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Latest Articles

See Pheung Metta Balm with Butterfly King spell

See Pheung Taep Jamlaeng Butterfly King - this is the second of two different special enchantment portions made by Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano. Most auspicious hygienic, and perfect for general use Metta Mahaniyom Mercy Charm, that is not only powerful in its own right, but is extremely recommendable to use in combination with Kroo Ba Krissana's Taep Jamlaeng Butterfly King Amulets.

Glazed King Butterfly Amulets from Kroo Ba Krissana

Colored ceramic glaze sacred powder amulets with Butterfly King and 'Maeng Mum Maha Lap' lucky money spider on the rear face, there is also a piece of Civara monks robe from Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano attached.

Butterfly King Miniature Amulet Kroo Ba Krissana

Pim Lek miniatures size sacred powder Butterfly King amulet from the master of this most definitively subtle Wicha of the Taep Jamlaeng Butterfly King - please small but extremely delicately and intricately detailed hand-painted amulets, have polished gemstones and silver Takrut spells inserted into the rear face of their Muan Sarn Sacred Powders.

See Pheung Pra Khun Phaen Hnaa Tong Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano

See Pheung magical enchantment potion, and mercy charm, from Kroo Ba Krissana Intawanopf Samnak Songk Weluwan, in Buriram. Blessed with the Golden face gold leaf 'Hnaa Tong' empowerment.

King Butterfly Pink Powders Signature edition Kroo Ba Krissana

Made from the richest aromatic pink sacred powders, with sixteen Pli Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstone inserts, and the signature of Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano, of Samnak Songk Weluwan.

Butterfly King Amulet Locket 14 Gems 2 Takrut Kroo Ba Krissana

Taep Jamlaeng Butterfly King Amulet - Lai Sen 2553 BE with Cameo Locket, fourteen Maha Pokasap Gems, 2 Takrut - Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano. Fancy stainless steel casing is included with this hand-painted amulet.

Sampao Jao Sua Maha Sethee wealthy trader ship amulet

Sampao Jao Sua Maha Sethee. Sampao means a Wealthy Millionaire Chinese Junk type Trader ship with double silver Takrut and Blessed Gems by Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano

In Koo Maha Sanaeh Heterosexual version Locket

in Koo Maha Sanaeh Yellow version love locket for heterosexual from the great master of Maha Sanaeh, Luang Phu In (Wat Nong Meg)

Kwak Nang Paya Kum Sap Maha Sethee – Kroo Ba Krissana

This Nang Kwak Pra Somdej combination is a most auspicious and powerful amulet created by Kruba Krissana for calling to millionaire riches as well as all general blessings of the most infamous Pra Somdej style amulet. Nang Kwak is a benevolent female deity, was worshipped dates far back thousands of years to the pre-Buddhist era as Southeast Asia was permeated with Brahmanism. She represents the daughter of a wealthy travelling merchant who was lucky enough to hear dharma lectures, from two great Arahants (Mokhallana and Saributra), who were two of the closest friends and most popular practitioners of the Lord Buddha.

Taep Bin Takrut Ngern Koo Fang Ploi Pim Yai

Using Kruba Krissana's highly secretive Wicha of 'Montr Teerayaan', Kroo Ba Krissana has created another superb edition of his famous 'Thep Jamleng" amulets in brilliant form. The front face features a vividly hand painted King Butterfly Angel surrounded in sacred angelic yant. A single silver Takrut has been inserted under the Butterfly image and the amulet is surrounded by a golden border. The rear face of the amulet features the sacred powders of Kruba Krissana with 2 takrut inserted in the side and 12 Ploi Sek enchanted gems in uniform geometric pattern are placed around a centralized 'Rian' silver Yant coin. There is also a small sacred copper 'Rian' coin complete with sacred yant inserted just below the Plio Sek gems.

In Koo Maha Sanaeh locket (gay male version)

This locket, comes in two versions, this purple one, being the gay males version of this ancient northern sorcery (Wicha) of the Lanna Peole of Northern Thailand and Laos, and also of the ancient Khmer necromantic magical sorcery traditions.

Baby Yaksa Demon Kumarn Tong Bucha Statue

Kumarn Tong spending earth in and necromantic powders based statue for worship on the altar, 7 inches high, the statue is empowered by the great Guru master of Kumarn Tong - Luang Por Dam, of Wat Pra Puttabat Radtanakiree

Cat feeding a mouse amulets for Metta Mahaniyom Luang Phu Ta Analayo

A new range of special cat feeding a mouse mercy charm amulets of the ancient northern Thai Lanna sorcery tradition, from Luang Phu Ta Analayo

Mae Nang Prai

Exclusive Amulets on Buddhist Amulet store

Check out the exclusive new range of amulets from our new top master, Pra Ajarn Supasit of Wat Bang Nam Chon, whose special, high class, exclusive, and small numbered collections of sacred amulets, have now been added as a new category, on our sister store at BuddhistAmulet.Net

Download Thailand Amulets App from Google Play Store

Thailand Amulets App now in Google Play

Thailand Amulets store, and all of its social pages, are now available as an Android app, for free download in the Google play store. An iTunes app is also in...

Ma Saep Nang LP Bpan

Lady – Horse Lovers amulet rare LP Bpan 2553 BE

The Achanaree is basically the Ma Saep Nang Wicha in the gariang Kor Ma tradition of Luang Por Bpan’s Lineage of Masters, and is known to be as powerful as...

Famous miraculous reunifying oil from the great lay Master, Ajarn Chum

Nam Man Prai Noo Kin Nom Maew, and Nam Man Maha Wan Solos – Famous miraculous reunifying oil from the great lay Master, Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree, Historical monster and...

Rare and Exclusive Lockets from Ajarn Perm Prai Dam in Store

Rare and Exclusive Lockets from Ajarn Perm Prai Dam in Store

Thailand Amulets’ store┬áhas some of the rarest and most exclusive lockets made and blessed by the famous laymaster Ajarn Perm Prai Dam. The various lockets have a very strong prai...

New accessories for Thai amulets in store

New Accessories for Thai Amulets in Store

We now have various options for hanging your animists charms and amulets at waist level in the traditional type method using our new range of takrut belts. These belts are...

Sacred Magic Wands hand inscription of Khmer Spells cut from a Holy Tree.

Sacred holy wooden magic wand with handmade inscriptions of magic invocations in Ancient Khom. Sacred Holy Tree Wood magic wand blessed by Luang Por Prohm of Wat Ban Suan –...

Paya Wan Jakkajan Taep Rae Rai: Sacred Cordyceps Cicada with Inscriptions by Ajarn Pleng + Blessings by Luang Por Prohm & the Khao Or Masters

Paya Wan Jakkajan Taep Rae Rai: Sacred Cordyceps Cicada with Inscriptions by Ajarn Pleng + Blessings by Luang Por Prohm & the Khao Or Masters

The Paya Wan Jakkajan, otherwise known as the ‘Taep Rae Rai’ (Deva of the Farm Fields), is a sacred cordyceps cicada, which is transformed into a symbiosis of an insect...

Luang Por Supoj bucha image

Bucha Statue of Luang Por Supoj Sitting on a Two Headed Tiger

This bucha statue features Luang Por Supoj sitting on a two headed tiger. The base of the statue is filled with various sacred items to increase the magic power. An...

Sacrred Metal Ball by Luang Por Sawad

Look Sakot Parort Dee Buk Paya Taw Pan Wang (Sacred Lead and Mercury Ball) – Luang Por Sawad

The Look Sakot Parort Dee Buk Paya Taw Pan Wang is a sacred metal ball from lead and mercury, mixed with sacred yantra foils. Luang Por Sawad, also known as...

Lek Lai – Next four pieces to be added to the shop

Some previews on the next pieces of sacred elemental Lek Lai – latest acquisitions of the Kaya Siddhi Adamantine substance, to be added to Thailand Amulets in the next days....