Pha Yant Taep Pamorn Jamlaeng – Kroo Ba Krissana Intawanno – Wai Kroo Burapajarn 2546 edition

Beautiful Satin Pha Yant with King Butterfly (actually a mirrored pair of Sariga Birds, which in symbiosis form the Deva ‘Taep Pamorn’ King Butterfly.

Total Metta Mahaniyom power, the amulet serves for auspicious and powerful increase of riches, popularity and promotion in social and business enviroments.

Kroo Ba Krisanas amulets have already been tried and tested and need little explaining, for this Ajarn and his amulets have their own following who know about the benefits and beauty of his Wadtumongkol (auspicious amulets) and Krueang Rang (occult magical items).

Made in 2546 BE, to celebrate the Wai Kroo ceremony of the lineage of Masters. Kruba Krissana is the creator and Master of the Wicha Taep Jamlaeng Pamorn, which is a nicely unusual creation compared to the average amulet design from most Gaeji Ajarn; His version is an abstract representation of ‘Pra Siwa’ (Shiva Deity) and ‘Pra Uma Taewee’ (Kali) – the eternal love affair that has no end. They face each other in fascination and oneness. From another perspective, it can be seen as a picture of a Butterfly (which is why this immensely popular amulet is called ‘King Butterfly). The Butterfly is delicately shaped with filigrain details worked into the contours of this most beautifully abstract Mystical design. The Pha Yant is then additionally embellished and given the final touches using the Aeons old sacred Agkhara of the ‘Taewanakee’ (language of the Devas – otherwise known as Devanaghiri – the most common written form of Hindi).

Empowerment Ceremony (Buddha Abhiseka)

Kruba Krissana uses a very secret and mysterious Wicha that differs from all other Kroo ba Ajarn, called ‘Montr Teerayaan’, which is a Wicha which extends around the Universe. He learned it from his Kroo Ba Ajarn ‘Phu Ruesi Bangbod’ in Laos. He also learned many Wicha from a number of Adepts in Cambodia which cost him over 20 years of study and practice to master. So the Taep Pamorn Jamlaeng is an unusual kind of ‘Wadtumongkol’ whose design elegance is even worthy of sitting on a fine contemporary art gallery’s walls. In addition the empowerment method and ceremony used extremely sacred and powerful Wicha to embed the power of Metta Mahaniyom , Maha Sanaeh and Choke Laap within the Pha Yant and to invoke the mind of a resident Deva to inhabit it. The King Butterfly amulet and Pha Yant, as well as his Pra Sivali amulets are extremely sought after by Devotees from Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong, as well as Caucasian shores such as the USA and Australia, New Zealand.. All of Kruba Krissanas amulets are snapped up instantly after issue, sell out within a year or two and become very difficult to acquire thereafter, and when, then usually only at severely high prices. This is a rare chance to find such a mint condition Pha Yant from as early as 2546 BE of King Butterfly. BEWARE OF FAKES! Kuba Krissanas amulets are of the higher priced variety and thus are the target of forgery. Always choose a reputable dealer to make sure your amulets are authentic.