Pra Pid Ta Maha Lap LP Bunmee

Presenting a classic, affordable price range, but powerful and high class amulet, the Pra Pid Ta Maha Lap Riak Ngern Tong, wealth attracting sacred powder Buddha with covered eyes amulet (Nirodha Buddha), made from an extremely rich and potent Muan Sarn Sacred Herbal and Puttakun Powder mix, with a large quantity of Sacred Minerals. The rear face features the Sacred Yant Duang, with two silver Takrut inserted into the rear face. The Pra Pid Ta is Good for Metta, Serm Duang, Maha Lap, Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan, and Maha Pokasap. The amulet comes encased with Waterproof Casing included.

Pidta Luang Phu Bun Mee 2 Takrut Nuea Wan 108

Pidta Luang Phu Bun Mee 2 Takrut Nuea Wan 108


A Classic Puttakun Amulet for Auspicious Buddhist practice, Faith Inspiration and a Sacred Protector and bringer of Blessings. Performing Buddhist prayer Chanting, Alms Giving, Sending of Metta, and Sharing of Merits is the way to Bucha this kind of Buddhakun Amulet.

The Pra Pid Ta is considered to be an amulet with ‘Maha Ud’ and ‘Kong Grapan’ power (invincibility and gun stopping power), but is also made as a wealth bringer, in which case, the amulet will be called ‘Pra Pid ta Maha Lap’. In order to inflect a greater resonance for wealth attraction and auspicious blessings, in addition to the Maha Ud and Kong Grapan magic, ancient artisans sometimes would use the image of the Sangkajjaiyana Buddha of riches and happiness, and carve it in the Pid Ta posture.The Pid Ta amulet is one of the most popular of Thai amulets, and has been made by so very many temples and masters from all Provinces, that it is now classed as ans having its own ‘Benjapakee’ family of classic top five types of Thai Pidta amulets.

Rear Face Pidta Luang Phu Bun Mee 2 Takrut Nuea Wan 108

Rear Face Pidta Luang Phu Bun Mee 2 Takrut Nuea Wan 108



Empowered by Luang Phu Bun Mee in Putta Pisek/Taewa Pisek for this 2555 BE Edition, which included Ruesi Narod as metal Loi Ongk amulets and Bucha statues, Sacred Powder Pra Pid Ta, and Pra Nakprok (with Vishnu Garuda on Rahu rear faces), and some ‘Roop Muean’ Monk coins in various metals.

Above; Luang Phu Bun Mee, Wat Ban Glum Yaso

Pra Pid Ta Luang Phu Bun Mee 2 Silver Takrut Nuea Wan 108

Pra Pid Ta Luang Phu Bun Mee 2 Silver Takrut Nuea Wan 108

Always chant the Maha Namasakara first (Namo Tassa) before any other Kata for amulets are chanted;

How to Chant Namo Tassa and the triple refuge

Special Kata for Thai Amulets

Bot Phae Metta – Dedication of Merit and Prayer for Metta


Pra Pid Ta is also known as Pra Kawambadee

Kata Pra Kawambadee

(This Kata is for increasing ones wealth and belongings and good fortune);

Namo Puttassa Kawambadtissa Namo Tammassa Kawambadtissa Namo Sangkassa Kawambadtissa Sukha Sukha Warang Na Mo Puttaaya Ma A U Tugkhang Anijjang Anatta Jewa

Kata Pra Pakawambodee (Pra Pidta)

Tamma Jaggang Bpatang Sudt Dtawaa Puch Chidt Dtawaa Adt Dtang Bpatang Sandtigae Arahaa Laapo Logaanang Hidtagaranaa Pandtae Pawam Bpadtinaama Dtisulokae Subpaagadto Prahma Budt Dto Mahaa Thaero Araho Chaedtago Muni Bpidt Dti Thaero Samo Inta Kantappaa Asuraa Taewaa Saggo Prahmaa Pi Bpuchidto Na Mo Put Tas Sa Kawam Bpadtissa Na Mo Tammassa Kawam Bpadtissa Na Mo Sangkassa Kawam Bpadtissa Sukhaa Sukha Warang Tammang Tammajagga Bpawarang Warang

Latest Kata Chanting Tutorials Added. For Thailand Amulets Customers and Fans

 We thought we would update you with some of the latest tutorials which we have added to our repository  on both our YouTube channel and Our soundcloud channel as well as the Thailand Amulets iTunes podcast.

Thailand Amulets Multimedia Content

To enjoy them all, the best you should use the YouTube channel which often includes not only the narrative and pronunciation tutorial, but often, also includes subtitles with karaoke style phonetics to help you pronounce and chant the Kata properly  according to Thai tradition. Here are just a few of the latest ones added;


Kata Bucha Bia Gae

          Chanting Tutorial for Kata used with Bia Gae Amulets 

          For banishing, Anti Black Magic, making Prayer Water, 

          Healing, and other Purposes.


          Sittigijjang, Sittigammang, 

          Sitti Gaariya Dta Dthaa Kadto 

          Sitti Dtaecho Chayo Nijjang 

          Sappa Sitti Bprasitti Mae


You can subscribe to the playlist which we have created and will add all new tutorials to in order to follow all new Content added.

Kata Bucha Luang Por Sotorn Buddha

Luang Por Sotorn is One of Thailand’s five most sacred and important Buddha images of national religious and historic value. Kong Grapan Chadtri, Klaew Klaad Evasion Magic, Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Lap.

Kata Bucha Pra Putta Chinarat Buddha


The Putta Chinarat Buddha, is another one of Thailand’s five most sacred and important for the images of national religious and historic value. Kong Grapan Chadtri, Klaew Klaad Evasion Magic, Metta Maha Niyom, Maha Lap.

We also have been adding  informative media about Thai Buddhist Ceremony and Rituals, for example the latest content added about the Gruad Nam Thai Buddhist Water Pouring Ceremony to dedicate Merits to Dead Relatives.

Gruad Nam Water Pouring Ceremony

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Pra Somdej Luang Por Sotorn Nuea Pong Puttakun

Free Somdej Luang Por Sotorn Sacred Powder Buddha Amulets from Thailand Amulets.

Thailand Amulets Free Offer for New Year 2013

Pra Somdej Luang Por Sotorn Nuea Pong Puttakun

We have various free offers this Month of January for our esteemed old and new customers. This is just one of the offers we have as giveaways, but in fact, as those of you who are already customers know, we always add some nice gifts to every parcel. But we thought it would be fun to make this offer in this way, to allow you to be able to have more choice in the matter with the gifts we distribute to our customers. This offer is posted as a product, and can indeed be bought and is on sale. But if you spend more than 100$. plus the value of this amulet )38.99 retail price), then the price of this amulet will be deducted again at checkout, allowing you to receive it free as a New Years Thank You. This is a fine sacred powder amulet of one of Thailands most Sacred and Miracle Making Buddhas, and is recommendable for any member of your family.

Rear face of Somdej LP Sotorn Buddha Amulet

We give this in Thanks for your Long Term trust, and use of our services, which has proved to keep our customers happy and returning to us. We feel privileged that we have a very good contact and communication with almost all of our customers, and are honored to receive Your trust and custom. The amulet is Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan, and Metta Mahaniyom, and is classed as a ‘Pra Koo Ban Koo Mueang’ (Side by Side with the Land and Nation Buddha), meaning it is one of the Buddhas with most national Importance and considered Sacred by Thai People of all Provinces and Regions. The LP Sotorn Buddha is a Classic Family Heirloom Amulet to pass down through generations.

Pra Somdej LP Sotorn - comes with box and/or casing - Thailand Amulets Free Gift Offer

This Item is Free for any order over 100$ while it is in stock. Free version comes with Casing Included. To get this amulet for free, add it to your shopping cart basket, and then add a minimum of 100$ of other items to make a minimum of 100$ + the 38.99$ attributed to this product. Then Use this coupon code at checkout to redeem a 38.99$ reduction in the final price, rendering this amulet free.

Coupon Code to Enter – FREESOTORNBUDDHA

You must purchase 100+38.99 (this amulet’s cost) to get the 38.99 discount. Reach 100$ purchase, and then add this amulet to your basket, and use the coupon code at checkout.

Pra Somdej Luang Por Sotorn – Nuea Pong Puttakun (108 Yantra Powders x 5) – Benja Nava Mongkol Edition 2555 BE – Grand Putta Pisek Ceremony at Wat Sotorn – Free with casing if buy over 100$ of Items
$ 38.99

This edition is highly sought after and collected due to the high quantity of gold in the 9 Sacred Metals mixture

Pra Kring Buddha Image – Recommended Thai Buddhist Heirloom Amulet

Pra Kring Dtraimas Hlor Boran – Nuea Nava Loha Gae Tong Kam Pid Gon Nava (9 Sacred Metals with High Gold Content) Sacred Buddhist Heirloom Amulet – Luang Por Song – Wat Sala Din

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Luang Por Song’s famous 2548 BE Pra Kring Buddha Amulet. Now a Collectors Piece, which is Usual with most Pra Kring from Top Masters, being heirloom Amulets by nature. The Pra Kring is perhaps the most widely collected amulet and is known with Buddhist Devotees as an auspicious Blessing of the Purity of the Buddhas, as well as a Union of Sacred Art between the Theravada and Mahayana Sects. The Imagery of the Pra Kring Buddha is Essentially Mahayana style and very beloved by Thai Chinese and Chinese Buddhists. It is considered a family heirloom that is passed down to one’s Children, and is an Auspicious Blessing, Protector and Luck Bringer with no Black Magic or Karmic side effects, only Meritorious Buddha Blessings.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

Size 3.5 Centimeters High x 2 Cm Wide Base

In Case you are New to Amulets;

Apart from the Spiritual Value of the Pra Kring, the Kring is a Classic Collectors Favorite, as well as a Family Heirloom Amulet that is passed on throughout Generations. Many Modern Age Sorcery Amulets serve very well to gain fast short term effects, but are often changed for new ones as their powers wear out. But Buddha Images and especially the Pra Kring and some other amulets (i.e. Pra Somdej) do not devour Karma or Power up, rather, base their Miracle Force in the Faith, Merits, and Good Behavior of the Wearer, and never wear out, rather, become more Sacred as it ages. This is the reasons such an amulet is the perfect heirloom, for its tendency to become ever more Sacred and Powerful as Time passes.

This particular Kring is a Luang Por Song Pra Kring, a High Sangha of Great Purity whose Classic, small numbered editions of Thai Buddhist Amulets are Highly Sought after and never enough in supply for the number of serious Collectors of this type of Esteemed Amulet of Fine Taste and Extremely Sacred Empowerment.

This edition is highly sought after and collected due to the high quantity of gold in the nine Sacred Metals mixture, which is visibly present within the Sacred Alloy, ensuring that this edition becomes a Classic.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

The base of the Amulet numbered code and the Name of Luang Por Song Inscribed. A Kring Bead Relic is inserted into the interior of the Base of the Loi Ongk Statuette. The Khmer Sanskrit letter ‘Ma’ is stamped into the base for edition authenticity marking. Serial Number can vary from that in the picture, as they are different for each amulet. Due to the nine sacred metals and the high quantity of pure gold mixed in, the surface colors vary throughout the whole amulet. For this reason, one should understand that each amulet is slightly different, each one distinct and original in its particular markings.

Leaving the Sacred behind for a moment, we must also discuss the Collector-ship aspect of this amulet, because Pra Kring are Classic Cult Collector Amulets, which has its own evaluation system that is artistic and speculative instead of Religious. Stamps just have stamp collectors, coins just have coin collectors.

But amulets, be they coin amulets, metal, powder, a particular kind (such as the Pra Kring) or whatever, have a Religious and Mystical value that goes beyond such speculations. however, amulets also have the same kind of collector niches as do stamps, coins or any other cult collector circle. The trading, swopping, collecting and showing of amulets in competitions, is a world in itself. Some people collect amulets for religious reasons, some for speculation or collector-ship, and some for both reasons (like Us).

The Pra Kring was released in 2548 BE (2005), in a Dtraimas Empowerment which saw the Pra Kring being empowered nightly in the Hut of Luang Por Song, as he passed the 3 month Rainy Retreat in his Kuti. At the end of the Rain retreat, a sacred Puttapisek Blessing Ceremony was performed in the Uposadha Shrine room, with the Dharma Chakra Incantation to Open the Eyes of the Budha in the statues.

We feel that this Pra Kring is a very High Quality Buddhist Amulet of High sacred Value and Collector-ship Interest. Blessed by Luang Por Song, a great Monk of Diligent Practice. His amulets are considered very Holy. A true Masterpiece of Pra Kring Traditional Amulet.

Thailand Amulets - Thai Buddhist Amulets

The Pra Kring Amulet Comes in Box from the Temple – Can be Encased if desired.

Pra Kring Dtraimas Hlor Boran – Nuea Nava Loha Gae Tong Kam Pid Gon Nava (9 Sacred Metals with High Gold Content) Sacred Buddhist Heirloom Amulet – Luang Por Song – Wat Sala Din
$ 98.00

  • Maker of Amulet; Luang Por Song, Wat Sala Din Temple (Wat Morn)
  • Material; Nava Loha Gae Tong Kam (Nine sacred Metals with a High Percentage of Gold Content).
  • Recommended Uses; Improve Karma, Turn bad Luck around into Good Luck, Increase Wealth, Receive Merciful Treatment, Evade Deadly Dangers, Protection from Guns and Knife
  • Number of Amulets Made; 99
  • Edition; Dtraimas 2548 BE
  • Type of Amulet; Pra Kring, Buddha Image
  • Year of Issue; 2548 BE (2005)
  • Weight; 35 Grams
  • Magical Effects; Serm Duang, Maha Lap, Klaew Klaad, Metta Mahaniyom, Kong Grapan.
  • Size of Amulet; 3.5 Centimeters High x 2 Cm Wide Base

Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke – Wat Prasat Bunyawas 2508 BE – Pim Hnaa Farang Hlang Mai Mee Bua

Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke

The Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke, or, ‘Pra Kring Wat Prasat’ was made and empowered in repeated editions each year in the years beteen 2506 + 2508 BE by the Abbot of the Temple ‘Pra Kroo Samuh Ampol’. he famous Luang Por Tuad amulets of Wat Prasat can also be said to have been created in this period too.

Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke

The Chanuan Muan Sarn used for the amulets is composed of Sacred Metals obtained from Ajarn Taep Sarigabudtra, which were mostly taken from various editions of Pra Kring from Wat Sutat, along with a host of other precious metals, amulets and Yantra Foils from a mass of Great Guru Masters.

Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke

The castings began in 2506 and continued to be released over the next two years until 2508, with various Pim being made; Pim Hnaa Lek (Kring Tibet) with a trident code stamp, Pim Yai (with a Khom Letter U on the base), and Pim Hnaa Farang (Caucasian Face).

Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke

Most Pim Had a single Lotus leaf on the rear side, with only a few amulets having no Lotus leaf on the rear face. This particular edition is the rare ‘Hnaa farang’ (Caucasian Face), without the lotus leaf on the back (Mai Mee Bua Hlang).

Putta Pisek Empowerment Ceremony

More than 200 Guru Monks were present to assist in the empowerment and Incantations, so many were there, that they overflowed out of the Uposadha Shrine Room in numbers, due to its fullness. All the Famous Masters of all the Temples of Thailand were invited to come and assist.Amongst some of the most Famous Monks who attended were;

Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke

Pra Ajarn Tim (Wat Chang Hai), Luang Por Tan Klai (Wat Suan Khan), Luang Por Dit (Wat Pak Sra) Luang Por Noi (Wat Tamma Sala), Luang Phu To (Wat Pradoo Chimplee), Luang Por Daeng (Wat Bandai it), Luang Por Muy (Wat Don Rai), Luang Por Ngern (Wat Don Yay Horm), Luang or Guay (Wat Kositaram), Luang Por Prohm (Wat Chong Kae), Luang Por Top (Wat Chon Daen), Luang Phu Tim (Wat Laharn Rai), Luang Por Khiaw (Wat Song Bon), Luang Por Jong (Wat Na Tang Nork), Luang Phu Doo (Wat Sakae), Luang Phu Si (Wat Sakae), Luang Por Pae (Wat Pikul Tong), Luang Phu Nak (Wat Rakang), Luang Por Boey (Wat Manau),, Pra Ajarn Nam (Wat Don Sala), Luang Por Seng (Wat Kanlaya), Luang Por Tira (Wat Pha Lae Lai), Luang Por Dtae (Wat Sam Ngam), Luang Por Nai (Wat Bang Jaeng), uang Por Bun Mee (Wat Khao Samo Kon),, Luang Por Hrian (Wat Bang Rahongs), Luang Phu Perm (Wat Klang Bang Gaew),Luang Por Kreun (Wat Sangko), Luang or Chaem (Wat Nuan Noradit), Luang Por Nor (Wat Klang Ta Ruea), Luang Por Pon (Wat Tian Dtat), Luang Por Do (Wat Na Madtum), Luang Por Chern (Wat Yan Sen), Luang Por Sud (Wat Ka Long), Luang Por Nueang (Wat Jula Mani), Luang Por Gee (Wat Hoo Chang), Luang Por Gaew (Wat Chong Lom),Luang Por Gan (Wat Khao Gaew), Luang Por Tong Yoo (Wat Mai Hnong Pra Ongk), Luang Por Toon (Wat Po Nimit), Jao Kun Jia (Wat pPo), Jao Kun Prayat (Wat Sutat), Luang Por dee (Wat Nuea),Luang Por Khaeg (Wat Hua Khao), Luang Por Yim (Wat Jao Jet), Luang Por Tong Sukh (Wat Sapan Sung), Luang Por Ming (Wat Gok), Luang Por Iang (Wat Pha), Luang Porr Juan (Wat Hnong Sum), Luang Por An (Wat Prayat),Luang Por Tiam (Wat Kasatratirat), Luang Por Son (Wat Singsang), Luang Por Taen (Wat Tam Sen), Luang Por Tian (Wat Bote), Luang Por Nin (Wat Kornburi), Luang Por Tong Yoo (Wat Ta Sao), Luang Por Budda (Wat Klang Choo Sri), Luang Por Mian (Wat Po Gop Jao), and a host of other Great Master Monks numbering over 200 in total.

Pra Kring Maha Sitti Choke – Wat Prasat Bunyawas 2508 BE – Pim Hnaa Farang Hlang Mai Mee Bua