Animist Charms

Paya Hongs Tong Nuea Nga Gae Luang Por Lae Wat Khao Song

Carved Himapant Hongsa Ivory Swan Amulet LP Lae

Paya Hongs Golden Hongsa Himapant Swan in Hand Carved Ivory with Hand Inscriptions of Khom Agkhara spells, from the Great Petchburi Master Monk Luang Por Lae, of Wat Khao Song....

Paya Jorakhae amulet Pra Kroo Samun Tam Wat Khao Galoke

Jorakhae Crocodile Amulet Pantheon of Wat Khao Galoke

Dtamra Jorakhae Aathan Wat Khao Galoke When speaking of the sacred crocodile Animist Charm, the Wicha Jorakhae sorcerous crocodile spell of Pra Kroo Samun Tam, can be said to be...

Kala Ta Diaw Lanna Amulets Kroo Ba Dtu Ing

Lanna Wicha 1 Eye Coconut Carved Amulets KB Dtu Ing

Presenting a Special series of limited edition Jumbo Size Masterpiece Hand Made amulets in Kala Ta Diaw 1 eyed coconut shell, from Lanna Monk Kroo Ba Dtu Ing, of Wat...

Bua Bang Bai Rare Amulets of Ajarn Suntorn

The Bua Bang Bai Seductive Deva Amulet has come to be associated with Ajarn Suntorn, for his revival of common knowledge of this very rare, and till recently almost forgotten...

Sacred Heart Amulets Dtai Hloeng Lanna Hilltribe Sorcery Ajarn Bun Rod

The Hua Jai Wicha Khayum Khloeng Nuea Pong Chompoo  amulet in pink or purple Hoeng Prai powders) 2 Sariga Birds on front face, with 2 Takrut 2 Ploi Sek Maha...

Tiger Takrut Sao Ha Edition 2553 BE LP Nong

Tiger Takrut Maha Amnaj 2553 BE Luang Phu Nong

Presenting a rare limited edition amulet that is now an extreme rarity, from back in the year 2553 BE, from an extremely powerful Master; the Takrut Hnang Suea Kroeng Tiger...

Thai Animist Occult Charms and Amulets

A look at some of the various animist occult charms in the world of Thai Amulets and Thai Occult, to see the grand variation of Wicha contained within the grimoires...

Were Tiger Prai Oil for Anti Black Magick Kroo Ba Sri

Presenting a centuries old Anti Black Magick Prai Oil of Legendary proportion, Nam Man Saming Prai Oil with Tiger Fur, from Lanna Sorceror Monk Kroo Ba Sri. The Nam Man...

Suea - Tiger Wicha

Special Edition Tiger Amulet Blessing by 4 Great Master Monks

Presenting a Very Special Edition amulet, the Sacred Tiger of the Lineage Wicha of the Great Luang Por Parn (Wat Bang Hia/Bang Bor), blessed on an auspicious Sao Ha Lunar...

Bia Gae Roo Jai Cowrie Shell Thai Amulet for Psychic Telepathy

The Bia Gae Ruu Jai is distinct and Special for the fact that it is filled with Sacred Powders made from Holy Ingredients from the Legendary ‘500 Year Old Monk’,...

Kroo Ba Jao Bun Lerd

Rare and Powerful Choo Chok Amulet in Prai Oil K.B. Jao Bun Lerd

Presenting a rare chance to obtain one of the top amulets of the year 2553 BE (2012) the Choo Chok Riak Sap Khor Laew Ruay – Jujaka Millionaire Beggar calling...

Yoni Mae Nuea Horm Nuea Wan Dork Tong - Pra Ajarn Gorp Chai

Yoni Vulva Maha Sanaeh Charm in Dork Tong Powders Free With Casing For Orders Over 150$

Limited to only 2 amulets in Special Offer FREE with Orders exceeding 150$ – The Sacred Yoni Mae Nuea Horm Female Vulva Charm Amulet in Nuea Wan Dork Tong Golden...

Mae Nāng Prai Dtānī Banana Tree Lady Ghost

Kata Chanting – Nang Dtaanee Banana Tree Lady Ghost Amulets

Kata Chanting for Banana Tree Lady Ghost Mae Nāng Prai Dtānī. One of the most asked for and sought after Kata Chanting Tutorials, which is so hard to find any...

King Butterfly Pink Powders Signature edition Kroo Ba Krissana

Made from the richest aromatic pink sacred powders, with sixteen Pli Sek Maha Pokasap Gemstone inserts, and the signature of Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano, of Samnak Songk Weluwan.

Butterfly King Amulet Locket 14 Gems 2 Takrut Kroo Ba Krissana

Taep Jamlaeng Butterfly King Amulet - Lai Sen 2553 BE with Cameo Locket, fourteen Maha Pokasap Gems, 2 Takrut - Kroo Ba Krissana Intawano. Fancy stainless steel casing is included with this hand-painted amulet.

Special Maha Sanaeh locket made and blessed by Ajarn Perm Prai Dam. Can be used for attracting lovers, for gambling (lottery), and business.

In Chang Pasom Khloeng & Paetch Payatorn Paya Leungk Tong (‘Golden Phallic God’) Immersed in Mating Elephant Prai Oil – Ajarn Perm

In Chang Pasom Khloeng Hlang Paya Luengk Tong Paetch Payatorn (‘Golden Phallic God’) is a special maha sanaeh locket from Ajarn Perm Prai Dam. It can be used for attracting...

Mae Nang Dork Mai Flower Fairy Deva Locket, with double Takrut Hua Jai Maha Saneh, and a phial of concentrated ultra rare 'Nam Man Chamot'(civet oil) Sanaeh, and amulet embedded in rear face.

Mae Nang Prai Nang Dork Mai Locket (‘Flower Fairy Deva’) – Ongk Kroo Model – Ajarn Perm

The Mae Nang Dork Mai, or ;Flower Fairy Deva’ locket has a double takrut Hua Jai Maha Saneh, a phial of concentrated ultra rare ‘nam man chamot sanaeh’ (civet oil),...

Singha Tiger Thai Coin Maha Amnaj Amulet – 9 Sacred Metals Hand Inscription Pra Ajarn Ji 2552 BE

Singha Tiger Thai Coin Maha Amnaj Amulet – 9 Sacred Metals Hand Inscription Pra Ajarn Ji 2552 BE

Rian Singh Paetch - Nuea Nava Loha Pim Pised (Nine Sacred Metals - special edition) 2552 BE - Pra Ajarn Ji Somjidto - Wat Nong Wa (Petchburi) - only 349 coins made

Banana Tree Prai Lady Ghost amulet – hand painted Prai powders 4 Takrut

Ajarn Por Yai has Empowered these original and attractive hand painted Maha Sanaeh Charm amulets using the 'Riak Taat Maha Lokiya See' (invoke the four Worldly Elements), and given the Invocations of the 32 physical components of a living being (Kata Akarn 32). In order to increase and concentrate the Maha Sanaeh power, a mass of powerful and rare Maha Sanaeh type Magical herbs and Woods were collected for the making of the Sacred Powders (Muan Sarn)