Takrut Sarapat Gan Gao Chan – Protection Scroll Amulet Neck Cord – black lacquer + gold leaf – Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

Takrut Sarapat Gan Gao Chan (nine layers Takrut to protect from all sorts of Danger) Dork Lek (small size). The Takrut is empowered to protecct against all sharp weapons and projectiles – Knife and Gun Stopper. Kong Grapan Invincibility with Klaew Klaad Evasion Magic combine to afford great safety and Invulnerability to Protect you wherever you Go.

Kata Sarapad Gan

Na Ud Mo Ad (Kong Grapan) – Put Phad Taa Phid (Klaew Klaad)

Kari Sae Sa Dto To Ud Tang Ad

I Ra Chaa Ka Dta Ra Saa Dti Hang Ja Dto Ro Thi Nang Bi sam ra Lo Bu Sad Put So Maa Na Ga Ri Thaa To Pa Sam Sam Wi Sa Tae Pa Ka Put Ban Tuu Tam Wa Ka Waa To No A Ma Ma Waa A Wich Su Nuch Saa Nu Dti

Free mp3 Sound Tutorials for proper Pronunciation of this Kata are downloadable after you have purchased the amulet. Simply log in to your account with us and go to the files tab to download MP3 Tutorials (fast and slow versions) for this Kata.

Ajarn Oe is one of the Top Leading Masters of the Present Generation of Younger Sorcerors, spearheading a new Generation of Masters with vast armories of Magical Wicha acquired from their Lineages, and the added attraction of the New Generation of Fine Buddhist Arts students who have become Devotees of the New Generation Masters, have assisted in the New Wave having produced a whole new array of new and beautifully designed Magic charms and amulets using the Gifted Artistic abilities of Modern Buddhist Artisans who in turn have developed new technoligies in the design and creation of Buddhist Arts (amulets and statues). This in turn has resulted in amulets from Masters like Ajarn Oe becoming ever more un usual and attractive from the aesthetic presentation.

The Magical Wicha is as Powerful and Ancient as it ever was, and its Magic is as present as ever, only the wrappings have changed, to cater for the Modern Devotee, resulting in the Beautiful and Original amulets seen by Masters such as Pra Ajarn Oe.

It is the Artisan devotees who normally assist in the design and smelting or casting of Buddhist Amulets, and this is the cause behind the design factors of an amulet.

Ajarn Oe only makes small numbers of each amulet giving personal individual empowerments to each edition, resulting in a dizzyingly vast array of different amulets, all of which only existing ins very small numbers. We predict that because of the ever rising popularity of Ajarn Oes amulets and the growing number of success stories of people who used his amulets, combined with the fact that all of his amulets are rare limited editions, that the future will see Pra Ajarn Oes Inimitable amulets to become extreme ultra rarities and highly sought after by both faithful devotees and collectors alike. We predict that it wont always be easy to obtain amulets from Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa, and that any amulets from this Master which you own now, will become extreme rarities and increase many many times in value.

Takrut Sarapat Gan Gao Chan – Protection Scroll Amulet Neck Cord – black lacquer + gold leaf – Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

Prakam Mai Makham Prong Fa Saksit – Sacred Tamarind Tree Buddhist Rosary (Medium Size Unisex) with Guru Monk – Luang Por Sosingsi – Blessed & Empowered for over 8 Years by Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

Holy Tamarind Wood

This Sacred Tamarind Tree wooden bead Rosary is a very old Rosary which Pra Ajarn Oe obtained about 8 Years ago, and has been empowering throughout the whole 8 Years since they came into his possession. The central piece (used to mark the beginning and end of one round of prayers or Incantations), is an Image of Luang Por Kong Sosingsi, which is in itself a Sacred Amulet made from Sacred metals.

Holy Tamarind Wood

The age and quality and also the power of this Rosary is instantly noticeable in the hand, when compared with lower quality mass produced Rosaries. The Sacred Wood beads are much harder and heavier than one might expect. One notices that there is a difference to this Rosary simply by touching it.

This Sacred Old Rosary empowered with the Blessings of Luang Por Sosingsi and Luang por Oe, is a fine Rosary to use for increasing the power of ones Prayers, Faith and Concentration. An Inspiring and Faith Instilling Buddhist Rosary of Respectable History, Authentic Empowerment, and 8 Years of Sacred Blessings of Buddhist Guru Monk, Luang Por Oe Putto Raksa. Made from Mai Makham Prong Fa – a Sacred type of Tamarind Tree.

Holy Tamarind Wood

It is neither often nor is it easy to find truly blessed and empowered Buddhist Rosaries, for which reason, this Rosary is an irrepeatable opportunity to possess a truly well made Buddhist Rosary from sacred Holy Wood from the Hands of a Great Master, and then 8 years of further Empowerment and Blessing by Luang Por Oe.

Holy Tamarind Wood

We cannot recommend this Rosary Highly enough, for both meditative and devotive practices. Will last for more than a lifetime if properly taken care of, and can already begin to be considered antique Buddhist Sacred Art of the Highly Desirable Variety.

Prakam Mai Makham Prong Fa Saksit – Sacred Tamarind Tree Buddhist Rosary (Medium Size Unisex) with Guru Monk – Luang Por Sosingsi – Blessed & Empowered for over 8 Years by Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

Nam Montr Haeng (Dry Holy Water) – Sacred Magical Herbs for making Prayer Water – Remove Curses, Ghosts, Give Blessings and Luck – Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

Sacred Magical Herbs for making Prayer Water

Rare and Powerful sacred Herbs, Woods and Leaves used in Thai Occult and Buddhist Holy Water Blessings. Empowered with the proper Incantations to Invoke the necessary Powers of the Sorcery within the Herbs by Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa, one of Thailands Current Top masters of Khmer and Lanna Sorcery.

Sacred Magical Herbs for making Prayer Water

Add the ‘Wan’ (Sacred Herbs) to the water in your Holy Water Bowl, and use to spray People or Objects. Use to cast out Evil Spirits, Demons and Ghosts, To Bless the Wares in your Store, spray over the heads of your Friends, family or Apprentice Students (if you are an Ajarn), to Protect, change Horoscope to Auspicious Lucky Blessings, and Increase Prosperity.

A vast number of rare and powerful herbs were used in this Potion, including; Bai Ngern (silver leaf), Bai Tong (gold leaf), Bai Hmak Phu Hmak Mia (male and female variety), Bai Taraniyasarn, Ba Plab Preung, Bai Mayom, Bai Makam, Bai Koon, Bai Yor, Bai Hnaad, Phiw Makrut, Fhak Som Bploi, and Bai Goson, to name but a few.

Say the Maha Namasakara 3 Times before beginning, light two white candles, 5 Incense sticks and place flowers before the Buddha (a picture of Buddha will do if you dont have an altar)

The Incense (5) are for Buddha, the candles (2 white) are for the Dhamma, and the flowers are for the Sangha.

Say Some Buddhist prayers and make prostrations to Buddha, and then use the water to spray as a blessing.

How to Make Holy Water

Nam Montr Haeng (Dry Holy Water) – Sacred Magical Herbs for making Prayer Water – Remove Curses, Ghosts, Give Blessings and Luck – Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

Payont Pray Dtanii Yern Dton Day Kana Awk Plii with Kruea Thao Hlong in Nam Man Prai ‘Bucha Kroo 2555’ Master Day Blessing Edition – Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

Hoon Payon Thai Amulet in Prai Oil

Pra Ajarn Oe took the husk of a Dtanii Tree (A type of Banana Tree with a Prai Spirit Dwelling within it), that died whilst in flower.

He used the dried leaf and stem husks to make these effigies of Nang Prai Dtanii (the Lady Ghost of the Dtanii tree), and performed Incantations until the Effigies began to twitch and move all of their own accord.

Hoon Payon Thai Amulet in Prai Oil

The Effigy is thus a type of ‘Payont’, which can be asked to perform tasks and watch over things. The Incantations of this Female Prai Spirit are Powerful maha Sanaeh and Metta . The Payont is immersed in a Phial of ‘Nam Man Aathan’ (A Sacred Oil Empowered with Incantations), and has ‘Kruea Thao Wan Hlong’ (A Sacred Vine found only in the Deepest parts of the Rain Forest, that is believed to have the power to Enchant and make you forget your Way) – both ‘Dtua Phuu’ (Male) and ‘Dtua Mia’ (Female) Vines are immersed in the Prai Oil, making the amulet a powerful Unisex Maha Sanaeh Charm. The addition of both Genders of Sacred Vine also causes the Unified Energy to double or triple through their Consummation Rite within the Phial of Prai Oil. Kruea Thao Hlong is an absolutely rare Magical Plant whose Powers have been the Source of Legends in Thailand for Centuries, and which Thai Sorcerors have used for as long as Living History can Remember.

Hoon Payon Thai Amulet in Prai Oil

Kata Bucha Prai Dtanii

Om Jijeruni Jidti Jidt-Dtang Susrii Sussang Jidt-Dtang Nang Prai Nang Prai Dtanii Maa Ni Maa Naa Maa Haa Laapaa Mahaa Sanaeh Haa Bpiyang Ma Ma

Hoon Payon Thai Amulet in Prai Oil

Released in the 2555 ‘Bucha Kroo’ Master Day Edition of Amulets, along with a large array of other amulet, all made in very limited quantities.

Bucha Offerings;

Offer Perfume, Face Powder or Talcum, a Mirror, a Comb.

Make Merit with Alms Giving regularly and offer the Spirit of the Payont a Share of the Fruits of the Merits Made, for increased Effect and Success with your Prai Spirit Amulet.

How to Bucha

When you bring the Nang Prai Dtanii into the home, offer some whisky and light one incense stick, then awaken the Nang Prai Dtanii with the following Incantation;

U-U A-A Mahaa Phuudtaa Bpariphuudtae Phuudtiwae Sandti Ma Ma Maa Maa

chant it until it becomes a focused rythm, until you feel you have chanted enough to have awoken the Nang Prai Dtanii.

After the first time, one or three times is enough and make your wish.

Magical Properties of Payont Effigies;

  • Protect from danger and Guard your belongings
  • Helps to do business and sell, or get the work in the fields done easily and in time – if usually 5 people take 5 days to finish the job, the Hun Payont will reduce it for example first down to 5 people finished in 4 days, and then slowly improve on that on an exponential rate.
  • Sales persons will be helped by the Hun Payont to sell very well and in larger quantities, more often.

Karma Swopping – the Hun Payont can act as a Karmic Shield, and take the brint of the Unfortunate events which may befall us due to Astrol;ogical Influences or Karmic Activity.

You do not need to perform the Ritual of ‘Pluk Hun Payont’ yourself when adding it to your household membership as in the case of many Hun Payont amulets. Simply take the Hun Payont, and pray to it with flowers, one white candle, and 16 sticks of incense, and offer a little bit of money to the Deva inhabiting the Hun Payont (you can use the same money later to give to the Sangha, a temple or your preferred religious cause or way of making Merits, and offer those Merits to the Deva within the Hun Payont). However much money (to later donate alms to the Sangha with) you offer, is relative to how powerful and effective the Hun Payont will be. The Hun Payont can be used for Gambling too, to assist in winning hands and to stop cheaters from seeing or knowing your game.

Hun Payont as Magical Protection

The Hun Payont is a very powerful protection against black magic (as is the Wua Tanu, and Bia Gae), for it is constantly on Guard against invading Marauders, and that includes those of the Magical variety or those in the Spirit World. The Hun payont can be Hung in the House, Car, key-Ring, On the Altar, or even used in a group of four, eight or ten soldiersa to bury in the cardinal points of the ground on your home, or in the corners of your house.

Hun Payont as a Ritual Instrument

It can be used in Ritual Ceremony and Spell casting to make prayer water or assist in empowering various other objects. It is also a nice item to wrap up together with other amulets to make your own spell combinations to fit your needs, and carry with you or wirship on the altar to improve all conditions in Life.

Worshipping and Chants for Hun Payont.

The Hun payont is worshipped in a very similar fashion to the Mae Takian, Kumarn Tong, Hoeng Prai, In, and Rak Yom devas. All of these Devas are essentially Prai Spirits, and thus must be offered food and drink once in a while.

Kata and Bucha method for Hun Payont or Mae Takian Deities

How to Worship the Kuman Tong

Payont Pray Dtanii Yern Dton Day Kana Awk Plii with Kruea Thao Hlong in Nam Man Prai ‘Bucha Kroo 2555’ Master Day Blessing Edition – Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa