9 Models of Pra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prohm

Thai amulets have a myriad of aspects and meanings, and an equally large number of reasons for existence, be they Buddhist Amulets, Animist Amulets, Occult Necromantic Charms, Black or White Magick, or Elemental in Nature. Some amulets are artistically designed, others are crudely fashioned and focuses solely on the power of their ingredients and the incantations which are invoked within them.

Buddhist Amulet Publications

Buddhist amulets and votive tablets are known as ‘Pra’, or, ‘Pra Krueang’. but many amulets are talismanic, or shamanic in nature, and these kind of amulets are known as ‘Krueang Rang’, not ‘Pra Krueang’. There are grand distinctions in the rules iof worship and reverence for each category of Thai Buddhist and Occult Amulet, which would be too muchg to cover in one single documentary.

There is so much more to the topic of Thai Amulets (some Buddhist, some not), which requires perhaps a documentary about each kind of amulet, to reveal their true meanings and uses. But at least for those seeking an introduction into the world of Thai Buddhist Amulets, the below documentary is a very enjoyable, interesting and informative work, done by a young Thai student for her project, which gives a comprehensive look into the various views about Thai Buddhist Amulets and Occult Charms

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