Buddha Magic Thai Mystical Ezine Issue 5

After a long wait for the final volume of the first set of 5 Buddha Magic Ezines, Issue 5 of Buddha Magic is now finally published and on sale (7th November 2011). This issue is a Bumper Issue of 153 pages, and costs a little more than the previous 4 issues. Concluding the Pra Somdej Saga, this issue presents a bumper 73 pages of specific info about the Pra Somdej Wat bang Khun Prohm and Wat Rakang amulets with what we believe to be the most exclusive info available on Pra Somdej amulets in the English language.

NOTE – this is an E-BOOK, NOT Physical goods. The Ebook is a Virtual download in PDF Format for on screen reading. You can however print one copy for your own use and reference. A4 Format prints very clearly.

The stories contained in this Bumper Issue, can be seen in the Contents List at the bottom of this page.

With Issue five, Ajarn Spencer completes the first set of five Volumes. The second set of 5 Volumes will begin in 2012, with no continuing episodes, rather each issue will have complete stories in them. This issue is a Bumper Issue with 153 pages crammed with amazing info on Thai Occult Mysticism, Buddhist Ritual, and Sacred Amulets.

Screen Shots of Buddha Magic Issue 5

Contents of Buddha Magic Issue 5

  • 1. Pra Somdej – King of Thai Amulets – The fifth, and Final episode of the Pra Somdej Saga and the Biographical section about Somdej Pra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri of Wat Rakang – This last episode reveals a host of information on how to examine and recognize the Pra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prohm Chedi Yai and 2509 Edition amulets, as well as continuing to reveal more essential information on the Pra Somdej Wat Rakang.
  • 2. Piti Puttapisek – Buddha Abhiseka empowerment and blessing ceremoies for Buddha Images and amulets. How is a Putta Pisek Ceremony performed? A detailed investigation into the Ceremonial Methods of the Buddha Abhiseka.
  • 3. Other Important Ceremonies – various other Ceremonial Rites used in Thai Buddhist Life to mark important occasions Auspiciously
  • 4. Dtu Pra Tam – Thai Scripture Cabinets used for containing the Buddhist Scriptures. What are their Origins?
  • 5. How to Worship King Rama 5 – Thai People Revere His Majesty King Rama 5 of the Chakri Dynasty every Tuesday – many Buddhist people of other countries also wish to perform this method of Prayer too. This article explains the basics of how to revere and give offerings according to Thai Buddhist tradition.
  • 6. Suang Sawan Hok Chan – Six Heavenly Realms – A synopsis and description of the Heavenly Pantheon in Thai Buddhist Cosmology and its Denizens.
  • 7. Lek Lai – Introductory article on the Mythical substance known as Lek Lai. Lek Lai is considered one of the most powerful Natural sacred substances available in Thai Occultism. Believed to be the Indestructible Adamantine body of a Ruesi or Deva, Lek Lai has become one of the most sought after, and elusive Sacred Bucha items. Its popularity has caused much deception and forgery to occur, but the Truth about Lek Lasi and its amazing properties remains above the reach of sceptics.
  • 8. Pra Putta Roop Paed Samai – Eight Eras of Buddhist Art and Sculpture. The final entry on Thai Periodic Buddha sculpture completing set of 5 Buddha Magic Ezines. This Issue we will take a look at three important sculptures found in the South of Thailand; Pra Put Thaksin Ming Mongkol (Naratiwat), Pra Pud (Pukhet) and Pra Putta Roop Song Krueang (Pattalung).

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