Jumbo size Sacred Thai Locket Somdej Pra Jao Taksin Maharach Hlang Pong Ittije (Sacred Powder), Pra Yod Tong (Pra Yod Tong Buddha inserted in the sacred powders of the rear face), 2 Takrut Tong (two gold Takrut) Ud Look Namo (‘Look Namo’ metal spell inserted) – Chak Daeng (red face). ‘Run Som Prartana’ (get what you wish for edition). Comes in original box from the Temple. No case is included.

Special release Locket of Pra Jao Taksin Maharach Thai King – Wat Nak Klang is close by to the Temple of the Dawn in Bangkok.

This is the Red faced Special JUMBO Size version (the lockets were released in small or Jumbo, and in two colors; blue or red).

4.5 Cm high, 3.5 Cm wide. 1999 Lockets were made in this limited edition.

Puttapisek Empowerment Ceremony

The Puttapisek/Puttachaymongkol Pisek empowerment was given on three different occasions, recieving individual empowerments from Luang Por Koon (Wat Ban Rai), Por Tan Khiaw (Wat Huay Ngo), Luang Por Ruay of Wat Tago, Pra Maha Surasak (Wat Pradoo), LP Sakorn (Wat Nong Grub), Luang Por Yaem (Wat Sam Ngam), and a host of other extremely powerful, self mastered and famous Gaeji Ajarn gave their meditative empowerments and incantations in the Master Puttapisek Ceremony at Wat Nak Klang Worawiharn in 2553 BE.

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