Nang Prai Dtanii Jao Sanaeh Chae Nam Man Prai Fang Takrut Bpaag Phii Roi Choo (Banana Tree Prai Lady Ghost Hand Painted 4 silver Takrut) – Ajarn Por Yai Porn (Khmer Master).

Nang Prai Dtanii is a spirit who inhabits a Dtanii tree that is a ‘Dtanii Dtaay Prai’ – this is the only kind of tree the spirit will reside in. This tree will release a Banana Flower which dies before becoming fruit. When a Dtanii tree does this rare and unexplainable show of Necromantic skill, it is a prime candidate for the spirit of a Nang Prai Dtanii to inhabit. Her powers are ‘Hian’ (extreemely psychic and prepared to make a show of it) which is part of what makes Prai Spirit amulets so powerful and effective

Ajarn Por Yai is a secretive and elusive Lay Master, who is known by those in inner circles as being responsible for making many charm ingredients, oils and amulets commissioned from Famous Master Monks. It is commonly known these days that the laymasters have more ability to create powerful Maha Sanaeh type amulets, due to the lesser restriction s and precepts which restrict a Buddhist Monk from making many things which are used in amulets.

Ajarn Por Yai has Empowered these original and attractive hand painted Maha Sanaeh Charm amulets using the ‘Riak Taat Maha Lokiya See’ (invoke the four Worldly Elements), and given the Invocations of the 32 physical components of a living being (Kata Akarn 32). In order to increase and concentrate the Maha Sanaeh power, a mass of powerful and rare Maha Sanaeh type Magical herbs and Woods were collected for the making of the Sacred Powders (Muan Sarn), including;

Wan Saw Hlong, Wan Taep Rampeung, Wan Dork Tong, and Sariga Roi Lin (hundred-tongued Sariga bird). The Magical effect of the Prai Thanii Banana Tree Deva is to make those who stand near feel attracted and want to come closer, and to become enchanted and ensnared by your Charm. People are easily Captivated as if Hypnotized.

Size; 3.5 x 3.0 Cm

This amulet is useful for those who are in the service professions or work in front line with the public. Sales Persons, Shop Keepers, and those who have to give Presentations, will find this an ideal magical charm to enhance their abilities. Those in the Performing Arts can also use this amulet, as well as those seeking to attract a Lover. The Takrut Bpaag Phii also is a very powerful fore-warner or inducer of Lucky Streaks and Windfalls, making this amulet also useful for Lottery Players and Gamblers.

Four Takrut spells, including the Silver Ghost Mouth and the Takrut Maha Lap spells are inserted into the extremely rich Muan Sarn Prai Powders of the rear face of the amulet. Pong Mae Mai Roi Choo (widow with 100 lovers powder) is also sprinkled into the rear face of the amulet.

Nang Prai Dtanii Jao Sanaeh Chae Nam Man Prai Fang Takrut Bpaag Phii Roi Choo (Banana Tree Prai Lady Ghost Hand Painted 4 silver Takrut) – Ajarn Por Yai Porn (Khmer Master)

Each amulet has been mixed with Real Prai Oil, and has multiple ‘Takrut Bpaag Phii Roi Duang Aathan’ (Ghost Mouth Takrut with 100 Sorcerous Fate Spells) inserted in the rear face. The front face features the Nang Prai Dtanii Deva, and has been hand painted. She sits in the Dtanii Tree field in the Posture of a Market Seller.

How to Bucha Nang Prai Dtanii

When you bring the Nang Prai Dtanii into the home, offer some whiskey and light one incense stick, then awaken the Nang Prai Dtanii with the following Incantation;

U-U A-A Mahaa Phuudtaa Bpariphuudtae Phuudtiwae Sandti Ma Ma Maa Maa

chant it until it becomes a focused rhythm, until you feel you have chanted enough to have awoken the Nang Prai Dtanii.

After the first time bringing the Nang Dtanii into the home, one or three times is enough for regular chanting. Simply chant to one lit incense stick, glass of whisky, and make your wish.