See Pherng Sai Lang (Red Lower Path) – Run Jedtasik Toot Maha Palang Dood – Metta Oil

See Pherng Sai Lang

Kroo Ba Bpeng is well known for being a master of the Wicha of making sacred metta oils and See Pherng magical balms. See Pherng Sai Bon is one of a set of two kinds of See Pherng Balm; See Pherng Sai Bon, and See Pherng Sai Lang (upper path and lower path magical charm).

Sai Bon Balm is for the upper path, and applies to ladies in mercantile and sales professions, and those wishing to circulate in higher Social Circles to open new Opportunities and Channels of progress.

Sai Lang Balm is for Ladies of the Night and those seeking to use their powers of Sexual and Amorous attraction to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Sai Bon is in a Light yellow bag, and Sai Lang is in a Red bag.

This Item is See Pherng Sai Lang – Smear on your forehead lips or on things you wish to sell.