Pra Pirab Statue (Bhairab) with sacred powders , Tagrud, Pra Pirab Ruesi amulet and ‘Tian Chai’ candle inserted in the base. 6 inches wide base and 8.5 inches high. Made from Nuea Samrit (bronze). Pra Pirab is the Kroo Deity of all Dancing arts, and is the bestower of Luck and good Fortune, Happiness, Prosperity and ‘Amnaj’ (commanding power over others). The Amnaj quality if Pra Pirab extends even to ‘Amnaj Maha Sanaeh’, meaning the great power of charm over others. This works both in Love affairs as well as in business or other issues such as politics, to aid in convincing others of your opinions.

Pra Pirab is the Deva of giving or taking life, and has the power to remove any magic spells or dark magical influences. He protects and defends against Phuudt Phii and Bpisaat (ghosts, spirits and demons), and all kinds of evil magics.

Luang Phu Ka Long has a strange crystal tooth in the center of his mouth, which is exactly as described in the legend of Hanuman, who also is reputed to have had a crystal tooth in the roof of his mouth. Whenever he would bless amulets or magical items, he would often put his finger in his mouth and touch the crystal tooth and then take his finger down and rub it on the statue or amulet. He said that some people were born with special things, and that each person was different, and that this crystal tooth was his personal special quality and ability. Luang Phu never advertised himself but somehow from mouth to ear he ended up being flooded with requests for sak yant, amulets and magical assistance. Without intention, he became perhaps the most popular modern amulet makers of the Modern Era.

Luang Phu Ka Long has proved to be the phenomenon of the Decade as far as success with magic amulets is concerned. LP Ka Long amulets and Bucha items have revived immense success in every single edition, each amulet released has become an essential rarity in its own right. Since his passing away, his amulets have become ever rarer and are slowly disappearing. It wont be too long before almost all of them have gone, and only very expensive occasional options to acquire such an item will remain.

This Pra Pirab Bucha statue is the first ever edition made in 2550 BE and is now an extremely rare item to encounter already in the 4 years since it was made. The base has various sacred powders including Pong Pra Pirab (Pra Pirab powder), Tagrud spell, a Pra Pirab Ruesi amulet, and a sacred victory candle from empowerment ceremony.

rear face of Pirab Bucha statue

The immense Magical strength of Pra Pirab will cause any magic spells or other attempts to harm you be reflected back on those who send ill will to you. Those who try to harm you will end up being harmed by their own forceful energy.

Pra Pirab

Apart from Luang Phu Ka Longs personal fame through his own merits, it is said that once, in his younger days as he was present for a Puttapisek blessing in which the Great Luang Phu To of Wat Pradoo Chimplee (master maker of the Pid Ta LP To amulet) asked after the ceremony who the young skinny monk was over there? It turned out that it was Luang Phu Ka Long, and LP To remarked to the other high monks present; “how can it be such a young monk can have such psychic power in him i have never seen something like this before”?

Kata Bucha Pra Pirab

Imang Sajja Waajang Atithaami

Tudtiyambpi Imang Sajja Waajang Atithaami

Dtadtiyambpi Imang Sajja Waajang Atithaami

Puttang Ongk Pra Piraatang Khor Aehi Jong Maa

Tammang Ongk Pra Piraatang Khor Aehi Jong Maa

Sangkang Ongk Pra Piraatang Khor Aehi Jong Maa

Putto Sittirit Tammo Sittirit Sangko Sittirit Sukha Sukha Chayya Chayya Laapa Laapa Sappatammaanang Prasitti Mae Prasitti Dtae

Putto Sawasdee Mee Chai Tammo Sawasdee Mee Chai Sangko Sawasdee Mee Chai Badtidtang Surankandtang Atithaami

Kata Bucha Pra Pirab or other Yaksa (Asura)

Yaksa Sawarupa Chadaa Taraaya Bpinaag Hassadtaaya Sanaadtanaaya Tiwayaaya Taewaaya Tikampraaya Dtassamaiyakaaraaya Nama Sivaaya

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