Kroo Ba Ariyachat - Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan

Locket Kroo Ba Ariyachat – made by Kroo Ba Ariyachat in 2552 BE and given a Dtraimas empowerment (three months of nightly meditative empowerments and chanting). Size; 3.5 Cm high and 2.4 Cm wide. Comes in Original box from temple.

Kroo Ba Ariyachat - Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan

The rear face of the Locket has Sacred Powders , a solid pure silver Tagrud spell and a small (Jiw) Monk Coin of Kroo Ba Ariyachat inserted.

monk locket kroo ba ariyachat rear face

Kroo Ba Ariyachat

Kroo Ba Ariyachat is famous for his extreme ascetic practice of ‘Awk Nirosagam’

Kroo Ba Ariyachats ‘Awk Nirosagam’ practice of being enclosed within a chamber for a period of time, and remain in meditation. The word Niros means to enter the state of non attachment to the senses. The Pra Pid Ta Buddha with hands over eyes and ears, nose mouth and other orifices, means precisely this, to cut off ones sense stimuli, in order to induce Nirosagam. The Nirosagam ceremony which is presented in the video clips below, was held on 9th January 2552.

Comes in original box

Above; Kroo Ba Ariachat prepares to enter Nirosagam for the 8th consecutive time.

Above, images of the various Master Gaeji Ajarn with whom Kroo Ba Ariachat has learned Wicha with;

Kroo Ba Srivichai, Kroo Ba Chum, Kroo Ba Phad, Kroo Ba Noi, Kroo Ba Bun Chum, Kroo Ba Duang Dee, Kroo Ba Por Dabos, Kroo Ba Jantr Gaew, Kroo Ba Dtan, Kroo Ba Indta, Kroo Ba Tueang, Tan Jao Khun Tongchai, and Kroo Ba Chaiyawongsa.

You can see a video of Kroo Ba Ariachat entering the eight Nirosagam ceremony below on 9th January 2552. He stays in the sealed space for 7 days, and consumes only water. After this, he came out and headed a ceremony for people to donate dry foods for hims to raise funds to help local poor Folk of the area and to improve conditions for the soldiers and police of the three border provinces of North Thailand.

Above, Kroo Ba Ariachat with his Teacher Kroo Ba Jantr Dtip, as he was still a Samanera

Above; Kroo Ba Ariachat as he was stil a Samanera of 17 years of age – he was already advancing to the level of Mastery in meditation and various Wicha even at this age.

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