Takrut Jung Nang Metta Maha Sanaeh 7 Nang Gaew (final edition) – Nuea Chanuan Gao – Pra Ajarn Prasut – Wat Nai Tao

Takrut Joong nang Metta 7 Nang Gaew Maha Sanaeh

This Takrut is purely for Maha Sanaeh and works best for business or attraction to the opposite sex (or same sex if both are Gay). Very small and inconspicuous, easy to carry, so very usable for both Ladies or Men. Made from Nuea Chanuan Gao (re-smelted pieces of ancient sacred Buddha statues, Pra Kring and Takrut foils from famous masters).

Takrut 7 Nang Gaew Metta Mahaniyom

Hand inscription of Sacred Magical Khom Agkhara spells by Ajarn Prasut himself who gave them a Traimas daily empowerment of three months Rainy Season retreat.

Dimensions; 3 Centimeters long x 0.5 centimeters wide – Free Casing Included – we will encase with stainless steel capped acrylic tubing for you.

Ajarn Prasut is one of the Masters of the Khao Or Southern Magical Lineage, which is considered the most powerful of all Lineages in Thailand and on a par with the greatest Wicha of the Northern Lanna tradition.

Ajarn Prasut is currently one of the leading Masters of the Khao Or tradition and has made the small temple of Wat Nai Tao in the small village of Huay Yord in Trang, an international mark on the Map, with thousands of Devotees around the world using his amulets and getting positive results. His amulets have recieved much success and preference for their powerful Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh Magic.

Pra Ajarn Prasut Wat Nai Tao

The Takrut Joong Nang Metta 7 Nang Gaew is made using the same Wicha and empowerments as the famous Naree 7 Nang Gaew Shiva Lingam amulets for which Ajarn Prasut has become World Famous, and which are now very difficult to find.

Below image;The famous Naree 7 Nang Gaew Shiva Lingam amulet which has become internationally famous – the takrut you are viewing is made with the same Wicha as this amulet. The oly difference being that the spell is in the form of a Takrut instead of a Lingam.

The famous Naree 7 Nang Gaew Shiva Lingam amulet which has become internationally famous - the takrut you are viewing is made with the same Wicha as this amulet.

It was featured last year in a Singaporean News Article

Each Takrut has its own special limited code number embossed upon it to assure authenticity.

code stamp on Takrut amulet

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Only 1500 of these Takrut charms were made by Ajarn Prasut, which he gave empowerment and chanting to over a two year long period of time. Takrut Sam Pob is a Magical Protector and Metta bringer for all three worlds (Sam Pob means ‘Three Worlds’).

Takrut Sam Pob - Ajarn Prasut - Wat Nai Tao

The Takrut has been treated with the Traditional ‘Long Rak’ method (painting a black sticky lacquer to make the Takrut endure centuries of use).

Takrut for protection, metta and riches

Slim and lightweight, this Takrut can be worn by either Sex. It has three rings attached to it for easy attachment to a waist cord, to be worn as a belt amulet.

Pra Ajarn Pasut - Wat Nai Tao

Ajarn Prasut is currently considered to be one of the most Powerful Masters of Metta Mahaniyom and Kaa Khaay magic (Attraction, Popularity, Good Business and Riches). His amulets are nearly always almost sold out before the release date, due to the small numbers made and the relatively large number of dedicated devotees he has, (despite the fact that this temple is in a very small village in the country outside of Trang City). Many tales of success have been heard of people who used his amulets, and got rich doing so. The stories help to increase our belief in the probability of effectiveness¬† of the amulet. But remember, we at Thailand-Amulets believe that an amulets effectiveness is also influenced by how the wearer works with it, reveres it, and how his or her own heart is. The merits of the wearer will usually reflect the amount of noticeable effects which come from the amulet. This means that, just because one person won the lottery with an amulet, it doesn’t mean you will, it might not be your Karma, and also it might not be the particular miracle which the amulet has decided to work for you, and a different blessing may operate in the case of different people.