Nam Man Prai - Necromantic Love Potion

Many People feel at a Loss when they do not Know the correct Kata or Prayers to use for their Amulets, which is a frustration that is actually Unnecessary to Suffer. When we understand about how to apply the correct attitude and understanding to how we pray, or Chant Kata, we will then be able to understand with flexibility and see the various Options which are available in how to Pray and Perform Bucha offerings to Images and Amulets.

Prai Oil

Metta and Prai Oils are often delivered without much Instructions, for which this Article will be useful in assisting those who have obtained oils or Buddhist Amulets which have no specific Kata or Bucha method explained.

In Truth, with All Buddhist Amulets and Icons, Kaya Siddhi Elements, and Metta Oils, you can Use any Buddhist Pali Kata or Prayers for receiving various types of Blessings, Using Prayers and Suttas to chant, each of which delivers various Blessings. For example, the Aadtaanadtiya Paritta prevents all types of Illnesses and Virus, and keeps Demons away, and Protects against Black magic. The Karaniya Metta Sutta brings Maha Sanaeh. The Buddha Jaya Mangkala Kata brings Victory, Success and Protection, and so on. The Magical benefits and Blessings recieved from Buddhist Chanting is always related to the Nature of the Meaning of the Sutta or Prayer in question. This is the true meaning of how Buddhakun (Buddha Magic Power) works its Miracles.

If you wish to use auspicious Buddhakun Type Magic with Buddhist Amulets, Buddha Images, Metta Oils, and Kaya Siddhi Elements (Lek Lai), and Buddha Relics, then you should understand that Accumulation of Merit brings Luck, Safety, Fortune, Health and other blessings. Apart from Material Blessings, Merit of course opens the roads to enter the Celestial Heavenly Realms, where one can only be reborn as a Human or Deva, or Buddha. Attainment of Sufficient Purity of Heart empowers Access to the Celestial heavens (Pure Realms), avoiding Rebirth as an Animal, a Hungry Ghost, an Asura Monster, or in the lower Regions of Hell).

The Lord Buddha taught us 3 ways to gain Merit

These 3 ways to make merit, are; Taan, Siin, and Pawanaa (Dhana, Sila and Bhavana)

Dhana means Giving Alms and practice Generosity,

Sila means to Keep Moral Precepts,

Bhavana means to Apply the practice of Mindfulness and Samadhi (Meditation) and Renunciation, in order to notice the causes of Suffering, and to remove them from the Heart, thus removing the Causes of Rebirth in Unsatisfactory States.

The Lord Buddha Taught that it is the third method of practice, which is the Supreme Method. So when we Chant the Kata, if we use a Buddhist prayer or Dhamma teaching (Sutta) as the Kata we chant, and make sure we have chosen one which we have studied and understood the meaning, and know how to chant well, so that we feel the meaning and are inspired and have rapture in our recognition of the truth contained in the teaching/Kata.

Lord Buddha Dhammajakra Mudra

If we apply Our Self to this properly, we will attain true results from the chanting with the amulet as an object of focus and empowerment. Results both in terms of Inner Transformation (Purification and realization of the Buddha Dhamma), as well as in terms of increased Luck and Prosperity.

When we begin the path of self purification of negative thought and feelings which arise from those thoughts, we begin to emit an aura of attractive Metta, for indeed, when the heart begins to emit the light of compassion and peace, then  both your Aura, and the Metta Buddhakun power within the oils or amulets, will emit their Light, and become fused in the same Spiritual Mission.

The Pure Realms - Buddha Land

The Self Transformation which occurs, when we contemplate the Buddha Dhamma and make exertions and efforts to transform our inner self, is the highest blessing, and the cause of true Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh Attraction Magic, and also the Source of Peace and Happiness”. This Practice of Mindfulness and effort to Elevate oneself to a Liberated State, is what Lord Buddha Taught is the Supreme Practice of All. and the Greatest Way to Attain Worthful accumulation of Merit.

“Such Merit is the Kind which attracts Victory, in Both Worldly and Material Goals, as well as Unworldly and Spiritual Goals – Strive to Accumulate Merits, and Chant the Prayers which assist you to realize the Dhamma, and whose Truth Induces Faith and Rapture when listened to, and you will Certainly receive those Blessings which never came before, when you Pray and Practice as you Never Prayed or Practiced Before”.

You can use the following Incantation for beseeching Blessings from Thai Buddhist Amulets, regardless of their type;

Kam Araatanaa Pra Krueang

Kata to Chant for wearing all types of  Thai Amulets

Kata Aaraatana Pra Krueang is a specialized Kata for chanting when putting on amulets, taking them off, or when leaving the house or travelling. The Kata asks for protection and blessings to go with you.

Before chanting to any amulets, you should always chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times, and/or the Kata to ask for refuge (Kata Dtrai Saranakom) the Triple Gem first;

Kata for Chanting to Amulets (Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang)

Puttang Aaraatanaanang

Tammang Aaraatanaanang

Sangkang Aaraatanaanang

Puttang Prasittimae

Tammang Prasittimae

Sangkang Prasittimae

Chant this Kata 3 times whenever you are about to place the chain over your head or put on the amulets, and also when you take them off.

The Kata calls upon the power of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha to be with you and protect and Guide you.

Download Sound File Pronunciation Tutorial

Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang (slow)

Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang (Fast Fluent)