Pra Sangkajjai ‘Run Mongkol Dtraimas 51’ Luang Phu Nong Tammachodto – Wat Wang Sri Tong
Made from Nuea Radtana Loha (seven kinds of sacred metals) This is the high end edition of Pra Sangkajjai made in 2551 BE, during a three month empowerment ceremony with LP Nong chanting and projecting his meditative powers into the amulets every night in his Kuti.

This amulet edition has two Tagrud scrolls inserted into the base along with sacred powders for Metta and Choke Lap, to improve your Wealth and Happiness, Health and Family Life. Can be used as a small Bucha statuette on your altar, or worn as a personal amulet if encased.

Comes without case. 1.9 cm Wide, 2.7 cm High. Sacred Na is hand inscribed into each amulet. This one has one inscribed in the front on the base.