Introducing an exquisite 7.5-inch Bucha image of the revered ‘Somdej Jao Pako Samee Ram’ Pra Luang Por Tuad, standing majestically in the Tudong posture, adorned with his distinctive ‘Glod’ umbrella. This stunning replica is a part of the original highest standing Luang Por Tuad statue, meticulously crafted and housed at the esteemed Wat Mae Takrai, in the Northern Thai Province of Chiang Mai.

LP Tuad Bucha statue front

Below; Blessing ceremony of LP Tuad Bucha statue and amulets, at Wat Mae Takrai

Blessing ceremony of LP Tuad Bucha statue and amulets, at Wat Mae Takrai

Accompanying this exceptional statue is a series of small romboid-shaped coin amulets, available in a variety of sacred metals, hailing from the ‘Run Sompote’ or ‘Sompochana’ edition. These amulets, along with the Luang Por Tuad statue, were simultaneously released at Wat Mae Takrai, further emphasizing the sacred connection between them.

LP Tuad Bucha statue rear side Wat Mae Takrai

The base of the statue proudly showcases a Luang Por Tuad Coin, a part of the same ‘Run Sompote’ or ‘Sompochana’ edition, nestled within its sacred powder base. Expertly crafted from smelted sacred brass and bronze alchemical alloys, the statue is then coated in a sleek, matt black finish, enhancing its allure and mysterious charm.

Luang Por Tuad is depicted carrying his signature Glod, an almsbowl, and using a Naga head walking staff, symbolizing his spiritual journey and devotion. This masterpiece is not only a collector’s dream but also a deeply spiritual artifact that embodies the essence of Luang Por Tuad’s teachings and legacy.

Taep Noi Roi Lan Edition Amulets by Kroo Ba Or

Taep Noi Roi Lan Edition Amulets 2559 BE Kroo Ba Or

Kroo Ba Or’s famous final edition released in 2559 BE just before his passing, is now in store at Thailand Amulets. The various amulets of the edition can be seen in the below gallery of images

The Edition was spearheaded by the Kumarn Tong Taep Noi Roi Lan 3 Inch wide 5 Inch High Bucha statues, which were released in Ongk Kroo painted colours on Samrit Bronze, with Pong Ya Faed Prai Powders, Kumarn Tong Loi Ongk Statuette, Nam Man Prai, Sariga Bird and Takrut Spell inserted into the base, Only 100 statues were released in Ongk Kroo with painted colours.

There were also some some Ongk Kroo Pim B in Burnished Bronze (Loha Samrit Lueang), with 3 Takrut (Sam Kasat), Pong Ya Faed, and Look Om Muan Sarn Sacred Powder ball. Only 699 statues were made in Loha Samrit Lueang, with 3 Takrut, Pong Ya Faed Powder Flask, and Look Om Pong Prai Kumarn Powder Ball.

Pra Ngang Jao Sanaeh

Only 499 Pra Ngang Ongk Kroo Amulets in this 100th Birthday final edition ever made by Kroo Ba Or Bandita, who passed away in his 101st year of Life.

A further 699 Pra Ngang were made in Loha Aathan with only partial gold coating, and one Takrut + one Ploi Sek Gem insert into the Prai Powders in the base

Hun Payont

Two different models Hun Payont Golem Soldiers were released, in large and small sizes. The larger Hun Payont versions were encased in waterproof casing for ease of wear, and measured 5 Centimetres high. Only 499 Hun Payont were made in large size, with varying colours. The smaller versions were encased within a cylindrical Takrut tube for portability. Only 699 Hun Payont in small size were made, with colours varying.

Mae Bper Nam Choke

Ongk Kroo in Nam Man Prai Oil

Standard Version in Muan Sarn Sacred Powders with Bronze painted surface

Kumarn Tong Yaks Noi Maha Pokasap – Asura Deva Baby with gold and silver moneybags.

These Kumarn Tong statues in standing posture holding sacks of gold and silver are black skinned baby Yaksa Demons, or, more accurately described according to the original Vedic texts; ‘AsuraDevas”.

Made and empowered by one of this year’s greatest and most famous masters of the Wicha Kumarn Tong, Luang Por Dam, of Wat Pra Puttabat Radtana Kiree.

The statues are made from some of the most powerful rarest and ritziest sacred Necromantic ingredients,and other  Muan Sarn Sacred Powders, of both necromantic and herbal origins. These particular kind of Kumarn Tong, are in Truth, something more than just a simple golden boy or Deva Kumarn. They are from a much higher realm, than those realms from where most of the ‘Kumarn Taep” Deva Kumarn Tong beings reside.

Kumarn Tong Yaks Noi Maha Pokasap Bucha Statue - Luang Por Dam, Wat Pra Puttabat Radtana Kiree

Kumarn Tong Yaks Noi Maha Pokasap Bucha Statue – Luang Por Dam, Wat Pra Puttabat Radtana Kiree

Asura Kumarn, live within the upper realms of the celestial heavens in the Jadtu Maha Rachiga Kingdom, which is ruled by the 4 great Asura Kings.

Kumarn Tong Yaks Noi Maha Pokasap Bucha Statue - Luang Por Dam, Wat Pra Puttabat Radtana Kiree

there are hardly any other masters in the present era, who can compete and compare themselves to the mastery of the great Luang Por Dam. It is very special, to find this kind of empowered statue, with the spirit of an Asura Deva Being dwelling within, which emits the magic of Kumarn Tong, and has the immense  Merits and Supernatural powers of the Asura Devas.

Filled in a romantic substances within the base of the statue

The Kumarn Tong Yaks Noi Maha Pokasap (nick-name for this particular release), is not only empowered with the usual powers which are in any case , manyfold, that people know to be attributed to the Kumarn Tong. This particular statue is also empowered with great commanding influence, or as we say in Thai language; ‘Maha Amnaj”. 


Statue stands 6 inches hgh

It has the power to ward off and send away any Demons are dark spirits or lesser goal which may approach and is an excellent wealth increaser and protector of the household. They don’t need praying to often so they can get naughty if neglected.


The statue holds a sack of silver and the second goal in the towns and is standing very confidently in his wealthiness

The statue holds a sack of silver and gold in his hands, and is standing very confidently in his wealthiness

For those who worship the Taw Waes Suwan Asura Deva, Pra Pirab Asura Deva, or other similar deities of the same realm which are higher commanding officers of the Jadtu Maha Rachiga Heaven, then these devotees will benefit the most from the use of this statue, as a chosen item of worship and beseeching blessings.

Luang Por Supoj bucha image

This bucha statue features Luang Por Supoj sitting on a two headed tiger. The base of the statue is filled with various sacred items to increase the magic power. An amulet with the face of a tiger is inserted, which lends maha amnaj power, so that people are afraid to take you on as their enemy, and thus they won’t attack you. Then, there are two takrut Pokasap in the base for choke lap to attract riches and treasures.

Base of Luang Por Supoj's bucha statue

The base contains also a small bottle of sacred herbs (‘pong wan chiang mak rian pokasap’) along with a Thai Baht coin with the King’s face on it. The bottle of sacred herbs has some hairs of Luang Por Supoj, and a tiny pice of his civara robe in it as well. These sacred ingredients are, of course, meant for auspicious luck, and to prosper with a very good foundation of wealth.

Bucha statue of Luang Por Supoj

Below the image of Luang Por Supoj, a number code is stamped on the base, along with a series number between the two tigers.

Two headed tiger bucha statue of Luang Por Supoj

Luang Por Supoj is a very compassionate monk, whose powerful aura of metta is almost instantly noticible when you meet him. Moreover, his memory is excellent, and his mental control is extremely well organized. This also reflects in his strict adherence to the vinaya. Hence, Luang Por Supoj is considered to be an ‘Ariya Sangha’, which in his case means that he is a correctly practising bhikkhu, who is worthy of reverence.

Luang Por Supoj bucha statue

The bucha statue is made for the looksit of Luang Por Supoj, who himself is a looksit of Luang Phu Sim, a direct looksit of the famous Pra Ajarn Mun Bhuridatto. Luang Por Supoj stayed with Sim to learn how to practice Ajarn Mun’s authentic style of Kammathana Vipassana practice. They went on tudong in the forest for many years. Later, Luang Por Supoj continued travelling on tudong on his own, to practice as hard as he could, in order to remove the kilesas. During his many years of tudong travels, Luang Por Supoj met many other great kroo ba ajarns with whom he studied Dhamma Vipassana, and, of course, Buddha magic.

Bucha statue of Luang Por Supoj sitting on a two headed tiger

View this statue in our store here: Bucha Statue of Luang Por Supoj Sitting on a Two Headed Tiger


Pra Pirab Statue (Bhairab) with sacred powders , Tagrud, Pra Pirab Ruesi amulet and ‘Tian Chai’ candle inserted in the base. 6 inches wide base and 8.5 inches high. Made from Nuea Samrit (bronze). Pra Pirab is the Kroo Deity of all Dancing arts, and is the bestower of Luck and good Fortune, Happiness, Prosperity and ‘Amnaj’ (commanding power over others). The Amnaj quality if Pra Pirab extends even to ‘Amnaj Maha Sanaeh’, meaning the great power of charm over others. This works both in Love affairs as well as in business or other issues such as politics, to aid in convincing others of your opinions.

Pra Pirab is the Deva of giving or taking life, and has the power to remove any magic spells or dark magical influences. He protects and defends against Phuudt Phii and Bpisaat (ghosts, spirits and demons), and all kinds of evil magics.

Luang Phu Ka Long has a strange crystal tooth in the center of his mouth, which is exactly as described in the legend of Hanuman, who also is reputed to have had a crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth. Whenever he would bless amulets or magical items, he would often put his finger in his mouth and touch the crystal tooth and then take his finger down and rub it on the statue or amulet. He said that some people were born with special things, and that each person was different, and that this crystal tooth was his personal special quality and ability. Luang Phu never advertised himself but somehow from mouth to ear he ended up being flooded with requests for sak yant, amulets and magical assistance. Without intention, he became perhaps the most popular modern amulet makers of the Modern Era.

Luang Phu Ka Long has proved to be the phenomenon of the Decade as far as success with magic amulets is concerned. LP Ka Long amulets and Bucha items have revived immense success in every single edition, each amulet released has become an essential rarity in its own right. Since his passing away, his amulets have become ever rarer and are slowly disappearing. It wont be too long before almost all of them have gone, and only very expensive occasional options to acquire such an item will remain.

This Pra Pirab Bucha statue is the first ever edition made in 2550 BE and is now an extremely rare item to encounter already in the 4 years since it was made. The base has various sacred powders including Pong Pra Pirab (Pra Pirab powder), Tagrud spell, a Pra Pirab Ruesi amulet, and a sacred victory candle from empowerment ceremony.

rear face of Pirab Bucha statue

The immense Magical strength of Pra Pirab will cause any magic spells or other attempts to harm you be reflected back on those who send ill will to you. Those who try to harm you will end up being harmed by their own forceful energy.

Pra Pirab

Apart from Luang Phu Ka Longs personal fame through his own merits, it is said that once, in his younger days as he was present for a Puttapisek blessing in which the Great Luang Phu To of Wat Pradoo Chimplee (master maker of the Pid Ta LP To amulet) asked after the ceremony who the young skinny monk was over there? It turned out that it was Luang Phu Ka Long, and LP To remarked to the other high monks present; “how can it be such a young monk can have such psychic power in him i have never seen something like this before”?

Kata Bucha Pra Pirab

Imang Sajja Waajang Atithaami

Tudtiyambpi Imang Sajja Waajang Atithaami

Dtadtiyambpi Imang Sajja Waajang Atithaami

Puttang Ongk Pra Piraatang Khor Aehi Jong Maa

Tammang Ongk Pra Piraatang Khor Aehi Jong Maa

Sangkang Ongk Pra Piraatang Khor Aehi Jong Maa

Putto Sittirit Tammo Sittirit Sangko Sittirit Sukha Sukha Chayya Chayya Laapa Laapa Sappatammaanang Prasitti Mae Prasitti Dtae

Putto Sawasdee Mee Chai Tammo Sawasdee Mee Chai Sangko Sawasdee Mee Chai Badtidtang Surankandtang Atithaami

Kata Bucha Pra Pirab or other Yaksa (Asura)

Yaksa Sawarupa Chadaa Taraaya Bpinaag Hassadtaaya Sanaadtanaaya Tiwayaaya Taewaaya Tikampraaya Dtassamaiyakaaraaya Nama Sivaaya

How to Bucha Pra Pirab >>>>


Gumarn Tong Bucha Statue

Samnak (Ashram) Kong Waet in Ang Tong is a small Dtamnak Ruesi that performs various Yogic and Magical services – Astrological readings, Sak Yant magical tattooing and special magical charms and amulets, such as this Gumarn Tong.

The Gumarn has been made according to the Wicha of the Samnak and has sacred powders, Takrut and a Gumarn effigy inserted into the base of the statue.

Ajarn San Kong Waet – Brahman Sak yant Master of Ang Tong District. He learned his Wicha from his Grandfather, who was a learned Adept in Saiyasart who had inherited Wicha from Luang Por Tuad himself. His teacher was a Sak Yant Master too, which is one of the Wicha which Ajarn San has inherited from his Grandfather. He also recieved Wicha from studies under Luang Phu Hnay of Wat Ban Jaeng in Ayuttaya, and Khmer Master Ajarn Bun, Luang Por Yib (Wat ban Klang). He was given the Wicha from Luang Phu Tammachote of Wat Kaay Ban Rajan Po Gai Dton and Wicha from the lineage of Phu Suea Mahesworn (a famous Outlaw of the second world war times that is now a famous and respected Guru Monk).

3 inches wide base and 5 inches high Takrut, sacred Gumarn powder and white robe from Ajarn San is inserted into the base of the Gumarn.

Pra Sangkajjai 2553 BE Wat Pai Lom Dtamrap Luang Por Poon

Offerings to the Sangha – How to Practice Generosity, what to think and feel – Mindfulness Cultivation for Real Transformation

One way of Powerfully reducing Negative Karma is said to be to donate a Buddha statue to a temple – many people purchase factory made statues to donate for this purpose, which is fine of course, but someone wishing to donate a Buddha statue to a temple for the reason of preserving the Buddha religion, would do better with a work of art that is more enduring and inspiring to the eye, that is correctly empowered, and whose beauty would ensure that it would be taken care of and on display as an inspiration to future Buddhists far into the future. This is of course the merit we receive when donating a Buddha statue, and this should be understood and cultivated in the heart when donating.

If we are full of bliss in the thought of how our statue will last for years and help to inspire the Dhamma in the hearts of future Generations, who encounter our statue we donated. Then we shall receive the greatest blessings fortunes and riches in this very same lifetime. A gift of Buddha Image to a Temple is one of the most powerful ways of reducing Negative Karma, and of increasing Fortune and Wealth, but this only really works when the heart has truly developed a pure instinct to wish to preserve and nourish the Buddha Sasana (Buddhism). It is important to cultivate the true joy in the heart of the benefits of our donation, and true joy in the pure intention to share our merits with others, especially and including those we have harmed in the past.

When we remember to offer and practice generosity with gladness in our hearts, and offer our fruits of our merits to those we have harmed in past lives and this one, then we will immediately reduce our Karma and increase the magical Aura of Metta Mahaniyom which is generated from our genuine practice.

Pra Sangkajjai Buddha of Happiness and Wealth – Run ‘Udom Somburn Poon Sukh’ – Wat Pai Lom

This Beautiful hand painted Buddha statue is from Wat Pai Lom temple famous for the great Guru Master Luang Por Poon, whose amulets and Bucha items were always renowned for their great beauty and Majestic Aura. The tradition of combining the most sacred ingredients and Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony with the best in Thai Buddhist Art design continues at Wat Pai Lom, home of Thailands Famous Chedi in Nakorn Pathom. The statues and amulets released in this series were blessed in 2553 BE on three different occasions;

1. One Dtraimas empowerment (three month receiving meditative empowerment using Jhanic powers and chanting)
2. One Puttapisek on Loi Gratong day at Wat Pai Lom
3. One Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony on New Years Eve.

Any amulets or Bucha coming from the temple of Wat Pai Lom can be considered a National Favorite, Authentically Sacred and of good reputation, as well as almost always being a beautiful piece of Buddhist Art, which is pure Puttaanussadti (remembrance of the Lord Buddha and his accomplishment).

This beautiful Sangkajjaiyana Buddha is a worthy item to grace the altar of anyone’s home and would be accepted proudly and placed on view in any temple of Thailand if offered as a Gift to the Sangha.

Pra Bucha Luang Phu Hmun Tidtasilo – run boromajarn edition (109 years anniversary edition) – Wat Ban Jan – Sri Saket

5 Inches high

Puttapisek Blessing was held within the Chedi stupa in front of the corpse of Luang Phu Hmun on 11th March 2010. His great colleague and friend, Luang Phu Pa Atiwaro was present for the chanting, as well as LP Kam Bu (wat gut chompoo), and LP Samrit. Another blessing was made on a Sao Haa auspicious date at Wat Sutat in Bangkok with Luang Por An (Wat Tamma Kosok and Luang or Siri (Wat Dtan, Nontaburi).

Bucha statue LP HmunThe Bucha statue is standing on a sacred boulder stone, which somehow turned up with Luang Phu Hmuns footprint embedded in it. It is believed that wherever Luang Phu Hmun placed his foot, that place would prosper, and the Deities would come and protect and nourish the place and its inhabitants, as well as attract helpful thoughts in the minds of those who approach, resulting in being treaded kindly and recieving all kinds of generosity and help from others (metta mahaniyom). Luang Phu Hmun wil help his devotees to become wealthy or even millionaires.

Made from Nuea Samrit Chanuan Gao (ancient Bronze smelted) – 1999 statues were made.

Pra Bucha Luang Phu Hmun Tidtasilo – Miracle Monk statue for amazing riches

This statue can be expected to become very rare indeed and extremely sought after in future years. This is a Bucha which can only recommend as a truly sacred and important piece of Thai Buddhist devotional sculpture.