Pha Yant Jao Ngo Pha Mahassajan Jindamanee Riak Sap Riak Ngern – Run Piti Korb Siarn Jao Ngo by Luang Por Daeng Duang Sethee (94 years old), Wat Huay Chalong, Uttaradit. The Pha Yant is made from heavy duty linen, with red ink. Limited edition code number and official stamp of the temple are embossed on the Pha Yantใ

Luang Phu Daeng believes that the Wicha in most demand and wished for in the present day is that of choke lap, maha lap and kaa khaay (fortune riches and good business sales) which serve to prevent poverty and release people from the sufferings of being poor. There is no Wicha for good business that is superior to the Wicha Jindamanee which has been practiced since the Ayuttaya Era, and is a wicha which few have mastered and is rare to find in amulets.

The Wicha Of Jao Ngo Pha Jindamanee has many applications, not just for pokasap and riches, but also to conquer enemies. Some Ajarns call the Wicha Jindamanee by other names, such as ‘Wicha Sangkh Plaeng Roop’ and ‘Wicha Sangkh Son Roop’ (wicha of the conch disguising its shape) – the conch is the horn of plenty of course and thus endless belongings, food and money flow in abundance. The abundance of necessities and easy living comes from this wicha which will lighten suffering and allow he who enjoys this blessing to relax and not feel the pressures of surviving anymore, resulting in better moods, happiness and abundant pleasures.

In the legend of ‘Sangkh Tong’ (golden conch – a legendary tale of Thai literature), The Hero Sangkh Tong  recives a magical armour which has a Jao Ngo Masked armor. When he places the mask on, he converts and transforms appearance into a Jao Ngo Pha who appears to be  a total raving lunatic with black wooly hair (like a gollywog – remember gollywogs?). The special ability however of the Jao Ngo is that he can even survive and not starve in the deep jungle alone single handedly ‘Ngo’ are negroid people who live illegally and not registered as citizens in Thailands Jungles and live a sparse and very frugal existence but seem to not suffer and be able to endure all hardships with ease in their natural habitat).

With the magical power of the wicha jinda manee, the Jao Ngo is able to call meat fish and food to come to him without going out to look for it.

The Boranajarn who created this wicha saw that the spell has nine special blessings incorporated;

1. The power of Jao Saneh to attract the opposite sex (as when Nanda Chana threw the flower wreath to the Jao Ngo (Sangkh Tong in disguise) to marry her)
2. Makes Metta and your superiors have compassion and feel they wish to help you and be kind and generous to you, promote you etc.
3. Attract food riches and belongings
4.Money will never run out
5. Constant promotion and ascension in the workplace
6. Easy to do business and sales with a constant flow of customers
7.Your speech will be believed in and be convincing
8.Klaew Klaad – ther Devas watch over you and protect from all dangers
9.It is a master spell of ‘Jang Ngang‘ (stunned or hypnotized) and Makes people fall for you in every way.

It is said that even just the image of the Jao Ngo Pha even before it has been chanted into and empowered, already has amazing power for choke lap metta mahaniyom.

These Jao Ngo Pha Yant were made from the Wicha within the Jao Ngo mask which Luang Phu Daeng always made Bucha to in his own Guti hut (his personal Bucha Mask). He says that through making the amulets containing the Root Kroo deity of the original Bucha Mask empowers them with the ancient magic of the unbroken lineage of the Boranajarn, making it a stream of energy flowing from the past up to the present without being broken, resulting in immense effectivity.

The powder amulets made in the same edition as this Pha Yant contain sacred powders (pong wised) from the chalk of inscribing the compendium of Yant Gai Tuean (Magical Cockerel – also known as ‘Gai Gaew’ -crystal cockerel), and also contains Pong Puttakun Jinda manee powder. This is as powerful indeed as the famous ‘Gaew Sarapat Nerk’ wishing crystal used to make wishes come true of ancient legend.

Until now, it has been very rare to see Jao Ngo Pha as Pha Yant, or amulet, and those who knew about the benefits and magical blessings of making Bucha to this Deity, were only able to Bucha few objects which were in existence, such as a Ngo Kroo Mask or a statue. But now we have Luang Phu Daeng Duang Sethees Jao Ngo Pha Mahassajan Jindamanee which LP Daeng has had Metta to provide us with and reopened the Dtamnan of this ancient and rarely heard of Wicha!

The 9 kinds of Blessings included in thyis Pha Yant are;

  1. Very strong Metta / Sanaeh comes from the Jao Ngo, and is good to charm the other sex with. Both Men and women can use it equaly well.
  2. When important people are in your presence, they will feel Metta towards you as if you were their own child
  3. The Jao Ngo will attract money and posessions, all kinds of treasures.
  4. Luck and Fortune will follow you wherever you go.
  5. Profession will prosper, and promotion will be easy to attain in the workplace
  6. Business will be very easy to conduct and profits will always be good
  7. People will believe in the things you speak, and will be charmed by your oratory skills
  8. The Devas will watch over you and protect from danger (Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan Chadtri)
  9. The Gno has a powerful ‘Maha Jang Ngang’, ‘Maha Laluay’ and ‘Dej Decha’ spells, lending charm, attraction, fortune and power to the Devotee.

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