (4 element invocation) in silver tagrud (double tagrus scroll, one lead tagrud wrapped one side in silver leaf tagrud).
This Tagrud protects you travelling in all 8 directions as well as having Metta and attraction. Protection and Charm. Metta Mahaniyom, Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan

This was the latest gift given to customer at Thailand-Amulets.Net. I always give some free amulets and gifts with every order, and this is one of two gifts in the most recent parcel sent to a customer. Each Tagrud is individually hand made and empowered with dedication and full heartedness, in addition they are not for sale, and only for free distribution as Puttanussadti, and a thank you to my customers on the amulet store.

Almost every Tagrud is different and made individually, although there will also be some made and passing through multiple empowerment ceremonies with Buddhist Monks chanting, which i shall then also distribute to people who purchase amulets or make donations to temples in the various charity projects which will soon have its own section on Thailand Amulets, called ‘Merit Making’.

You may not get this amulet as a present, but you can be sure that whatever you recieve, it will be a special individual gift given with heartfelt thanks and empowered with all the possible ability available to those involved in its making. They may not come from famous Ajarns (but also will sometimes), but i guarantee their authenticity and genuinity of empowerment method, and they are free, as they once used to be in Olden Days, pure Puttanussadti (remembrance of the Triple Gem).
Thanks to all customers of Thailand Amulets store and website for their support and custom, please accept the gifts we send as a show of appreciation and in the hope that they may bring you auspicious blessings, from a Buddhist gift given with true appreciation of your generosity in being our customers.

Thailand Amulets store always gives customers two or three presents in every order, which change from time to time so you dont get the same when you order something new.

In the moment we are happy to be able to give free Metta oil Rak Yom charms made by Ajarn Spencer which are hand made using various sacred ingredients collected over the years by Ajarn Spencer.

The Metta Oil flasks contain lots of herb woods and powders, and silver Tagrud with Yant Prajao Ha Praongk. pair of rak yom effigies, ga fak rak wood, mai tep taro wood, pong mai dtakian, honey with lek lai powder, choo chok oil, pong toop, dork mai wai pra, nam man sanaeh jantr..