Hwaen Dtakror Pirod Niw – Magic rings of protection woven from sacred Rattan which miraculously survived a forest fire unscathed. This Wicha of Kong Grapan Chadtri anf Klaew Klaad Evasive Protection is effective as a protective spell against all forms of black magic, sorcery, evil eye, demons and physical dangers, which derive from weapons of war, sharp and blunt instruments. Klaew Klaad Evasive Magic is also inflected to prevent any deadly accidents or disasters from befalling the wearer.

Magic Sorcery Rings of Protection - Pra Ajarn Waet Surint

Magic Sorcery Rings of Protection – Pra Ajarn Waet Surint


Pra Ajarn Waet Surint performed the Invocations and Empowerment whilst he personally wove the rings into shape, with Spellbound Incantations performed upon each single weave of each thread of the knotwork, to bind the rings with containment forces of impermability and evasive tendencies. Pra Ajarn Waet was so diligent as to perform the weaving if the rings himself with each and every ring, in order to constantly empower them with incantations and the turning of the four elements.

Klaew Klaad Evasive Magic is also inflected to prevent any deadly accidents or disasters from befalling the wearer. The ring offers Protection against Black Magic, and all forms of Sorcery, Curses, Evil Eye, Demons. Protection and Evasion from all Physical Dangers, all sharp and projectile weapons, and especially death by fire and burning.


Hwaen Pirod Kong Grapan Chadtri Klaew Klaad


This kind of magic spell, is woven into a finger ring made from wild ratten, is a very ancient form of Magical Sorcery, from very long before the Siamese Kingdom existed and was used by Wally is in ancient times throughout the Southeast Asian continent, and particularly later, during the times of war between the Kingdoms of the Khmer and Siam. This magic spell is also made as an arm band, called a ‘Prajiad’ which was, and is indeed still in ceremonial form, worn by Muay Thai boxers, and was worn into battle by warriors of olden days. 

Both kinds of me let use the same form of magic spell which consists of entwinement and binding spells, with Maha Ud, Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad Powers. The material used for the making of these magical rings of protection, were made from a wild rattan tree that was found completely unscathed and unharmed, standing right in the middle of a blackened, burned wasteland, which was the smouldering remains resulting from a forest fire. This tree was the only thing untouched by the forest fire, which laid everything to waste in its path, burning everything to ashes, except for this sacred plant, which was then collected, and used for the making of these magic rings.


Sacred Sorceror's Ring of Protection

Sacred Sorceror’s Ring of Protection by Pra Ajarn Waet Surint

 The fact that the tree survived such a terrible forest fire, without being harmed in any way, despite the fact that everything else in its proximity, was burned to ashes, is considered a minor miracle. This tree is according to the principles of South East Ancient Animist Sorcery, hence considered to have immense power of Kong Grapan Chadtri and Klaew Klaad, as well as possessing Mercy Charm (Metta Maha Niyom).

The ring, if too small to fit on the finger, should be worn around the neck on the pendant chain, or can be carried in the pocket, for concealement.  Being generally small in size, they can be encased in waterproof casing, or, be just placed inside the pocket. Wearing the amulet concealed inside one’s pocket, is very popular with many members of the military, due to the fact, that these days, one is not allowed to wear a ring whilst in service, or in battle.

Very few guru masters possess this particular magic spell, or its methods of making in the present day. It can almost be said to have nearly died out in its entirety, as a form of magic spell. For this reason, Pra Ajarn Waet Surint, is performing a meritorious act of preserving this most Ancient Wicha, which in times of Modern Warfare, is no longer used officially, as it was in Olden Days. Ths Wicha as old as that all of Sak Yant sacred geometry tattoos, which also dates thousands of years back in the history of South East Asian occultism.


Hwaen Dtakror Protective Ring of Sorcerous Power

Hwaen Dtakror Protective Ring of Sorcerous Power

Pra Ajarn Waet Surint, is a Pracitioner who does not self indulge much, and hence has a rather drawn apoearance due to his hard practice in both Dhamma and in Sorcery. 

Pra Ajarn Waet Surint Blessing Amulets.

Pra Ajarn Waet Surint Blessing Amulets.

To see this kind of amulet, is these days in any case extremely rare. For this reason, as well as for it’s immense ancient sacred powers the Amulets, is also highly collectible and then extremely interesting item to possess as an exhibit, in one’s personal showcase.