Pra Pid Ta Nuea Pong Wam Pasom Graduk Phii

Pra Pidta Pong Graduk Phii Ruay Pan Lan Edition

Powerful Thai Amulets By Pra Maha Somporn Released 2566 BE Wat Sotaram

Behold the Pra Pidta Pong Graduk Phii Ruay Pan Lan Edition, a collection of amulets of unparalleled power and occult magic crafted by the esteemed Pra Maha Somporn, and released in the year 2566 BE at the hallowed Wat Sotaram in Roi Et. These sacred votive tablets are infused with the necromantic energies of Nirodha Buddha Muan Sarn, created using the ancient Wica of Wat Po Ta Tian, and blended with the richest concentrations of Prai Luan powders, making them a true force to be reckoned with.

Pra Pid Ta Pong Graduk Phi Blue Powders

The Pra Pidta (Pid Tawarn) Run Ruay Pan Lan, in its special edition of 1000 million, is just one of the many versions available. Each amulet contains the mystical Hoeng Prai bone powders (Pong Graduk Phii), and features a unique blend of Muan Sarn, including the Bailan Grimoire Soot, Wan Sabu Luead Bloodsoap Herb, Cemetery Earths, and Earths from 7 Cemeteries of Wealthy Persons, Busy Markets, and Ports. Moreover, they are imbued with the potent Green and Blue Thao Long Vine Herb Tinctures, creating an unparalleled talisman of the highest order.

Pidta Pong Graduk Phii Nuea Khaw

Other versions of this collection include the Ongk Kroo A and B C models, such as the Nam Reuks models with three solid gold Takrut (which sold out even before their release), the Bucha Kroo with Triple Takrut Sam Kasat in Gold, Silver, and Bronze (limited to only 39 amulets), and the Gammagarn models with Takrut, Bailan Parchment spells, or other metallic amulets inserted into the clay of the rear face (limited to only 99 amulets in each color).

Blessing Ceremomy ImagesPhra Pidta Prok Po Ruay Pan Lan Nuea Pong Graduk Phii 2556 LP Somporn Wat Sotaram

The other models are also inimitable, and no two amulets exactly the same, some with Paeng Jerm sacred talc past from the hand of the monk to bless the amulets individually, or a piece of Civara Robe, or Corpse cloth pasted onto the front face, etc. The amulets were made in the following colors; White, Black, Blue, Green, Dark Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, and Gon Krok (‘bottom of the mortar bowl’ effect mixed colors).

The edition included some special models in Ongk Kroo A and B C versions (Nam Reuks, Bucha Kroo, and Gammagarn Versions), with Nam Reuks models having 3 solid gold Takrut (only 20 made sold out before release pre-ordered), Bucha Kroo with Triple Takrut Sam Kasat (3 Kings Takrut in Gold, Silver and Bronze – only 39 amulets made), and Gammagarn models with Takrut, Bailan Parchment spells, or other metallic amulets inserted into the clay of the rear face (only 99 amulets made in each color).

Phra Pidta Prok Po Ruay Pan Lan Nuea Pong Graduk Phii 2556 LP Somporn Wat Sotaram (Roi Et)

The amulets were made in the following colors; White, Black, Blue, Green, Dark Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, and Gon Krok (‘bottom of the mortar bowl’ effect mixed colors).

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The ‘standard’ (nothing common or ‘standard about this edition really!) models, are also inimitable and no two amulets exactly the same, some with Paeng Jerm sacred talc past from the hand of the monk to bless the amulets individually, or a piece of Civara Robe or Corpse cloth pasted onto the front face, etc.

The amulets come in an array of colors – White, Black, Blue, Green, Dark Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, and Gon Krok (‘bottom of the mortar bowl’ effect mixed colors) – each imbued with its own unique energy. The ‘standard’ models are anything but common, with no two amulets exactly alike.

Some are blessed with Paeng Jerm sacred talc past from the hand of the monk, while others have a piece of Civara Robe or Corpse cloth pasted onto the front face, imbuing each amulet with its own special aura. A very few amulets were empowere with the insertion of a coffin nail, or other items in rear face, such as a Nang Kwak coin, a one baht blessed money cin, and the like, rendering each amulet highly individual to each owner.

Thailand Amulets presents another compiled video slideshow of some of the many amazing amulets added in March and Early April 2018, to Thailand-Amulets.Net And to our sister store and afilliates at Ancient Amulet and Buddhist Amulet The video presents a host of amulets from all affiliated stores, with a plethora of different kinds of amulets ranging from ancient classics, to modern era popular amulets of present day masters, with powers ranging from from Maha Sanaeh, Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Lap, Maha Pokasap, Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan Chadtri, Gae Aathan, Serm Duang, Serm Yos, Siang Choke, and Raksa Roke. There are new amulets added for enchantment, seduction, good Karma, good business, promotion, protection against black magick and deadly dangers, gambling, love and passion..

We have lot more wonderful amulets to add in the rest of April and May, which we hope will be of great interest to you, along with the Biographies of many of the Monks who make the amulets we present, which are mostly stored on Ajarn Spencer Littlewood’s Monk Biography Website about Thai Guru Monks LuangPhor.Com

Thai Amulets added to all of our affilliate stores in January 2018 are presented in this 11 minute long slideshow, which shows a selection of Thai Buddhist Amulets and Occult Charms which arrived in January. A host of new amulets were added to ancient amulet store, along with some very rare amulets being added to the Thailand Amulets store, along with a few new additions to Buddhist Amulet store.

Amongst the items added to Thailand Amulets were;

Pra Put Lek Lai Luang Por Huan Wat Putai Sawan, Giant size Lek Lai Jet See Rainbow Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance, Look Om Luang Phu Khui sacred Betel-Areca ball using the Wicha Look Om of Luang Por Tob of Wat Chang Phueak (Wat Chon Daen). Some Large Pieces of Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance, and a rare Bia Gae Cowrie Shell Animist Charm from Luang Phu Juea of Wat Klang Bang Gaew.

Also some amazing Talismanic Charms added were the famous Black Takrut Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad and Red Takrut Metta, two immortally popular Takrut amulets of Luang Por Jamlong, of Wat Chedi Daeng. Luang Por Jamlong is a deceased Master whose Takrut became extremely popular due to the massive success by so many devotees.

Two different and extremely rare Takrut Kart Aew Magic scrolls on cord belts for Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad were added from two great deceased masters, Luang Por Koon and Luang Phu Hongs. From Luang Por Koon came the Chueak Takrut Koo Ud Look Sakot Nuea Dtakua, composed of  Twin Yantra Scrolls with 6 Spellbound Seals. From Luang Phu Hongs came the Chueak Takrut Kart Aew 22 Dork – twenty-two Magic copper Yantra Foil Scrolls on Cord Belt, from the Early Era of Luang Phu Hongs.

A piece of amazing Lek Lai Jet See 7 coloured Rainbow Lek Lai was also added after some years of being unable to find some of this extremely rare and visually enticing Kaya Siddhi Elemental Substance

Lek Lai Jet See Rainbow Coloured Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance

Lek Lai Jet See Rainbow Coloured Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance

How to Bucha Lek Lai

Classic Pra Somdej  – The ancient classics were not forgotten on Thailand-Amulets, with the addition of an incredibly beautiful mastrer-Class Exhibit of the Pra Somdej Thaan Singh of Luang Phu Nak (Wat Rakang Kositaram)

Pra Somdej Thaan Singh 2495 BE Niyom Rare Master Class Amulet Luang Phu Nak

Pra Somdej Thaan Singh 2495 BE Niyom Rare Master Class Amulet Luang Phu Nak

New Store Up and Growing Fast

In addition, because people are finding it ever more difficult to browse through the many thousands of amulets in Thailand Amulets store, we have begun to post amulets from any Masters we have not brought to you yet, in a new Thai Amulets store at Thailand-Amulet.Com, so that the amulets are easier to access.

Thailand-Amulet.Com Store Latest Amulets

We found that once a store reaches over 3500 amulets in store, it becomes difficult to browse, and so we decided to make it easier by splitting the amulets between each store, with each store having its own character and specialities.

Ancient Amulet Store

Ancient Amulet Store
At Ancient Amulet store we can see a large number of Classic Old Amulets of Yesteryear, from a number of Great Olden Days Master Monks of Legend. One of the hot topics of the time, the Pra Khun Phaen 15 amulet of Luang Phu Tim Issarigo (Wat Laharn Rai), has now begun to grace the virtual showroom of Ancient Amulet Store, along with a large selection of other Amazing amulets from Great Temples and Masters, including the following Amulets and Master Monks;

Takrut Charms on Ancient Amulet Store

Takrut Charms on Ancient Amulet Store

Takrut Tone Amulets of Luang Por An of Wat Prayatigaram, and Luang Phu Doon (Wat Buraparam), Kroo Ba Nanta (Wat Tung Man Dtai), Luang Por Mui (Wat Don Rai), and Luang Por Phaew (Wat Tanode Luang), as well as some Muan Sarn Sacred Powders Nuea Krang amulets of this Master of Wat Tanode Luang.

Various exhibits of the famous Pra Pid Ta amulet were added, including the Pra Pid Ta Mai Gae carved wooden Nirodha Buddha of Luang Phu Rod, the legendary pear shaped Pra Pid Ta of Luang Phu Rian, and the famous Pung Bpong amulet of the Great Luang Phu Sukh ( Wat Pak Klong Makham Tao) were also added.

Pra Pid Ta Amulets in Ancient Amulet Store

Pra Pid Ta Amulets in Ancient Amulet Store

Some amazing Pha Yant cloths were added, as well as some amazing Suea Yant Sacred Yantra shirts of the ‘Taharn Phii’ (ghost soldiers), such as the Suea Yant Roi Mer Roi Tao of Luang Por Kong (Wat Wang Sapparos), and the Suea Yant Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno (Wat Bang Pra).

Pha Yant - Sacred Yantra Cloths in Ancient Amulet Store

Pha Yant – Sacred Yantra Cloths in Ancient Amulet Store

Look Om Sacred Powder Wishing Ball amulets from Luang Por Tong Sukh (Wat Tanode Luang), Luang Por Parn (Wat Bang Nom Kho), and Wishing Crystals of Luang Por Opasi (Asrom Bang Mot), Luang Por Pring (Wat Bang Bakork), and Luang Por Ruesi Ling Dam (Wat Ta Sung).

Look Om Wishing Ball Amulets in Ancient Amulet Store

Look Om Wishing Ball Amulets in Ancient Amulet Store

The legendary Chin Dtakua Fang Khiaw Hmaa Pha wolf tooth leaden Buddha amulets of the great and Elusive Khmer Sorceror-Monk Luang Por Dam, of Wat Kuti have also reappeared in store after three new exhibits were discovered by our scouts.

Pra Put Dtakua Fang Khiaw Hmaa Pha Luang Por Dam Wat Kuti.

Pra Put Dtakua Fang Khiaw Hmaa Pha Luang Por Dam Wat Kuti.

Various other amulets and occult talismanic charms were added from a host of famous names such as Luang Por Tob (Wat Chon Daen), Luang Por Sud (Wat Ka Long), Luang Phu Rian (Wat Nong Bua), Luang Por Guay (Wat Kositaram), Luang Phu Nai (Wat Ban Jaeng, Por Tan Klai (Wat Suan Khan), and the Buddhist Nun Mae Chee Bun Ruean… These are only some of the many new amazing amulets added to Ancient Amulet Store in Late January 2017 – Early February 2018

Buddhist Amulet Store

A selection of beautiful Buddhist Amulets and some Powerful Occult Charms were also added to our small store at Buddhist Amulet, which has a different character to Thailand-Amulets store, and defines itself with its own specific selection of Masters and Approved Temples. The new additions include Pra Kring, Takrut, Look Om, and Kumarn Tong amulets.

Buddhist Amulets in Buddhist Amulet Store

Buddhist Amulets in Buddhist Amulet Store

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Vihara Shrine of Luang Phu Rerm Baramo at Wat Juk Gacher

Some interesting facts about Wat Juk Gacher, and ex abbot Luang Phu Rerm Baramo, as well the other Abbots, and a look at some attractive Pra Khun Phaen 1st edition limited series amulets with meritorious motive of restoring the temple Shrineroom.

Panorama view of the temple of Wat Juk Gacher

Vihara Luang Por Rerm

Thailand Amulets’ owner Ajarn Spencer Littlewood recently paid a visit to the temple of Wat Juk gacher in Sri Racha, Chonburi Province, to pay reverence to the Great Luang Phu Rerm, deceased ex Abbot of the temple, whose amulets are famed and highly revered around the Nation, and to learn some more about this temple, and the lineage of Abbots up to the present day.

Of course the topic of amulets also came into focus, and Ajarn Spencer supported the temple by obtaining some of their amulets from the 2557 and 2558 BE editions, released by the current Abbot Pra Atigarn Jaleuk (Pra Ajarn Rung).

 Ajarn Spencer entered one of the shrinerooms which had three landscape miniature replicas of the temple of Wat Juk Gacher, documenting the growth and development projects of the temple over the time in which the last 5 abbots lived, including the present Abbot, Pra Atigarn Jaleuk.

Ajarn Spencer made a video of this, along with a spontaneous Narrative, to explain what the models represent, and posted it to his Vlog on Youtube. So here it is to enjoy.

The name of the temple of Wat Juk Gracher, is also the only temple with this name in the country. This is because of an olden days folklore of a place in the forest in what is now known as Bang Lamung (Chonburi), there was a place where woodcutters and hunters and other people who lived in the forests would have some huts, which was known as ‘Juk Gacher’. The word ‘Gacher’ comes from ancient Khmer, and means ‘Tree’.

Wat Juk Gacher Sri Racha Chonburi

There is something about the temple of Wat Juk Gacher, that is told by the faithful devotees of Luang Por Rerm, which is indicative of Luang Por Rerm’s great purity of practice as a Monk, which recodrs that all of the abbots who stayed at Wat Juk Gacher before Luang Por Rerm, disrobed and left the Sangha.

Luang Phu Rerm Baramo - Wat Juk Gacher

It is said by believers, that only Luang Por Tong the original developer of the temple, Luang Por Khan and LP Rerm did not disrobe. Only Luang Por Rerm and Luang Por Khan and the succeeding Abbots remained until their deaths at the temple, but none of the preceding Abbots. The reason is said to be that the temple was built in a very haunted and wild area of forest, and that only a monk who was able to keep a high practice of purity would be able to survive the temple without disrobing.

Panorama Wat Juk Gacher

Apart from the above video, Ajarn Spencer also brought us a selection of the amulets he had obtained with a donation to the temple, which we will be adding to store in the next days, and also are currently handing some out as free gifts to customers with their regular orders, which is something existing customers know we do with all orders (send something for free).

Below; Pra Khun Phaen Metta Prai Kumarn First Edition Uposatha Restoration Fund Limited Series with Kring Bead insert and copper limited series code stamp

Pra Khun Phaen Metta Prai Kumarn 1st Edition Amulets 2558 BE

Here are some Pictures of some of the amulets we have received for distribution to you, which include Pra Khun Phaen Metta Prai Kumarn amulets made and blessed by Chonburi Gaeji Ajarn Master Monks of the Luang Phu Tim Lineage, some Lockets of Luang Por Rung, and some Monk Coins bearing the image of Luang Phu Tim, which are of high quality casting and continue the Dtamra of Luang Phu Rerm’s amulet designs, which received excellent Blessing Ceremony, and National news Coverage.

Pra Khun Phaen Metta Prai sanaeh Nuea Khaw Code Tong Daeng

Modern Collectors Classics for the Chonburi Province Amulet Pantheon Collector; Many aficionados collect by regional areas, Chonburi and Rayong Provinces being amongst the most preferred Regions for master-Class Amulets.

Vihara Shrine of Luang Phu Rerm Baramo at Wat Juk Gacher

This is part of the reason we may notice that many of thje great All-Time Masters seem to come from Chonburi or Rayong, such as Luang Phu Rerm, Luang Por Niyom, Luang Phu Tim, Luang Phu Sin, Luang Por Sakorn, Luang Phu Gaew, Jao Khun Sri, Luang Por Ee.

Below; National News Coverage of the ‘Run Metta’ Edition amulets, to fund the restoration of Uposatha and other Shrinerooms at the temple of Wat Juk Gacher.

Rian Luang Phu Tim Run Metta - National News Coverage

The edition consisted of the first ever edition of Rian Tan Gong Dtueang monk coins created to raise funds to repair and improve the Uposatha Shrineroom, according to the ongoing planned development project of this great temple, which has now spawned four Great Guru Masters as Abbot, for 4 consecutive Generations; Luang Por Khan, Luang Phu Rerm Baramo, Luang Por Sangiam, and Pra Ajarn Rung. Blessed on 7th July 2558 at 15:19 Hours at Wat Juk Gacher.

Pra Atigarn Jaleuk has received and preserved the continuation of the Wicha of Luang Phu Rerm, and is an eminent creator of many ‘Pra Anuraks Luang Phu Tim’, meaning, the documentary tradition of continuing the making of the image of Luang Phu Tim in the form of amulets which are faithful the the style and tradition of this Master Lineage. The coin amulets of this edition were commissioned to be designed in the image Chang Gong Dtueang, and were made by one of the top Artisans of the Amulet World, which makes them automatic Pra Niyom collector class category amulets

Tan Gong Dtueang Dtechabanyo

Gaeji Ajarn Present in the Buddha Abhiseka Ceremony were; 1. Tan Gong Dtuean Dtecha Banyo (Presiding Monk – Wat Klong Muang Koh Gong), 2.Luang Phu Khaek (Wat Suntora Pradit), 3. Luang Phu Jer (Wat Khao Ngo Udom Porn). 4. Luang Por Tong, (Wat Pra Puttabat Khao Yai Horm), 5. Luang Por Perm (Wat Bom Gaew), 6. Luang Por Poon (Wat Ban Paen), 7. Luang Por Chan (Wat Bang Bor), Luang Phu Sin (Wat Laharn Yai), and 8. Luang Por Foo (Wat Bang Samak).

Blessing Muan Sar

Classic Amulets of High sacred Value with a Long Lifetime of ever increasing rarity and esteem. As time passes, they will enter the annals of great editions along with all the other amulets of the Tamniab Pra Niyom Say Chonburi.

Below; a further edition released the same year by Pra Atigarn Jaleuk, in commemoration of the two Great Chonburi Masters, Luang Phu Rerm Baramo (Wat Juk Gacher), and Luang Phu Tim Issarigo (Wat Laharn Rai)

Run Metta edition poster Wat Juk Gacher

Thailand Amulets and Buddhist Arts

Presenting an easy to sit back, relax and watch slideshow of the amulets added to Thailand Amulets, Buddhist Amulet, and Ancient Amulet Stores in the Month of April.

Please enjoy this long slideshow presenting you with a general overview of the latest amulets we have added to all three online amulet stores, without having to visit all three stores to browse. You can see which store which amulet was added to easily because each picture has the url of the store it was added to watermarked on it, as each image comes up throughout the slideshow.

If any amulet interests you, you can then go to whichever of the three websites it is in, to view it and read up about it

We hope you enjoy the slideshow. The Music for this slideshow was composed and played by Thailand-Amulets Proprietor, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, Music Making being one of his personal hobbies, which he does to relax from his hard work authoring and publishing info on Buddha Magic, Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, and Thai Amulets.

On the subject of Ajarn Spencer Littlewood and Tattoos, we can also update some news that Ajarn Spencer Littlewood has now opened a Modern Hygienic Tattoo Studio and Tattoo School in Pattaya district, and is installing his Sak Yant Foundation Museum of Sacred Yant, and is now planning to install a small area for Bucha to Por Gae Lersi Dta Fai and Sak Yant, for performing Sak Yant.

Ajarn Spencer - Pics from the Past

Ajarn Spencer – Pics from the Past

He will then be receiving people who wish to visit and receive information or just chat about the subject of Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos, Buddha Magic, the Lersi, and in certain circumstances, perhaps also receive a Sak Yant Tattoo. Ajarn Spencer uses Modern State of the Art Autoclave Sterilisation, and Ultrasonic Cleaning Instruments from the Modern tattoo Studio at Pattaya Tattoos, to ensure Safe Hygienic Traditional Sak Yant Tattooing (and modern tattooing), which can be applied by hand method or machine method, and ensures complete prevention ofd cross contamination, for Safe Health and Hygiene.

Pattaya Tattoos Studio, Tattoos School and Samnak Sak

Pattaya Tattoos Studio, Tattoos School and Samnak Sak Yant Featuring Ajarn Spencer Littlewood’s Sak Yant Foundation Museum – Modern Hygiene with Ancient Art.

Download Thailand Amulets App from Google Play Store

Thailand Amulets store, and all of its social pages, are now available as an Android app, for free download in the Google play store. An iTunes app is also in the making, and should be ready within about one week from now and will be submitted to the iTunes App Store for those who use iPad iPhone or Mac.

You can download the android version of the ThailandAmulets app and store, by clicking on the following link.

Get Thailand Amulets Android App in the Google Play Store

New accessories for Thai amulets in store

We now have various options for hanging your animists charms and amulets at waist level in the traditional type method using our new range of takrut belts. These belts are called ‘Chuak Takrut Kart Aew’, which are hand plaited cord belts for takrut, palad khik, and other occult charms such as tiger claws and wild boar tusks. One can thus hang them tied to the waist cord according the traditional Thai way of wearing these kind of amulets. Depending on the type of the amulet, one can place the amulet on the front, left, right, or back of the Chuak Takrut Kart Aew, using metal rings to attach them with. Also, as a closure method, a loop is attached to one end of the belt to feed the cord through and tie it.

The waist cords are hand woven with multiple threads that will allow you to attach your amulets in such a way that there will be no chance of losing them. Moreover, the cord is extremely durable and it is even washable, making this waist belt a perfect choice for everyday wear. Due to the triple plaid weave, it is unlikely that it will break. Thus, the Chuak Takrut Kart Aew will last for a very long time indeed.

New accessories for Thai amulets in store

The new belts have been added been added to the shop in various colors, namely black, red/black, and yellow/green. Two different sizes are available: 24–34 inch and 34–40 inch.

Thailand Amulets store also offers various other accessories and peripherals for your amulets, such as Buddhist rosaries, neck chains, cords, takrut casing, bracelets, rings, amulet cases, eyeglass, pliers, and pendant rings which can be viewed here: Accessories.

Pra Somdej Gai Ser - Wat Arun 2554 BE

Thailand Amulets Newsletter for April takes a look at the latest amulets added during March, and April 2013, with some news of the arrival of the Long Awaited Jao Sua Sethee Yai‘s arrival, after a long delayed wait.

Pra Jao Sua Sethee Yai

The new series of Master Class Amulets from Luang Por Jerd of Suan Badibat Tam Po Sethee in Nakorn Pathom is as impressive as the last edition of lockets, Taw Waes Suwan and Wua Tanu amulets, which also featured the amazing insertion of 108 Takrut, 56 Takrut, or 28 Takrut spells within a Muan Sarn base of Ya Wasana Jinda Manee paste.

Thailand Amulets

Above; Pra Jao Sua Sethee Yai – Nuea Pong Wan Pasom Ya Wasana Jinda Manee with 28 solid silver Takrut Pra Putta Jao (28 syllables of the heart mantra of the 28 Buddhas). Three different ‘Pim’ (models) were issued in Sacred Powders, featuring 28 Takrut Pra Putta Jao, 56 Takrut pra Puttakun, or 108 Takrut Pra Radtana Dtrai. All 3 models have a Takrut Hua Jai Sethee Yai Millionaire spell inserted.

jao sua sethee yai edition amulets

This edition from Luang Por Jerd follows this formula and presents us with the largest Jumbo size Jao Sua amulets we have ever seen. The ‘Rian Jao Sua Sethee Yai’ Ongk Kroo Jumbo Masterpiece amulets are made in a vast array of models in differing Sacred Metals Sacred Powders. The rear faces have a Pra Sethee Navagote Buddha as a Loi Ongk statuette holding a sacred rice grain inserted, and a mass of 108 Takrut inserted, along with other Sacred Muan Sarn ingredients.

Above; The Pra Sethee Navagote –  also released as a Loi Ongk Statuette Amulet in this same edition.

There were also some standard size ‘Jao Sua Boran Baeb Mee Huang’ ancient style amulets made without Ya Wasana Jinda Manee filling on rear face, and inscribed Yantra on the metal rear face instead, without Takrut inserts. These versions were made with the olden days style metal hoop ring attached to them.

The Jao Sua Sethee Yai Multimillionaire Edition is extra special in both its Sacred Powder versions and the Metallic versions, for their ingredients. The Sacred Powder models are made from the finest Ya Wasana Jinda Manee Powders from the lineage of Luang Phu Bun, Perm, Juea, and Sanya (Kong) of Wat Klang Bang Gaew, the best and most powerful Ya Wasana Jinda Manee in existence.  As for the Metallic versions, its Chanuan Muan Sarn content, for Luang Por Jerd has been keeping remnants of previous editions of Jao Sua amulets right back to the very first edition, and has used them in the making of the Sacred Alchemical Chanuan Muan Sarn Alloys to smelt the Jao Sua Amulets with. This is yet another Master Class series of amulets from Luang Por Jerd which we are proud to offer to our esteemed clients and friends.

We recommend this series in the same way that we recommended the Serp Dtamnan Luang Por Noi edition from this Great Master. It can be seen that the Thai Amulet community and the Buddhist devoteee in Thailand is recognizing the merits of Luang Por Jerd ever more, and his amulets are now amongst the most highly collected and fast depleting of all modern Buddhist Guru Monk amulets.  A great Master of diligent practice, quality made amulets, Sacred Chanuan Muan Sarn, and on the Ongk Kroo versions, Hand inscription during the ceremony by Luang Por Jerd, writing Khom Agkhara around the edges of the metal Jumbo Ongk Kroo Jao Sua Amulets.

Rian Jao Sua Mee Huang Luang Por Jerd Nimmalo

The standard size models had no Sacred Powder filling or Takrut but had Inscriptions on the rear face, and an olden says style pendant hoop attached as one piece.

This edition is being written up and will be published in the coming days as we add all the amulets of this edition to the store.  Also now arrived in store are the 125th Anniversary edition Luang Phu To remembrance memorial nostalgia amulets from Wat Tham Singto Tong, and are a most eminent and high quality series of Master Class amulets made by the direct Lineage Looksit of LP To and using the original Sacred Muan Sarn of his original Pid Ta Amulets. Another extremely recommended edition for its small number edition series coins and pid ta, and the extremely fine quality build, and empowerment faithful to original method.

Pra Yord Tong 2554 BE 2nd Edition Amulets
Pra Yord Tong Amulets

To complement this months new additions is the Pra Yord Tong 9 Blessings 2nd Edition Amulet series from the Temple of the Dawn, which was released in 2554 BE. The edition was called ‘Gao Maha Mongkol’, and is a classic edition which we were delighted to find some remaining examples of to provide and showcase to you in the store. Gao Mongkol’ means 9 Auspicious Blessings.

In the The year 2554 the Temple of the Dawn released the Gao Maha Mongkol edition, with a long awaited continuation of the Dtamra Pra Somdej Kaiser. The Pra Somdej Kaiser is a Classic Somdej Amulet which has been famous ever since His Majesty King Rama 5 reputedly gave one to the Kaiser of Germany. The edition was spearheaded by this, the second ever issue of the Wat Arun Pra Yord Tong Loi Ongk Buddha Image statuettes, with a superb boxed 2-set of Pra Somdej amulets, as the official flying colors of the edition.

Above; Pra Somdej Gai Ser – Wat Arun 2554 BE – Classic Thai Buddhist Amulets from the Temple of the Dawn. The Somdej Gai Ser was issued in small, large and jumbo sizes.

In addition to these, there were also a series of 3 amulet box sets of Pra Nang Paya Sacred Powder Benjapakee amulets released, using powders from the Ancient Kru hiding chamber of the Pra Nang Paya Gru Gao in red, white, and black Sacred powders.

Sethee Nang Paya 2556 BE Edition Amulets – Wat Nang Paya

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The month of April Thailand Amulets store has also been graced by  a most Classic, Impressive, and Ultra Sacred 2556 Historic Edition of Classic Benjapakee Amulet from Wat Nang Paya Temple – 2013’s addition to the History Books, in the Dtamra Pra Nang Paya, and the History of the Benjapakee Family of Thai Sacred Amulets.

Sethee Nang Paya edition amulets - Wat Nang Paya

Sethee Nang Paya edition amulets – Wat Nang Paya

All amulets in this edition are now in store and available. Read full documentation of this edition here;

Sethee Yai Nang Paya 2556 BE edition Amulets – Wat Nang Paya

We have also now added a new FREE AMULETS section with special free offers for purchases of differing values, which are given out free to our customers, for you to be able to choose your special extra free gifts in addition to the usual freebies we always hand out with every order, which our customers have come to know as standard procedure. You can now also claim additional special amulets when buying to get the best bargains possible for your money, and have a choice in your free gifts. Some of this months free amulets on offer are;

Pra Somdej Suwattano – Wat Bovornives Voraviharn

Thailand Amulets

Pra Kring Nang Paya Song Krueang Pim Yai (Large) 4 x 2.5 Cm – Nuea Pink Gold Gon Ngern – Sethee Nang Paya 2556 BE Edition – Wat Nang Paya – free with casing for orders over 1000$
Pra Kring Nang Paya Song Krueang Pim Yai (Large) 4 x 2.5 Cm - Nuea Pink Gold Gon Ngern - Sethee Nang Paya 2556 BE Edition - Wat Nang Paya - free with casing for orders over 1000$

Pra Nang Paya Sethee Yai - Pim Khao Koeng - Free with casing for orders over $82.99 - Nuea Pong Nang Paya Gru Gao - Sethee Nang Paya 2556 BE Edition - Wat Nang Paya

Pra Nang Paya Sethee Yai – Pim Khao Koeng – Free with casing for orders over $82.99 – Nuea Pong Nang Paya Gru Gao – Sethee Nang Paya 2556 BE Edition – Wat Nang Paya

In Koo Saep Som Montr Kamakun Maha Sanaeh – Love, Commerce and Mercy Charm for Ladies and Gay People – Luang Por Wichai Passaro – Free with Casing for any purchase over $120.

Apart from a long list of the vast array of Buddhist Laymaster, and Khmer Sorcery Charms for which you already know us for, but also has various new editions of Classic Thai Buddhist Amulets of high interest for collectors, and great Sacred value as Votive Images. We have now increased our stock of Classic Buddhist Amulets to match our now Immense Quantity of Occult Sorcery Charms. We have added and are about to add so many new amulets, making the store a Veritable treasure trove of the finest Buddhist Amulets & Occult Charms, which we believe is larger than any other online amulet store on the internet. This trend is not about to stop, rather, Thailand Amulets will continue to grow its wide ranging selection, and also keep its policy of trying to maintain as many items available in stock as we can, until the day that no more of each particular edition can be found.

For those who are new subscribers to the amulet blog newsletter, may we remind you that we have a new store with different stock and different Masters on, and our classic amulet store which is slowly growing and beginning its life as an online store at Please visit to browse our other new growing stores. We hope you enjoy and appreciate reading up on the latest additions. Thank you all for your support and readership.

Latest additions of Thai Buddhist Amulets

Thailand Amulets – New Amulet Editions, New Amulets in Store

Thailand Amulets wishes to inform you of our latest Thai Buddhist Amulets and Magic Occult Charms added to store, and to give you a preview of what is currently being added, and on the way to our store, so you can prepare yourselves for the Thai Amulets we are about to add, and enjoy reading the documentations about the amulets that are arriving.

Speaking about documentation of editions, this is now something we are working a lot harder on to document and publish info about the various editions of amulets we stock. Thailand Amulets now has a new(ish) category to browse called ‘Complete Editions’, which arranges amulets by Edition and Maker instead of just Maker. We try to include documentation of the editions as faithfully as we can, including the blessing ceremony info and pictures if and whenever possible.

Many new editions can be studied in this category which is in the process of growing and growing as we speak – we recommend browsing this new category and to use it for study.

Browse Complete Editions of Thai Buddhist Amulets

Latest Editions of Amulets added to the Complete Editions Amulet section are;

Sang Hor Chan Edition Thai Buddhist Amulets – Kroo Ba Lerd, Wat Tung Man Dtai Temple – 2555 BE

This edition includes super traditional Lanna amulets made in the old-skool fashion, with Yant Hneeb Takruts, Horse Hide Takruts, Pra Rahu, and some very powerful powder amulets with double Metta Wicha of the mouse drinking milk from a cat’s teat and a tiger drinking milk from a buffalos teat, either side of the amulets. This is called ‘Wicha Noo Kin Nom Maew’ (mouse drinks cats milk) and ‘Wicha Suea Kin Nom Wua’ (tiger drinks cows milk’. Metta and Amisty are the goals of the amulet of course, and Pokasap wealth and good living standards.

2554 BE ‘Nia Kajia Maha Sanaeh’ Edition of Thai Buddhist Amulets, from Luang Phu In of Wat Nong Meg Temple.

This edition is an absolute Masterpiece Edition of Thai Maha Sanaeh Charm Amulets, using the Powerful Aromatic and precious ingredients that we have come to expect and be used to from Luang Phu In. the beauty of the amulets in this series are absolutely flabberghasting.

Luang Por Kong – Wat Klang Bang Gaew 2555 BE ‘Wicha Jinda Manee Montr’ edition Amulets

Once again the Luang Phu Bun/Perm/Juea/Kong 4 Generation Magical Lineage of Wat Klang Bang Gaew has released its latest edition of Bia Gae, jao Sua, Takrut, and Pra Laks Hnaa Tong amulets in their ‘Wicha Maha Jinda Manee Montr’ edition. Luang Por Kong is the fourth Master in the Wat Klang Bang Gaew Lineage, and is now the current  Abbot and Master Adept of the Wat Klang Bang Gaew Wicha.

Luang Phu Yaem + Luang Phu Ap ‘Ruam Baramee Puttakun 2555 BE’ edition Amulets – Wat Tong Sai + Wat Sam Ngam

A special edition of amulets blessed by Two of Thailand’s Greatest Monks, a charity edition to help work needed in a Temple in Kanjanaburi

Luang Phu Chao 1st edition Amulets 2555 BE – Wat Huay Lam Yai

Amazing Lucky Money crab amulets, Cockerel of Wealth statuettes, and other charms from Luang Phu Chao in his first edition.

Pra Putta Chinarat Jom Rachan Edition Amulets 2555 BE – Wat Pra Sri Radtana Maha Tat (Pitsanuloke)

Perhaps the most Beautiful Chinarat Buddha Coins and Loi Ongk Statuettes ever to be made – Historic Edition of Classic Thai Buddhist Amulets from one of Thailands most Historic and Important Temples. This edition unfortunately is selling out as fast as we add them, and are already becoming scarce as the temple is running out of these high end (and high priced) quality coin and loi ongk amulets. Get one while you can, the first bird gets the worm. The amulets are in various mixed precious and sacred metals.

Por Tan Kloi ‘Hmeun Yant’ (10 Thousand Yantra) Edition Amulets 2555 BE – Wat Phu Khao Tong

A vast array of different versions and models in this first ever edition of  Por Tan Kloi’s famous Hun Payont Ghost Soldier that has been produced as a Coin Medallion instead of a Loi Ongk statuette. This is therefore also a first in the History of PT Kloi’s amulets.

Phu Ya Tan Khien 2555 BE Edition Amulets

Phu ya Tan Khien – a very disattached and humble Monk who lived in a rickety hole in a cemetery for over one year, whose amulets are becoming very popular now. His Rabbit skin lucky charm Takrut Amulet is extremely popular with gamblers. This edition of Amulets includes other items too; Look Om sacred powder balls in two different versions, some enchantment powder in phials, and some excellently made Bia Gae shell amulets.

Gathin 55 Mongkol Por Tan Klai/Luang Phu Tuad Edition Amulets

A most Classic and Collectible edition of Thai Buddhist Amulets in the Old School way, with the Images of Por Tan Klai and Luang Phu Tuad takingthe forefront of the series, and some very attractive Takrut in Sacred Metal Casings.

Thai Amulets Still being added to Thailand Amulets Store

The following editions have already got some Amulets added, but are still growing the collections;

Luang Phu Hongs ‘Jong Samrej’ Edition Thai Buddhist Amulets 2555 BE

Bucha Kroo 2555 BE Edition Amulets – Pra Ajarn Somchart

Luang Phu Bun Mee 2555 BE Edition Amulets

Apart from this. a very large amount of Thai Amulets have and are being added that are not in the complete editions section, which are of highest interest;
Look Krok Plai Dam – Luang Por Mian, Pha Yant Pra Narai Yantra Cloth by Luang Por Wichai (Wat Utumporn), the amazing ‘See Pheung Nam Man Hoeng Prai Balm Potion (in Masterpiece and Normal models), from recently disrobed and once again as Lay Master; Ajarn Surapat.
Gamblers and Lovers.
A great Many Maha Sanaeh and Siang Choke (Love and Gambling charms) have been added as is usual with Thailand Amulets (our customers like this kind of amulet), for your perusal and collections.
Nang Pim Pra Necromantic amulet in Prai Oil by Khmer Lay master Ajarn Phu Sariang
2 Versions of Khun Phaen sanaeh Jet Naree Pan Hlak from Luang Por Khern, Lady and Man-Tiger Lockets from LP Oe, and a series of Occult Charms from Luang Phu Naen Dam, including some excellent Khun Phaen Amulets.

Previous editions of Thai Buddhist Amulets we thought were gone forever;

Luang Por Phad Classic Thai Buddhist Amulets

We were delighted to be able to find and restock some popular amulets from 2551, 2 and 3 BE from one of our favorite amulet makers ‘Luang Por Phad’ of wat Rai in Ang Tong. We have restocked on his famous Takrut, Garuda and Brahma amulets. His amazing and heavy duty made Takrut Fon Saen Ha and Takrut Praya Krut Pah which are so popular and successful are now back in stock  The mega popular Takrut for Intelligence improvement is also once more in store, with the new additions of Pra Sethee Navagote (Nine Faced Buddha) as Loi Ongk Statuettes, and some most Beautiful Loi Ongk statuettes of the Lord Buddha for Meditators ‘Somdej Ongk Patom’ in sacred metals with gemstone and sacre dpowders in base. We recommend this amulet to Meditators and Puritan Buddhists.

Luang Por Phad Classic Buddhist Amulets from Yester-Year

Luang Por Phad Classic Buddhist Amulets from Yester-Year

View Thai Amulets by Luang Por Phad (Wat Rai)

9 Tails Fox – Successful Thai Amulet of 2555

Many 9 Tails Fox Lockets and Powder amulets from various Masters have been released this year, most of which we have tried to stock for you. Till now we have 9 Tails Fox available as  lockets and sacred powder amulets from LP In, LP Oe, LP Khern, Ajarn Khwan Chai Intrapaet, Ajarn Por Phu Noi Dtan, and from Kroo Ba Krissana’s Close Associate; Kroo Ba Beng.

See all Nine Tails Fox Amulets in the Thailand Amulets Store

There are simply too many new Thai Buddhist Amulets and Occult Charms added to list here, so why dont you simply browse through the All Amulets Category and see the latest amulets added to the store.. we still have over 200 types of new amulet to add, and 3 new complete editions on the way, including the soon to arrive LP Jerd/Sivali Lockets with 56 and 108 Takrut Inserts.

Thai Buddhist Amulets About to Arrive – Luang Por Jerd Pra Pid ta + Pra Sivali special edition Amulets

Sivali Lockets and Pra Pid Ta amulets by Luang Por Jerd Wat Klang Bang Gaew

Sivali Lockets and Pra Pid Ta amulets – coming in November 2555 BE to Thailand Amulets – by Luang Por Jerd Wat Klang Bang Gaew (Nakorn Patom)

Jao Sua Nirandtaray LP Daeng

Also soon, we can expect a new edition of Jao Sua Luang Por Tuad coins in traditional design from Pra Ajarn Daeng Opaso coming up next month in December.
Jao Sua 2555 BE Amulets - Pra Ajarn Daeng

Jao Sua 2555 BE Amulets – Pra Ajarn Daeng

Jao Sua 2555 BE edition amulets by Pra Ajarn Daeng Opaso

Jao Sua 2555 BE edition amulets by Pra Ajarn Daeng Opaso

Thats about it for now, as we have to get back to adding more Thai Amulets to the store, they are arriving faster than we can add them! We hope you enjoy reading the write-ups of the new editions and amulets, and that they are in line with what you seek. Please comment with your feedback, interests and wishes using the comment form.

Pra Putta Chinarat Buddha Coin Amulet from Wat Pra Sri Radtana Maha Tat in Pitsanuloke, these versions were made from solid silver with gold plated front face, and glazed with green blue or yellow Rachawadee Enamels

Thailand-Amulets Sacred Thai Amulets for Wealth, Health,  Protection, Love and Happiness.

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Thai Buddhist Amulets last Month has seen a host of fascinating high class items to the store, and we havce seen a massive rise in the quantity and quality of our choice of amulets and Bucha Items. The latest additions already added, as well as those we have recievged already but have not yet had time to write up and add to the store will be presented in an Article on the new HQ – Newsletters such as this one will remain coming from, and all info pages will also be added only here. will not contain pages, only blog posts and articles. Both sites are equally interesting to surf and read, so please enjoy both of them, and dont worry about your shopping cart if you are on both sites, because it is the same shopping cart, and does not need two separate accounts to operate through either store.The new domain will contain some amulets which does not contain, which are special individual auctions made through separate individuals. Some of these will be extra special chances to obtain rare amulets, and will appear in the ‘Auction’ Category (in construction) on, so watch out for auctions too.

Above; Pra Putta Chinarat ‘Jom Rachan’ edition Buddhist Coin Amulets Wat Pra Sri Radtana Maha Tat (Pitsanuloke)

Click the above link to enjoy reading the documentation on all the various Models, the Blessing and Sacred Ingredients, and view our stock of this Amazing Edition of Thai Buddhist Amulets. See List of All Documentations of various Editions of Thai Buddhist Amulets

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