Pra Roop Muean Luang Por Te Kong Ton Pim Yai (Niyom) – Run raek (first edition)- Nuea Wan – Wat Sam Ngam.

Early Era Luang Por Te amulet. Masterpiece Collectors preferred ancient amulet from Top Guru master Monk Luang Por Te Kong Ton of Wat Sam Ngam (Nakorn Pathom).

LP Te was the creator of the famous Gumarn Tong effigies which his apprentice now continues the lineage of at Wat sam Ngam. LP Dte was an Immensely famous and able Gaeji Master Guru Monk whose equanimity and magic power w is legendary around the world. His Gumarn Tong statues and other amulets are worshiped by devotees from all continents on the planet, and the large number of people who claim to have had overturning success after making Bucha to his amulets is a further proof of the effectiveness of his amulets and of his ability to empower them properly.

LP Te was born in 2434 BE and passed away in 2524 BE
Wadtumongkol by LP Te;
LP Te would make amulets in various manners using different methods, mostly during the Second World War. Every single edition or type of amulet he made was the cause of miraculous events which have become legends that are still told of to this day.
He never really focused much on finding artists or developing any kind of fine Buddhist art out of the amulet design, rather focused entirely on the empowerment and gave little importance, or at least second place, to the elegance of design or features of his amulets.

He was intensely aiming for the highest concentration of Puttakun Power for people to have some portable form of protection to carry with them. Most of his amulets were made from ‘Nuea Din Aathan’ (magical earths and powders), which he had collected and mixed, namely earths from;
7 Salt Licks or Marshes, 7 cemeteries, crab earth balls, and other powerul pieces of the Earth godess that have witnessed ir are inhabited by magical forces.

On the rear face of all his amulets, his name is always embossed ‘Luang Por Te’
The Dtugadtaa Tong;
LP Te’s most famous creation of course is the Dtugadtaa Tong effigy (Gumarn Tong). He received the Wicha of making them from Luang Lung Daeng. He would sculpt them and bake them from clay made with magical earths, and distribute them to local devotees. So many people told stories of amazing improvements in income and household well-being after using his Dtugadtaa Tong that his story has become a Worldwide Phenomenon.

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Luang por Te passed away on the 25th December 2524 at the age of 80 years old, 6 months, 10 days. It was his 59th year of Ordination as a Bhikkhu. His remains are currently held on display for his Devotees to worship at the temple of Wat Sam Ngam.