Gamlai 12 Rasee Jindamanee by Pra Ajarn Rueang Yot of wat po tammasila in Chaiyapum – made from Nuea Ngern Yuan (Yuan Silver) with Khmer Sanskrit spells inscribed in the inner side. This is a Serm Duang bracelet to increase ones fortune and imporove astrological horoscope, as well as attract metta mahaniyom and wealth.

This amulet comes with three free presents (amulets) as a special gift from;

Pha Yant Choo Chok, Pha Yant Nok Kum and one Tagrud Ha Praongk (sam gasat)

Gamlai 12 Rasee Jindamanee Magical bangle – Pra Ajarn Rueang Yot